Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 2.07 The Timid And Fragile White Lotus

"Qing... Qingxuan?"

Since the crisis is settled, Bai Manman finally realized that something is wrong with Lin Zisheng. If his figure only looked semi-transparent at the beginning, he has now become almost transparent; the faint red color seems to disappear at any time.

"I... I'm fine."

Lin Zisheng's voice sounded a little weak. Truth to be told, his current condition is not as serious as it seemed. It can even be said as a blessing in disguise now. Though Ying Qingxuan’s bone is the foundation of his existence, it is also acting as a seal at the time. For the moment, the fracture of the bone will make him weak for a period of time. But after the period of weakness, Lin Zisheng's strength will slowly increase until it returns to Ying Qingxuan’s peak strength once upon a time.

"Really? That's great..." Bai Manman revealed a relieved smile when she heard Lin Zisheng's words. Fortunately, Ying Qingxuan is fine, it’s good news.

On the other hand, when Zhang Daoling saw Bai Manman’s expression, his expression stiffened. Lin Zisheng might be saying that he is okay right now, but his almost transparent figure and his weak voice didn’t seem to be okay at all. However, Bai Manman simply believed it. Zhang Daoling can’t help but wonder if Bai Manman really believes those words, or she is just acting like so to shirk responsibility?

Although Zhang Daoling's strength may not be as good as that of Ghost Elder for the time being, he still has the golden coin sword so the combined strength should be at least a mid-level strength. He may fall short, but it is not impossible to barely survive. Just that the moment Bai Manman appeared, his chance of survival is wiped out from barely surviving to zero chances.

"Come back and rest ba, don't forcefully hold on." Zhang Daoling felt very dissatisfied to see Lin Zisheng trying so hard to hold on. It is clear that his situation is very bad now, but he still pretended to be okay.

After Lin Zisheng heard Zhang Daoling's words, there is a weak smile on his face. Then, his figure became more and more blurry, until he finally disappeared.

"Daoling, Qing Xuan… Where did he go?" Bai Manman is a little curious after Lin Zisheng disappeared. This is the first time that she had been close to a ghost, so she didn't understand many things.

Zhang Daoling's anger became stronger upon seeing the curiosity in her eyes. Lin Zisheng got seriously injured because she came here to drag them back. He(LZS) even had to go back to his foundation (the bone) to heal his soul. But this person who caused him to get hurt badly is curiously asking questions, so how can Zhang Daoling not be angry? Ignoring Bai Manman's question, Zhang Daoling went straight back to his dormitory. As for the unwelcomed person, someone will help him to stop her.

"Daoling, wait for me. What actually happened today? Can you tell me so I can be prepared in the future? I will definitely be able to help you at that time." Seeing Zhang Daoling walking towards the dormitory, Bai Manman hurried to catch up. Unfortunately, she got stopped at the door of the dormitory.

"Classmates, this is a male dormitory. Girls should not come in." Although there aren’t any strict rules prohibiting girls from going in the male dormitory, it is indeed inconvenient for a girl to go around in the male dormitory at night. Also, the person is followed Zhang Daoling’s request to stop her.

"I am a friend of Daoling. We have something to discuss, so let me in, okay?" Bai Manman looked at the person at the door timidly, with pleading in her eyes, as if it is a cruel thing to refuse her.

When the man turned around and looked towards Zhang Daoling, he heard a cold snort, "I am not familiar with her."

After saying this, Zhang Daoling's figure disappeared from the stairs, so the young man turned back to Bai Manman and smiled apologetically. Then, he drove her out unceremoniously. After she left, the man looked at the 2nd floor with curious eyes. He did not forget that Zhang Daoling is always a little bit more tolerant towards women because of the education from his deceased mother. To see Zhang Daoling so unrelenting right now, the young man thinks that he is not acting like his usual self.

Zhang Daoling had no idea how the young man thought of him because the first thing he did after returning to the dormitory was to look for something that he thought would never be used - ghost jade.

The ghost jade is a relic left by his mother. When she died, she gave the ghost jade to Zhang Daoling and told him to keep it properly, because it would be useful in the future. Ghost jade is a special kind of jade produced in the ghost realm. It looked a bit similar to obsidian, but if one looked carefully, they will feel that the jade gives out a nurturing feeling. The biggest use of ghost jade is to nourish spirit. Zhang Daoling originally thought that he would never use it, but he did not expect that he would eventually take it out. Putting the ghost jade in the pouch (with LZS’s bone), Zhang Daoling continued to search his own memories if he knows about anything else that could help Lin Zisheng repair his soul. Then, the door of his dormitory is pushed open.

"You used the ghost jade?" Although the young man didn't see what Zhang Daoling did just now, the yin lingering in the air told him that someone had just used ghost jade.

"En, he got injured from saving me." After saying this, Zhang Daoling put the pouch on the desk and asked, "What is it?"

"You..." Aren’t you too concerned about that ghost?

The man wanted to ask this question very much, but he swallowed the words back. He has already discovered Zhang Daoling's abnormality. Although Zhang Daoling as a Heavenly Master is not malicious to all sorts of ghosts, he will not get close to them either. Hence, it’s an impossible sight to see him carry a ghost around like this. But now, it's even more outrageous, Zhang Daoling actually went and used the ghost jade to cultivate a ghost.

"Hurry up if you have any questions," Zhang Daoling felt a little impatient looking at the man hesitating to say something and added, "I am tired today." Dealing with that Ghost Elder is not easy, and even if Lin Zisheng blocked his attack in the end, Zhang Daoling is also affected. It's not a small hit.

"What's going on today?" Leaving aside the matter regarding the ghost in the pouch, the man still wanted to ask Zhang Daoling about something else.

"Mid-July, the door of ghost realm opens. The Ghost Elder that I wanted to exorcist last time returned to make trouble." Briefly summarized what happened, Zhang Daoling took off his coat and let the man out.

The young man felt helpless and dumbfounded by what he heard. He could only leave the dormitory obediently in the end.

Lin Zisheng and 001, who had been staying in the bone could clearly hear the conversation between the two.

[Host-daren, the male lead seems to be really nice to you.] 001 kept flying around Lin Zisheng, with excitement in its eyes, and added [That ghost jade is a special item, which can be exchanged for a lot of points.]

Lin Zisheng stayed silent for a while, and when 001 thought he would not say anything, Lin Zisheng slowly said, "How much is the male lead's favorability now?"

For Lin Zisheng, his main goal now is to complete the main mission. As for the side mission (raising favorability), he simply went with the flow, so he didn’t pay too much attention to the favorability of the male and female leads.

[Right now, the male lead’s favorability score has reached 65. By the way, in case you want to know, the female lead’s favorability score has reached 79.]

"Heh, why does the female lead’s favorability score always increase so quickly every time?" Lin Zisheng clearly remembered that he hadn't done anything special this time, and the female lead is not reborn either. This favorability is strangely high and a bit outrageous.

[Probably...because of fantasies?] Too imaginative is also a problem.

At the same time, on the other side, Bai Manman returned to her dormitory, feeling glum.

"Bai Manman, what's the matter? Looking so dejected, heh, you must be driven back by Zhang Daoling ba." The girl from the same dorm sounded mocking and disdainful.

The other 3 people in the dormitory have more or less the same opinions on Bai Manman. Every time the girl did something wrong, she would look like she is about to cry as if other people bullied her. When this kind of thing happened more than once, who can like her like that?

Bai Manman bit her lower lip. After washing, she climbed onto her bed. Although she couldn't sleep, she closed her eyes tightly and endured the mocking. Otherwise, those people would say even more hurtful things again. Bai Manman really wants to get along with the girls, but why are they always hurting her?

And so, Bai Manman endured until midnight. When the moon rose to the middle of the sky, Bai Manman felt a shallow breath beside her ear. It's just that the breath is chilling to the bone, and there is a stale smell.

"Who...?" Bai Manman's trembling voice sounded. It sounded so lightly in this dark space as if a gust of wind would blow the voice away.

"Heh, girl, don't you know who this Ghost Elder is?" At the moment that voice rang, the clouds that had been covering the moon quietly dispersed, and the brightness of the moonlight filled the dormitory through the thin curtains. This also allows Bai Manman to see who is the ‘person’ in front of her.

It’s the one who wants to hurt Daoling!

"You... why are you here!?" Bai Manman remembers how terrifying this evil spirit is. If he wanted to, this evil spirit can kill her at any time!

"Heh, don't be afraid. This Ghost Elder won't hurt you. I came here to negotiate a deal with you." Ghost Elder calmed his expression. He wanted to act like a kind elder, but his eyes were so heavy with darkness that it cannot be dissipated.

"Yes, just a deal." Seeing Bai Manman seemed to be a little moved, the Ghost Elder's voice turned a little coaxing, "It won't hurt you, and you don't need to hurt anyone either. As long as you can help me with a little favor, I will help you get what you want."

"What I want?" Right now, Bai Manman is completely captivated by Ghost Elder. She only has a thought in her mind, that is to get what she wants.

"Yes, it's what you want," Ghost Elder's voice became more alluring. "As long as you help me, I will help you keep Zhang Daoling by your side so that he will only have you in his eyes."

No one knows how long ghosts have existed in this world. When it comes to seeing through people's hearts, how many people can be a ghost’s opponents?

"It won’t hurt Daoling?"

"Of course not."

"Then, I agree!" As long as she can stay beside Zhang Daoling, it’s fine even if she is dealing with ghosts!

It's just that Bai Manman doesn't understand at all what it means to strike a deal with ghosts like the Ghost Elder. It’s tantamount to ‘asking a tiger for its skin’. It's obvious how badly it will end up.

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