Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 2.01 The Timid And Fragile White Lotus

When Lin Zisheng woke up, he found that he had returned to the white space. Exhausted, he rests on the recliner, thinking about what he had experienced in the last world. Those scenes were so real that Lin Zisheng couldn't ever forget it, especially when he killed himself in the end.
In the past, Lin Zisheng saw those scenes in TV series where the actors can run away energetically after being shot and thought it’s just a one-time pain. But after personally experiencing it, hehe, he realized that everything in the TV series is just an art after processing. Lin Zisheng even had a doubt, like what if that shot didn’t hit his vital? Will he suffer the excruciating sensation until he dies from the pain?
"001, did the mission fail?" His mission was to save the white lotus. But in the end, not only he killed the white lotus, but the male lead also lost his life.
[System scanning, the last world mission is being summarized...]
[Scanning is over, the total number of missions in the world ‘Rebirth of the blackened white lotus’ is 4. There is 1 main mission and 3 side missions. The completion rate is 100%]
Lin Zisheng was taken aback by this answer, "The mission of the last world is completed? Didn't Bai Wei die in the end?"
[I don't know about this as I am only responsible for providing daily help to the host. The Mission completion rate is calculated by the main system.]
[The following Missions are completed:
Main mission - receive 200 EXP, 500 points;
Side mission 1 - receive EXP 50, points 100,
Side mission 2 - receive EXP 50, points 100,
Side mission 3 - receive EXP 80, points 120,
Also, the completion degree for side mission 2 is 120%, so the reward is doubled. Does host accept all the mission rewards?]
"Yes." The main reason for working hard in a world is to get the rewards, of course Lin Zisheng choose yes.
[All missions’ EXP are 430 and points are 920.]
[The main mission has been successfully completed. A novice gift pack is rewarded. The points store is open. Does host accept the system rewards? [Y/N]]
[Reward has been accepted. The novice gift pack contains red potion x10, blue potion x10, random teleportation amulet x5, and attribute point 5.]
Hearing 001's words, Lin Zisheng opened the system backpack. Upon checking the rewards from the system, his expression changed slightly. Because Lin Zisheng saw the comment under the red potion.
[Believe in Brother Chun, get eternal life; Believe in Brother Chun, resurrect on the spot with full HP bar and with buff. Brother Chun’s life rejuvenation potion, how about going for a round, dear?]

Lin Zisheng: Hehe!
And under the blue potion is written like this...
[Fine steed ah, you have 4 legs; The sea ah, you are entirely water. This vast sea vitality restoring potion will let your energy surging like the raging sea, ‘going at it’ nth times a night is not a dream, dear~]
As for the random teleportation amulet... Lin Zisheng really couldn't bear to read it. He is afraid that after reading the description, he wouldn’t bear to use it!
[Host, how about it? Are the things in the novice gift pack practical?] 001 flopped with its little wings and flew around Lin Zisheng. Then it continued, [These are carefully selected by me for the host yo. The novice gift pack for ordinary people is not as luxurious as yours.]
Lin Zisheng: Hehe, can I beat you to death?
After reading those 2 descriptions, Lin Zisheng wisely closed the system backpack. Then, he opened the points store.
Way different from the deadpit novice gift pack from the system, the items in the points store are high-quality goods. There are many types of items, ranging from small items like daily snacks to large items like interstellar ships. Other than that, the store sells special items too, such as special bloodline, and cultivation techniques. It's just that those things are obviously expensive. Looking at the long list of 0s at the price, Lin Zisheng knew that it is not something he could have now, at least for the time being he didn't have the financial resources.
[Ding Dong, you have received a short message. Please check it carefully.]
Just when Lin Zisheng closed the points store’s page, 001 notified him that there is a new message.
[Since you overachieve the mission in the last world, the system will give you a special reward, which is a message that is conducive to your survival in the mission world. Message - Special items obtained in each world can be taken out of the world and exchanged for points.]
"Special items? What are they?" This range is too general so Lin Zisheng a little confused.
[This system has received a list of special items, I will remind the host when you encounter the item in various worlds~]
"If there is no problem, let's go to the next world." Right now, Lin Zisheng can't stand this increasingly cute (stupid) system.
[Host, please wait a moment. This system will make a final summary.]
[Host Information]  
[Name: Lin Zisheng]
[Gender: Male]
[Age: 23]
[Original attribute point: 5]
[Current level: Level F]
[Current experience: 430/1500]
[Current Points: 920]
[Currently acquired skills: fighting, shooting, fighting, interrogation]
[Physique: 10+1 (mission reward)]
[Physical fitness: 10+5 (mission reward)]
[Intelligence: 10]
[Spiritual power: 10]
[Mind: 10+5 (Mission reward)]
[Power: 10]
[Agility: 10]
[Charm: 10]
[Lucky: 10]
[The above are host’s information. Host can try to increase your attributes while trying to complete the mission as they will help to finish the mission easily.]
Looking at his attributes, Lin Zisheng frowned. With such ordinary attributes, what if he encounters some dangerous world? Can he really survive?
As if 001 could understand what Lin Zisheng is thinking now, it explained, [Host, please rest assured. The difficulty of the Mission is related to your level. Since your current level is F, then the highest level you can go to is Level F world.]
Hearing this, Lin Zisheng suddenly felt that the white lotus rescue system seemed to be quite humane.
"001, attribute point allocation. Physical +2, Intelligence +2, Luck +1."

Since 001 specifically reminded him about the attribute points, it should be very useful in the future. Hence, Lin Zisheng allocated the attribute points on his body.
[The distribution of attribute points is completed, the current attribute is changed]
[Physique: 10 + 1 (Mission reward) + 2 (novice gift pack)]
[Intelligence: 10 + 2 (novice gift pack)]
[Luck: 10 + 1 (novice gift pack)]
After adding the attribute points, Lin Zisheng received the information about the next world from 001. This world seems to be more normal than the previous world. Well, the keyword is ‘seems’, because this time, the world... is about spirits. En... It can probably be said that the Oriental version of the movie ‘Ghost’.
The male lead is a descendant of the Heavenly Master family. His yin and yang eyes can see things in both realms. The male lead saved the female lead during a time the school gets haunted. After that, the female lead worshiped the male lead very much. The female lead is a timid person, unfortunately, she has a physique that attracts ghosts. Only staying with the male lead that it is safest for the female lead.
During an exorcism later on, the male lead and female lead encountered a red-clothed, disoriented male ghost who has amnesia. The female lead courageously took in the male ghost temporarily. After that, as they went through exorcism sessions one after another, the female lead becomes more and more attracted to the male lead. However, the male ghost fell in love with the female lead as well. In the final battle, he discovered that the female lead is actually a pawn of a powerful evil spirit. In the end, the male ghost sacrificed his soul and saved the life of the female lead. Unfortunately, the female lead’s soul ended up combined with the evil spirit and cannot be separated. The result is both the female lead and the evil spirit gets suppressed by the male lead in the land of extreme yang forever.
"So my identity is..."
[Without a doubt, you are the unlucky male ghost (Hey!) who fell in love with the female lead~]

001's voice was so cheerful that Lin Zisheng couldn't help feeling itchy at his hands. He grabbed the 001 flying in the sky and rolled it hard in his hand. Then, he casually throws the balled-up 001 away and said, "Read the mission."
[System scanning. There are 4 missions available to be taken. Does the host want to open the mission prompt? [Y/N]]
[Main Mission: Change the fate of the female lead, save the female lead from being suppressed in the land of extreme yang, and endure the pain of the burning of the soul. Mission reward: 300 experience points, 800 points. However, 800 points will be deducted for failure.]
[Side Mission 1: Raise positive feeling from Male Lead 1 to 80% and above. Reward: EXP 100 & 300 Points. No penalty for failure.]
[Side Mission 2: Raise positive feeling from Female Lead 1 to 80% and above. Reward: EXP 100 & 300 Points. No penalty for failure.]
[Side Mission 3: Save Male Lead 2 from being swallowed by the evil spirit. Reward: EXP 300 & 800 points. No penalty for failure.]
[Does the host accept the mission? [Y/N]]
[We are going to the second world: The Timid and Fragile White Lotus. Host, please prepare for the transmission, 3, 2, 1——]
When the mechanical sound disappeared, Lin Zisheng, who was nestled in the recliner, disappeared together.

It’s deep in the night and the night sky is pitch black like it’s splashed with ink. The moon and the stars are not visible. In a corner of the playground, there is a moderately tall platform made with piled-up soil and a long table is placed on it. On the table are a pair of candles and a pile of yellow paper which is pressed under a mahogany sword on the right. In the middle, a Bagua mirror is placed there with a bowl of deep red liquid with a fishy smell.
A young man standing at the long table, he looked like he is about 20 years old. His white casual clothes seemed out of place with the dark night. The luopan (Feng Shui compass) in his hand under the candlelight gives one an ancient and heavy feeling. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, and a black shadow passed in front of the young man. The young man quickly picked up a piece of yellow paper and lit it on the burning candle fire. Then he shouted, "Freeze!"
The shadow froze for a moment under the youth's order but quickly flew behind the young man at the next moment. A cold hand gripped the back of the young man’s neck, and the biting chill swept over his body through his blood vessels.

"Heh, you are a junior from the Dao of Zhengyi?" The voice behind the young man sounded. The voice carried a bit of charm, but it is more to a tyrannical hostility, "This is this Elder’s territory. Even if your senior from Mount Longhu comes, they still have to mind themselves in front of this Elder. A little junior like you wants to attack this Elder by yourselves?"

The ghost who claimed to be an Elder gradually tightened his hands, "Humph, your Yang qi is mine!"
However, in the next moment, a fierce golden light appeared in front of Ghost Elder's eyes. Under the shining light, the Ghost Elder felt his arm gradually melt and dissipate in the air.
"The golden coin sword that is used by Zhang Daoling!" The Ghost Elder knew that he is no match so he made a hasty escape. Deep inside, he made up his mind to eat this junior in the future as revenge!

Raw word count : 3255


Banana: Hiya, I said before that I won't translate this novel (due to the long word counts) but I can't stand the current translator butchering the novel and keeping it behind paywall as well == So here I am, continuing the novel but I'm going to do it edited MTL style. Rest assured that Banana will make sure the meanings/idioms are correct. You won't see America, Sri Lanka, scorpions and random nonsense. That's for sure :3

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