Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 2.08 The Timid And Fragile White Lotus

"Since you have promised me, I hope that you will not refuse the things I ask you to do in the future." Ghost Elder looked at Bai Manman and said pointedly, with a scary smile on his face. Then he disappeared in front of Bai Manman.

At this moment, Bai Manman realized that she is already covered in a cold sweat and her body is trembling slightly. However, it is not entirely because of fear, but more of excitement. What she wanted for so long is immediately available (for ZDL to like her), so no matter who is in the same situation, they also won’t be able to restrain the excitement in their heart.

"Hehe, that’s great. Finally..." Bai Manman chuckled in a low voice. Her original soft voice has a strange tremor due to fear and excitement. Other than that tremor, the relaxation after extreme tension caused her voice to be hoarse, which sounded very unpleasant.

"What with the noise in the middle of the night? You might not want to sleep, but we do. If you continue to make noises, then get out." Bai Manman's voice sounded like a night owl that frightened her roommates to cold sweats. So, how could they speak nicely to her?

It seemed that after the deal between Ghost Elder and Bai Manman, there are basically no more haunted incidents in the school. Even the entire Haicheng city is calm, so calm that it made people feel that something is wrong.

"Ah Ling, what's wrong with you during this period of time? You are so restless." After spending some time with Zhang Daoling, Lin Zisheng can understand how is his character. The Zhang Daoling who always has been calm showing other emotions, it's quite abnormal.

"It's nothing, I just feel that this time is too peaceful."

Although Zhang Daoling had wished for peace and calm before, he knew that this kind of calm is not normal at all. As long as there are people in this world, ghosts will inevitably appear. As long as there are desires and wishes, there will be evil spirits. These are all inevitable existences. But during this period of time, Haicheng city is too peaceful, as if all the ghosts have disappeared after the fifteenth of July.

"It's really too calm..." Lin Zisheng naturally understood what Zhang Daoling meant, and even felt it stronger than him but he and Zhang Daoling felt the situation differently.

Zhang Daoling only saw the calm on the surface, but Lin Zisheng felt the undercurrents surging under the calm. Those ghosts have never disappeared but hibernated under the leadership of that Ghost Elder. They all seemed to be waiting, waiting for a certain moment to come. Then when the time comes, all the power accumulated would explode. He is afraid that at that time, the world will come to an end.

Of course, Lin Zisheng would not say these words, nor could he say them. He is now Ying Qingxuan, a member of this world, so he must follow the rules of this world. Even if he knows something, he cannot say it if it’s not allowed.

[Host-Daren, although you can't say it directly, you can still give some hint or reminder. Don't forget about your adventure mission~] 001’s voice suddenly sounded at this moment, with a gloating tone that deserved to be beaten.

Lin Zisheng: Haha, can you not remind me of this bad thing?

Of course, Lin Zisheng took note of these words. He must help Zhang Daoling now because of the task. Although Lin Zisheng doesn't know what is the little black room that 001 mentioned, he can be sure that it will never be a good thing. He didn't want to experience it at all!

"Ah Ling, have you ever thought that this might be some tricks from the ghost that day?" Lin Zisheng floated around Zhang Daoling while looking at him with some silly meng/moe eyes. His pair of black pupils seemed to be pure and clear, like a pool of spring water where one can see the bottom at a glance. This makes people who see them involuntarily willing to trust the person with such eyes.

001: Hehe, you are obviously ‘black sesame-filled glutinous rice balls’, but you dared to make a cute look? Where is your conscience, host?!

Lin Zisheng: Fed it to you!

001: Hehe, host, can I beat you to death?

Zhang Daoling frowned deeply after hearing Lin Zisheng's words. Originally, he only thought the situation is just an abnormal calm. But after hearing Lin Zisheng's words, he couldn't help but think more!

"Daoling, Qing Xuan."

Just as Zhang Daoling is considering what happened recently, a familiar voice that makes people feel disgusted sounded, causing the two’s expressions to look ugly. The appearance of Bai Manman last time almost caused their death. So, what kind of ‘disaster’ would be brought by her appearance this time?

"You need anything?" Zhang Daoling thought Bai Manman should be a little self-aware by now after he showed his blatant disgust last time, but it seems that he was too naive.

"It's nothing, I just think you haven't been out for a long time. Let's go shopping together, okay?" Bai Manman looked at Zhang Daoling, with a light of expectation in her eyes, and a cautiousness that one can’t ignore.

But it was this behavior that made Zhang Daoling feel even more disgusted. What does she mean by this? Does she think acting like this can make him accept her requests?

"I don't think we are familiar enough to go shopping together. Also, don't call me Daoling, we are not that close."

After saying this, Zhang Daoling waved his hand and left, completely ignoring the Bai Manman who hesitated to talk. Zhang Daoling did not forget that Lin Zisheng's soul almost disappeared because of this woman, but she doesn’t seem apologetic at all!

Bai Manman froze when Zhang Daoling leaves without looking back. He has rejected her cleanly like that. This is unscientific!

"Refusing a girl so straightforwardly? Are you not afraid of her taking revenge on you? Haven't you heard the phrase ‘Villainous people and females are hard to raise’?" Lin Zisheng watched the interaction between the two people as if watching a play. He kind of sympathized with Bai Manman. She could have like other people, but she fell for such an insensitive person instead.

001: Host-daren, are you sure you are not gloating?

Lin Zisheng: Guess?

"Afraid of revenge?" Zhang Daoling sneered, his tone filled with disdain, "I am more afraid of her ability to hold me back than revenge. If this continues, either your life or mine will end in her hands."

What Zhang Daoling said is not an exaggeration. Bai Manman is always by his side every time he encounters danger. If they are in the ancient Chinese era, Bai Manman will be labeled as the person under the ominous lone star (the one who caused everyone around to die).


"Moreover?" Lin Zisheng had a feeling that this is the main reason for Zhang Daoling’s action.

"There is a disgusting aura on her body, and she has only recently been tainted with it!"

Zhang Daoling couldn't tell where the aura came from, but he instinctively hated it, so he would stay as far away from Bai Manman as possible.

After Zhang Daoling mentioned it, Lin Zisheng remembered why he felt weird earlier like she is a little different from before. He felt that Bai Manman's aura seemed a bit familiar, but he couldn’t remember where.

At this moment, both of them felt like something is coming. Perhaps, this is the last peace before the storm.


At this moment, on the other side, Bai Manman returned to her dormitory after being rejected and got ridiculed again by her dorm mates. She lay aggrieved on her bed and started crying. Why did everyone treat her like this? Finally, after everyone in the dormitory had left the room, Bai Manman slowly raised her head. Her eyes are red and swollen from crying.

"I know that you are here. What you said is useless. You promised that Daoling will like me after agreeing to cooperate with you!" But the current situation is completely opposite to what they agreed. Not only Daoling didn’t like her, he even started hating her!

"This Elder has never been untrustworthy. Don't forget, you have done nothing for this elder yet, why should I help you?" Ghost Elder's voice sounded with disdain, and his gaze looking at Bai Manman is full of scrutiny.

After hearing that, Bai Manman's breathing hitched. Only then did she remember that although they negotiated a deal, she had done nothing yet. Biting her lower lip, Bai Manman's gaze became firm and she said, "Okay, say it. I can do anything. As long as you don't hurt Daoling, I will cooperate with you 100%!"

Although Bai Manman has been blinded by desire, she still remembers her bottom line - she must never do anything to harm Zhang Daoling!

"Relax, this Elder's goal is the soul around him, not Zhang Daoling himself." Ghost Elder's tone is very firm. In fact, Zhang Daoling is also his goal, but now it is no longer the priority. The Lin Zisheng with true dragon’s blood attracted him more. Moreover, after he swallowed Lin Zisheng, would Zhang Daoling still be his opponent?

"That's good then! Tell me what I need to do." Although Bai Manman felt guilty to Lin Zisheng in her heart, the person she loves is always more important than the person who loves her.

Lin Zisheng: Hehe, love her? Is she still dreaming?

"Don't worry. You don't need to do very difficult things, it’s just a little favor." Ghost Elder said it like an understatement as if what he needs Bai Manman to do is really something not worth mentioning.

"Say it, I’ll do it as long as it’s within my ability!" Bai Manman has lost her sense right now. Zhang Daoling's refusal today and her roommate's taunts pushed her to the brink of collapse.

"3 days later, take Zhang Daoling to the place I specify. As long as you can do that, I can help you get Zhang Daoling." Ghost Elder's tone is full of confidence, as if the moment Bai Manman brought Zhang Daoling over, he could help her capture Zhang Daoling's heart.

"I can't do that. Right now, Daoling has started to evade me." After hearing Ghost Elder's words, Bai Manman's eyes lit up, and then she became frustrated again. She doesn’t have a way to fulfill her part.

"Don't worry, this Elder will help you. Zhang Daoling will definitely follow you to that place 3 days later..." Ghost Elder has a strange smile on his face, and his gaze is full of schemes.

At this moment, neither Zhang Daoling nor Lin Zisheng knew that a trap against them is unfolding quietly without them noticing.

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