Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 2.05 The Timid And Fragile White Lotus

No, maybe it’s not that they are turning a blind eye on him. Instead, they are waiting for those people who have hurt him before to share his flesh and blood.

"I'm sorry." Zhang Daoling seemed to feel that he has asked a question that shouldn't be asked. The deep sadness on Lin Zisheng felt real and he is not pretending.

"Ah, you don't need to apologize. Actually, I should thank you. If it weren't for you, I'm afraid I don't know how long I will struggle in the endless darkness." A pair of phoenix eyes narrowed slightly. It is clearly a bright smile but paired with Lin Zisheng’s face, it brought out a bit of evil instead.

Taking a glance at the person with sincere gratitude, Zhang Daoling touched the pouch in his shirt pocket. There is a section of Ying Qingxuan's bone in it. Ying Qingxuan is able to leave that dark place because he is wearing the pouch by his side. Perhaps it is the right decision to bring him out.

"Dao Ling, are you eating alone again?" The warm atmosphere stiffened due to a sudden voice, and Zhang Daoling's expression that had just eased up tightened again.

"I like to be quiet." Zhang Daoling lowered his eyelids to block the disgust in his eyes.

Perhaps for Bai Manman, Zhang Daoling is her savior. So she hopes to be by his side to help him and in order to repay his favor. But for Zhang Daoling, this person is big trouble. She doesn’t know her place and is simply a hindrance to his work; a standard example of a pig teammate. That is why Zhang Daoling really wants to stay away from her if he can.

"Yeah, I know. I know you like to be quiet." Though she said this, Bai Manman didn't mean to leave at all. She sat not far from Zhang Daoling and said, "I'm here to accompany you."

Lin Zisheng has been floating around them. When he heard that, he turned his head and snickered with his back to the 2 people. This Bai Manman is really ‘too confident’. How could she be so sure that Zhang Daoling is lying about wanting to be quiet? Although many of his classmates heard the rumor that Zhang Daoling is a Taoist priest, not everyone would shun him because of this rumor. In the end, it’s just Zhang Daoling’s personality that he is not good with crowds and is unwilling to get along with others. It’s unknown what Bai Manman thought of, she simply assumed that Zhang Daoling is ostracized by others. That’s why he had to hide in a place where no one is around.

Looking at the person beside him, Zhang Daoling's disgust in his heart became more obvious. Finally, he couldn't bear it and quickly finished the rest of his food. Then he put away the lunch box and prepared to leave.

"Eh? Daoling, where are you going? I'll accompany you." Seeing Zhang Daoling is about to leave, Bai Manman quickly put away her lunch box and got up to catch up, but was frozen by his cold eyes.

"I said, I want to be quiet. Can you not bother me?"

Zhang Daoling's eyes looked cold. He only glanced at Bai Manman, but she didn't dare to move a step. "I, I just want to be there for you." Bai Manman looked at Zhang Daoling’s cold eyes and felt very wronged. She just didn't want to see him feel sad because of others' ostracization. Is that wrong? She added, "I don't want you to be alone."

"Miss Bai, don't take things for granted, he has never felt lonely." Before Zhang Daoling can say anything, Lin Zisheng spoke first. He said it with a somewhat joke-like frivolous tone, but it’s exactly what Zhang Daoling thought.

"Dao Ling, is that true?" After hearing Lin Zisheng's explanation, Bai Manman's eyes turned red. What does he mean? Is he saying she is nosy?

"It’s fine if you understand." Zhang Daoling is too lazy to explain. After saying this, he hurriedly left the rooftop. Anyway, there is no class in the afternoon. He can find a quiet place where there is no one and rest for a while. He can see Bai Manman's face every day, and it’s tiring him!

"You really don’t have pity for the lady." Lin Zisheng slowly mumbled after they left Bai Manman's sight as if he is accusing that Zhang Daoling to be heartless. Obviously, he has ‘forgotten’ that he participated in bullying Bai Manman too just now.

"In my eyes, there is no difference between a woman and a female ghost," Zhang Daoling's voice is faint as if he is explaining something insignificant, "No, maybe it should be said that women are more terrifying than female ghosts."

After a person dies, only the instinct left is to survive, but a living person has countless desires. In order to realize their desires, they can do anything.

"Saying such words, be careful that you can’t get a wife in the future." Lin Zisheng curled his lips and looked at Zhang Daoling with a little scrutiny.

After Zhang Daoling reached the edge of the forest, he slowed down and walked at the usual speed.

"En... this noble one will take back what I said just now. You actually know to be thoughtful." Only now that Lin Zisheng understood why Zhang Daoling is walking so fast just now.

Although Lin Zisheng is not afraid of the sun that much, he is a ghost after all. He still feels uncomfortable staying under the sun for a long time. He didn't say anything but Zhang Daoling still noticed his discomfort.

"You are very strong." Zhang Daoling looked at Lin Zisheng earnestly, "Ghosts are yin being and cannot stay under the sun. If one wants to walk under the sun, then they will have to take countless life. But your body doesn’t have karma or vengeance."

This is also the reason Zhang Daoling chose to keep the ghost. For a ghost without any vengeance and karma to survive a long thousand years. This is an incredible thing.

"Perhaps it is also a kind of despair." Lin Zisheng stared at the sunlight not far away, his whole figure shrouded with endless desolation. "If even the sunlight can't end my life, doesn’t that sound sorrowful?"

[Host-daren...] Feeling that Lin Zisheng's mood is not right, 001 climbed out of its space and looked at him carefully.

Due to the male lead of this world has a pair of yin yang eyes that can see things that ordinary people can't see, 001 has been careful not to appear in front of Zhang Daoling, in order to avoid being seen. Although it is reasonable to say that the yin yang eyes shouldn’t be able to see the system, who can tell for sure?

"I'm fine, it’s just that I suddenly kind of understand why Ying Qingxuan has become so weak." Lin Zisheng sighed a little, "If he really wanted to, not only he can survive being imprisoned, but even become the most powerful evil spirit. But his arrogance of being a horned dragon makes him unwilling to fall into the dark side, even if he will disappear!"

"Is being alone lonely?" Zhang Daoling asked these words without knowing what he said, looking at the person standing still in the air for a long time without responding.

"What is loneliness?" Lin Zisheng chuckled and looked back at Zhang Daoling, "There is no light, no sound, no time passing, nothing. Even thinking slowly stagnates so how do one can feel lonely like that?"

Lin Zisheng's words are not exaggerated at all, because he also deeply experienced that feeling. Although it is not a long time, it is enough for Lin Zisheng to remember the feeling for the rest of his life.

As soon as these words came out, both of them fell silent and stayed quietly until the sun sets westward. However, today’s sky seemed a bit strange. In the western sky, an orange-yellow sun is slowly setting. Just that the outermost part of the sun looks like a circle of greenish-black light, making people feel very uncomfortable.

"What's… that?" Although there is only a thin layer of the green-black light, the layer constantly changes its shape, and the feeling is like... ghosts!

Yes, it's like the ghosts that come out in the middle of the night to scare passers-by in various forms. But the sun is the best thing to restrain ghosts. No matter how powerful a ghost is, it is impossible to form a greenish-black film around the sun.

[Host-daren, friendly reminder, today is Zhongyuan Festival.] 001 spoke out to remind Lin Zisheng what day is today.

As soon as Lin Zisheng heard that, he immediately understood what 001 means. Zhongyuan Festival, the 15th day of the 7th lunar month, and also known as the Ghost Festival. According to legend, the gate of the ghost realm opens on July 15th. Ghosts in hell can freely enter the mortal world on this day. This day is when the yang energy is the weakest in the world. Even the sun's damage to ghosts is not so strong.

[Host-daren, it’s best to remind the male lead that today is the Zhongyuan Festival. Ghosts hated exorcists/Heavenly Master the most. Today is the day when exorcists’ yang energy is the weakest and the ghost spirit is the strongest. If the male lead does not return to his dorm before dark, he is very likely to be caught by the ghosts!] At this moment, 001’s voice sounded a bit anxious. If Zhang Daoling died early, the world might collapse!

Lin Zisheng understood what 001 meant and his pupils shrank in realization. He anxiously said, "Ah Ling, hurry back to the dormitory, today is the Zhongyuan Festival!"

Lin Zisheng’s anxiousness stunned Zhang Daoling. However, at the next moment, he understood what is going on and his expression turned ugly.

There have been too many things happening in the past few days so he has forgotten the Zhongyuan Festival. Looking around at his surrounding, Zhang Daoling's expression got worse. He is surrounded by trees and the sunshine here is not enough all year round. If he is even a bit slower to leave the place, it may be really over for him!

Zhang Daoling quickly running towards the dormitory, but not sure why, the sun seems to set extremely fast today. The sun was originally slightly westward but now, half of the sun has fallen below the horizon. Zhang Daoling estimates that he will have difficulty returning to the dorm before the sun sets!

"Ah Ling, hurry up!" Obviously, Lin Zisheng hasn't given up yet. He is constantly urging Zhang Daoling, the anxiousness in his tone is more obvious now.

Suddenly, Zhang Daoling stood still on the spot, motionless.

"Ah Ling, what are you hesitating for? Go back quickly!"

"It's too late." Zhang Daoling's voice is the usual bland tone. He slowly lowered his head and silently stared at his feet.

Lin Zisheng is taken aback by Zhang Daoling’s movements. Then his gaze fell on his feet. In an instant, he understood why Zhang Daoling stopped moving. Because there’s a ghost claw on his feet.

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