Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 2.06 The Timid And Fragile White Lotus

An eerie pale hand stretched out from the ground, and firmly grasped Zhang Daoling's ankle. It should have been a ghostly claw that doesn’t have a physical body, but at this moment the claw is deeply sunk in Zhang Daoling’s skin, causing a circle of bloody bruise.

"It has started..." In mid-July, the door of the ghost realm will be opened wide. It’s the only opportunity for humans and ghosts to get in contact, and now all the ghosts are surging from another world, wanting to swallow all the living lives.

Lin Zisheng only watched by the side and did not step forward to help. He knew that this person did not need his help, at least not now. Sure enough, a faint light appeared on Zhang Daoling's body the next moment. The ghostly claw seemed to be bounced off by something, and then gradually dissipated in the air and turned into little bits of light.

"Ying Qingxuan, you must also be careful. Although you are not the target of the attack, but..." Zhang Daoling wanted to say something but got interrupted by another attack.

Zhang Daoling didn’t finish his words but Lin Zisheng understood what he meant. Although he is not the target of being attacked now, but the blood of the horned dragon with a yao’s soul will still attract some powerful ghosts. After all, if Lin Zisheng really got eaten, the ghost will be able to evolve into some powerful ghosts.

[Host-daren, please be careful. A powerful evil spirit is approaching.]

The power of that evil spirit is almost the same as Lin Zisheng back when he is not suppressed by the seal. That means the current Lin Zisheng is not the opponent of that evil spirit at all.

"What's his goal?" Lin Zisheng frowned slightly. At this moment, they are already at a disadvantage. If there are any more powerful evil spirits, they might not be able to retreat.

[I cannot be sure.]

001 can only detect the other party’s malice, but as for the source, it doesn’t know for time being.

"Ah Ling, something is approaching, we have to leave quickly." Fortunately, they are not too far away from the dormitory. As long as they return to the dormitory, they will be safe.

"No!" Zhang Daoling also felt something approaching and his expression became solemn. Especially when he sensed what that thing was, his face became uglier, "We can't go back, that thing is bloodthirsty. If we go back to the dormitory now, it will probably start a killing spree!"

That evil spirit is the ghost Zhang Daoling wanted to exorcist when he started an exorcism altar that day but ended in failure. If he really escaped back to the dormitory today, that thing might massacre the entire school in order to strengthen himself.

After hearing Zhang Daoling's words, Lin Zisheng frowned and asked 001, "Can you find the weakness of that thing?" If they can find the weakness of that thing, maybe they have some chance of winning.

[...] 001 said cautiously after being silent for a long time, [it should be… sunlight.]

Lin Zisheng: ...hehe, are you kidding me?

Of course Lin Zisheng knows that those things are afraid of the sun. In fact, there are really few yin beings in this world that are not afraid of the sun. Even for Ying Qingxuan, he can only walk under the sun for a short time due to his ‘true dragon’ bloodline. As for the fact that ghosts can walk in the sun after killing too many creatures and swallowing them, it is simply nonsense. One must know that the more a spirit slaughters, the heavier the karma. Such a being won’t be tolerated by the heavens, so how can they have the right to live in the sun?

"What else? Don't tell me that the sunlight is the only weakness!" Looking at 001 who is a little evasive, Lin Zisheng raised his eyebrows. For the first time ever, he felt that this stupid system is really useless.

[There is no way to judge before seeing the other party. Host-daren, please wait a bit.]

Feeling Lin Zisheng's dissatisfaction, 001 remedied the situation in time. Of course, it did not lie. After seeing the evil spirit, it will definitely know more information about that thing than it is now.

"It's coming fast." Zhang Daoling looked in the direction not far away, his eyes slightly lowered.

It is a man in red, with red hair and red eyes like blood. Although he is dressed in red as Lin Zisheng, the color only looked enchanting and seductive on Lin Zisheng. As for the evil spirit, the red color looked bloody and fierce.

"Junior from Mount Longhu, we met again. This time, let's see if you can still escape!"

Last time, he let this person run away because of the golden coin sword. But this time, he would not let go of Zhang Daoling no matter what! It’s a Heavenly Master ah, their flesh and blood are a great tonic for spirits. After eating him, maybe he can become the king of ghosts!

"Last time, you couldn't catch me so you thought you could do it this time?" Zhang Daoling looked at the evil spirit and his eyes were particularly solemn. He knew that today's battle is very dangerous, maybe he might die on the spot.

"Dao, Daoling..." Just when a human and a ghost are testing each other's trump card, a faint and trembling voice called out. A white-clothed girl can be seen standing not far away and trembling all over.

[The one who drags hind legs has arrived.]

001 opened its mouth first to announce the fact. Towards the white lotus in this world, 001 really doesn’t know what to say. The female lead is very afraid of ghosts, but she always moves forward. Of course, if she can really help, then it’s okay. But in reality, she only be a hindrance every time

"Go back!" Zhang Daoling's face turned green when he saw Bai Manman because he knew one thing. If this woman hadn't appeared, his chance to survive might be 1 out of 10, but after she appeared, he would be dead 10 out of 10!

"I don't want to! I want to help you!" Although Bai Manman is shaking and her face is abnormally pale, her attitude is firm. She wanted to help Daoling so she must stay here.

"You are helping us if you just leave, at the very least, no one will be dragged down by you."

Finally, Zhang Daoling couldn’t bear it anymore and burst into anger. There isn’t any politeness in his words, and every word is stabbing into Bai Manman’s heart fiercely. Because Bai Manman is a girl, Zhang Daoling has been restraining himself. Although Zhang Daoling didn't like this person to keep appearing around him, he didn't say it too badly. It's just that this person has no self-awareness at such a dangerous time so how can Zhang Daoling endure it?

After Bai Manman heard this, her face went pale for a moment. Then, she showed a firm smile and said, "I know you are worried about me so you said those words, but I don't care!"

001 and Lin Zisheng: ...How big is this person’s face?

Sure enough, Zhang Daoling's face became even uglier after hearing this. If it weren't for the fact that it's not suitable to do it now, he really wanted to throw Bai Manman out!

At this moment of inattention, the evil spirit seized the opportunity to stretch out its long claws and stabbed towards Zhang Daoling's chest, obviously wanting to gouge out his heart.

[System scanning, the male lead is facing life-threatening danger. The current danger value has exceeded the warning line!]

[Ding Dong, congratulations, you have triggered the adventure mission.]

Lin Zisheng: Hehe, why don't I feel honored at all?

[Adventure mission: To ensure that the male lead can live his lifespan and die a natural death.
Task type: Mandatory acceptance.
Mission difficulty: SS level.
Task rewards: 5,000 points & 10 attribute points.]

[The points lottery function will be activated, and Host will be given 2 chances to draw the lottery. Penalty for failure: 3 days in the little black room is waiting for you yo~]

No matter how he complained in his heart, Lin Zisheng quickly floated to Zhang Daoling's side. He reached out his hand to block the blow from the evil spirit, and a shallow golden light appeared in his palm. It’s not glaring, but lets one feels that it has a thick texture.

After the evil spirit saw this, a bright light appeared in his eyes, "The true dragon’s blood? It seems that this Ghost Elder has encountered a lot of good things today. In that case, this Ghost Elder will gladly accept it!" The evil spirit smiled wildly and his originally long nails became longer. This time, he aimed to pierce towards Lin Zisheng's body. The nails had a sheen of black light, which obviously would not be a good thing.

[System scanning, Host has found a new skill: Bloodline Suppression. Effect: Able to suppress being with lower bloodlines for a short time, making them unable to move. Do Host want to equip this skill?]

"Yes!" At this moment, Lin Zisheng also can feel the opponent's killing intent. Hence, the skill 001 found is undoubtedly very helpful to their situation, and could greatly increase their chances of survival.

[Skill equipping. Starting count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.]

At the moment when 001’s voice ended, a powerful pressure burst out from Lin Zisheng's body, causing the surrounding ghosts to involuntarily stop in their tracks and doesn’t dare to move. At this moment, they have a feeling that if anyone recklessly moved, they will be crushed to pieces by this pressure in the next moment.

"Your bloodline..." The powerful pressure made the evil spirit feel suffocated. After many years of death, he once again experienced the feeling of suffocation. At this time, he realized that he has underestimated this weak-looking soul. "You actually managed to activate your bloodline?! That’s impossible!"

Although the evil spirit can sense that Lin Zisheng's body had the ‘true dragon’ bloodline, it was very thin, and there was no possibility of activation at all. However, this pressure as well as the aura that one cannot ignore, made the evil spirit understood that even though Lin Zisheng's bloodline had not been fully activated, at least he can already able to use it proficiently.

Lin Zisheng didn't answer the evil spirit’s question and just looking at him coldly. The golden light between his palms became stronger and stronger, and the evil spirit felt like even his hands are slowly melting in the golden light.

"Hmph, this Ghost Elder will let you go first today. One day, all of you will become my food!" After throwing some harsh words, the evil spirit struggled all his might to break free from Lin Zisheng's pressure and escape. The evil spirit understood that if he doesn't escape now, he might not have another chance to do so later.

After the evil spirit left, Zhang Daoling heard a light ‘kacha’ sound from his chest pocket. Then, Lin Zisheng's original translucent figure became fainter, and it seemed that he might disappear into thin air at any time...

Raw word count : 3097


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