Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus

Chapter 2.09 The Timid And Fragile White Lotus

On this side, Ghost Elder and Bai Manman have finished talking about what to do next while Lin Zisheng is wondering about other things. It’s because he received a notification from 001 that surprised him.

[DING DONG, system scanning… Female Lead's positive feeling +5, current positive feeling 84.]

[Side Mission 2: Raise positive feeling from Female Lead to 80% and above (Completed). Reward: EXP 100 & 300 Points. Receive the reward? [Y/N]]

"Yes." What Lin Zisheng wanted to know the most is what ‘bizarre’ things he has done to raise the female lead's favorability to him to shoot up like a rocket.

As if 001 knew what Lin Zisheng is thinking about, and it also is curious about the reasons for the increase in the female lead's favorability, 001 specifically went to check it out. [Host-daren, the female lead of this world is a major facecon.]

When 001 found out the result, it made 001 speechless for a long time.

Lin Zisheng: Hehe, facecon is indeed an evil thing!

Lin Zisheng has imagined countless reasons, even the dog blood reason - love at first sight. He did not expect that it was facecon. Although once he accepted this setting, it seems not bad, but the important thing is he can't make himself accept such a setting at all at this moment, a’ight?!

"Forget it, let's change the topic." Lin Zisheng doesn't want to know how Bai Manman likes his face. "I think we should make plans what to do next."

Although the world has restricted Lin Zisheng from the beginning and prevented him from making too many changes to the plot, small changes are still possible. It is said that ‘the embankment of a thousand miles is destroyed by an ant's nest’. Sometimes a slight change can make the whole thing go in the completely opposite direction. It seems that it’s not that difficult for Lin Zisheng to do this.

Lin Zisheng silently goes through the plot. He doesn't know why but he keeps having this feeling of uneasiness as if someone is scheming him behind his back. At this moment, the only person Lin Zisheng could think of is the Ghost Elder they met that day. According to his guess, if Ghost Elder really wants to scheme something, the first person he will choose to cooperate with is Bai Manman. But Bai Manman is afraid of ghosts and everyone knows that so Lin Zisheng ruled out Ghost Elder right at the beginning.

What Lin Zisheng can't imagine is when a woman really has feelings for someone, she will become ‘powerful’. To obtain the thing they want, the woman will bravely march forward without fear!

[Host-daren, some information is still being transmitted to the main system. From there, I dug out a useful piece of information so your plan can wait a bit longer.]

Hearing 001's words, Lin Zisheng nodded and agreed. Although he is confident, he is not an arrogant and self-serving person. Since 001 said it has more useful news, he could wait. It’s just that though Lin Zisheng and the others can wait, some people couldn’t. After Ghost Elder and Bai Manman agreed on a plan, the unbelievably calm Haicheng city suddenly fell into an extremely huge danger. The ghosts and evil spirits that seem to have disappeared clean overnight, reappeared suddenly in Haicheng city in the middle of a full moon night. This time, the entire Haicheng is shrouded in a cloud of darkness.

"Qingxuan, don't you think something is wrong this time?" Zhang Daoling wasn’t prepared when it happened suddenly so he got caught off guard. "The spirits suddenly disappeared, then suddenly appeared again. Not giving us any time to prepare, this must be a plan done by the Ghost Elder, and..."

"someone familiar with us must be helping him!"

"someone familiar with us must be helping him!"

In the last part of the sentence, the two of them spoke in unison. Apparently, their thoughts are the same this time.

"Who is the person you thought of?" Although this is worded as a question, Zhang Daoling's voice sounded like he is gritting his teeth. It is obvious that he already has a candidate in his mind.

"Bai Manman!" Although this is the most unlikely candidate, Bai Manman has been behind them for the past few days and knows their whereabouts well. If she wants to reveal this information to the Ghost Elder, it is not impossible. "It's just that Bai Manman is afraid of ghosts. This is the factor that makes me exclude her."

Unlike Lin Zisheng, Zhang Daoling didn’t lower his guard towards Bai Manman even at times like this. "It's hard to say, but now the matter has just begun, so we still have time to figure out who is helping the Ghost Elder!"

It's just that ‘plans can’t keep up with the changes/things don’t always go according to plan’. Just when Lin Zisheng and Zhang Daoling wanted to secretly test whether Bai Manman is that person, something happened to Haicheng city, and it is a major event! In just 2 days, many people in Haicheng city died from evil spirits’ haunting causing a large-scale death. The most frightening thing is their death seemed to be some kind of ritual. In general, everyone died of suicide — a sacrifice-like suicide.

"What kind of ritual is Ghost Elder trying to make?" Lin Zisheng frowned as he looked at the half formation drawn with blood on the ground. Ying Qingxuan's memory seemed to have a little impression of this formation, but the specifics were not clear.

"It seems to be a ritual indeed. We'd better stop it as soon as possible. No matter what the ritual is, it will not be a good thing for us." Ghost Elder is the leader of the evil spirits stranded here, and his strength is one of the best. If the ceremony causes him to get more powerful, Haicheng city will soon become his sacrificial city.

"Daoling, I can help you this time," Bai Manman said but Zhang Daoling became more vigilant after hearing that. She looked at him with a bit of bitterness in her heart and added, "rest assured, I really didn't lie to you. My family lives nearby and I know more about the terrain there than you. I can take you directly to the location of the incident, avoiding the police."

Hearing Bai Manman's words, Zhang Daoling's brows tightened again, but in the end, he accepted her help. There was no other way. Although Zhang Daoling is a member of the Association of Heavenly Masters, this status is not easy to use in the secular world. If he can avoid the police, it's better to avoid it!

Bai Manman smiled happily after hearing Zhang Daoling accept her help. Zhang Daoling got taken aback by this smile because it is the first time he saw Bai Manman's cheerful smile. If her previous smile can be described as soft moonlight and water which is a little melancholy, then her current smile is like sunshine, bright and dazzling, like a bright sky. If it is the younger Zhang Daoling, maybe he would be moved by her sudden smile. But now... not sure why, after seeing this smile, Zhang Daoling's thoughts felt that no matter who, they are not as good as Ying Qingxuan's smile.

What the hell?! Why would he think that a man’s smile is more beautiful than a girl’s? This is a devastating blow to Zhang Daoling’s 3 views, alright?! As a normal straight man, Zhang Daoling has never had extra thoughts of any man. Also, because he is a Heavenly Master (exorcist), he understands the principle of yin and yang stabilizing each other. Hence, it is impossible for him to be tempted by a man. Perhaps it is because Lin Zisheng stayed by his side day and night, Zhang Daoling involuntarily let go of his defenses.

"What's the matter?" Feeling Zhang Daoling's gaze on him, Lin Zisheng turned around and smiled at Zhang Daoling. His slightly narrowed phoenix eyes seemed sly but carried a hint of naiveness, causing Zhang Daoling to cover his chest involuntarily.

Just now... what is that feeling of heart palpitations? Could it be he is having a heart attack?

On the other hand, bystander 001 almost kneel after seeing this scene with the pair of males. It is clear that there is no relationship between the 2 men right now, so what with the pink bubbles surrounding them? What's going on?!

Bai Manman on the side also saw this scene and suddenly felt cold all over. Right now, all she wanted to do is quickly complete the transaction with Ghost Elder. Only in this way can she feel relieved!

After school, Bai Manman took the two towards the destination. Her speed is very fast. Although she did not run, but the men could feel her eagerness. Going down the route according to the Ghost Elder’s instruction, Bai Manman finally brought them to the destination after many twists and turns. It is a villa that had been abandoned for a long time. No, maybe it should be said that it is an unfinished building. It should have been a group of villas, but for some reason, the project is abandoned before the villas finished building. The place where the ceremony is held is the one standing in the middle of these villas!

"It’s this place." Standing at the door of the villa, Bai Manman refused to take a step forward. She could feel the chill in the air and her whole body is frozen stiff. If she followed them to go inside, Bai Manman has a feeling that she would get suffocated and die.

Zhang Daoling threw a glance at Bai Manman, he didn't force her. Before Bai Manman could stop him, he followed Lin Zisheng into the villa. In an instant, a strong cold air enveloped the two causing them to stand stiffly, unable to move at all.

"Hehe, welcome to my humble house."

Just when Zhang Daoling and Lin Zisheng wanted to find a way to break free, a low voice sounded, and they stopped struggling. Squinting their eyes, they looked at the dark corner not far away. Right now, how could they not know that this is Ghost Elder’s plan to capture them? Also, they can confirm that Bai Manman is the one helping Ghost Elder and sold them out!

Regarding Ghost Elder’s words, Lin Zisheng seemed to have not heard him. His gaze fell on the dried blood markings on the ground. After a long while, he said, "Ghost Elder sure done a lot of preparation. In order to catch me, you even used the Demon Binding Array!"

No one in this world knows the Demon Binding Array better than Lin Zisheng, because it’s the same method that got Ying Qingxuan caught by those people. Those people sacrificed countless innocent lives to set up the Demon Binding Array just to trap him in the array!

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