In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 2 - The Escape From the Apartment Part one

“Wh-what should I do… Where was the safe shelter again…”

Flustered, I ran around in the room.

“The closest safe shelter to here… should be school, right!”

Scratching my head, I carried my rucksack on my shoulder.

“First of all, I should bring stuff like canned and frozen food… Oh, and lots of drinks.”

Impulsively throwing out the contents of the refrigerator, I rummaged through everything and tossed it into the rucksack.

Bang! Bang!

The banging of the door was growing louder.

The force seemed to be strong enough to break down the door.

“Aaahh! W-w-w-what should I do! What should I do!”

My eyes suddenly landed on the bed.

“Th-that's right. I can make a rope from the sheets, and go down to the lower floor!”

I hurriedly tore off the sheets.

Then, opening the door to the balcony, I tied the ends of the sheets together.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The door started creaking.

I couldn’t wait any longer.

“There are six floors down, right…”

The cold wind enveloped my body.

It would probably be an instant death if I fell down from here.

“A-as I thought, let’s stop…”


“Ugh! I have to hurry!”

I tucked the sheets around my groin and slowly went down.

Immediately after, there was a crash and the door was opened.

At that moment, strange people swarmed my room.


The sight made me lose my grasp.

“I-I’m falling…!”

My field of sight turned upside down.

However, since the sheets were put around my groin, I somehow managed to not fall.


Straightening up my body, I peeked at the balcony and met one of their eyes.

This one had proper eyes this time.

But… but!

“You don’t even have half your face!”

I could see the skull.

It was just like a zombie.

I clumsily dragged myself down the sheets.

Still, I couldn’t tear my gaze from the face on the balcony.

“Whatwhat… It’s really!”


While thinking that, I finally reached the balcony on the lower floor.

Repeating this three times more was hopeless.

“It required so much effort…”

I opened the door to the balcony.

“Excuse me…”

I went inside slowly.

I had a survival knife in my hand.

“Is there anyone here…?”

No one answered.

There was no sign of the strange people being here.


First of all, piling up tables and chairs in front of the door to make a barricade.

“Well then, sheets…sheets…”

It would be troublesome to look for something substituting a rope for every single floor.

However, in return for my life, I had no choice.

Sliding the fusuma1 to the side, I opened the path to the bedroom.


There, the corpses of the family living here were.

The person, who probably was the father, was clutching a kitchen knife, which was coldly piercing his own heart.

And the mother and sisters had died from being stabbed several times.

Slightly protruding eyes were staring at me.

“Ugh! Urghhh! Gargh!”

I unconsciously threw up from the too gruesome scene and the bad smell.

However, I had to make a rope from the bloodstained sheets.

It caused acid to come up my mouth, but I somehow withstood it and took the sheets.

And then, I hung it from the balcony and once again slowly went down.


A gust of wind blew, and I swayed from right to left.


I clung to the rope desperately and somehow withstood the force.

Relieved, I went down to the balcony on the floor below.


Inside, a strange girl was there, approaching where I was.

However, I had to go inside to find something to make a rope from.

“I have no choice but to fight, huh…?”

I assumed a stance with the survival knife.

The strange person started hitting the glass.

It quickly got cracked.

“I-if you come here, I’ll do it!”

I kicked the glass window with all my strength.


The strange person blew away backwards.

However, it soon stood up again.

It was really like a zombie.

No, it probably was a zombie.

“If you’re going to come, then come! Zombie son of a bitch! …Oh, not a son, huh…”

The zombie walked towards me with both its hands reaching out.

“T-this is legitimate self-defense!“

I slashed its arm with the knife.

However, it wasn’t really effective.

“Can’t you feel any pain!?”

Flustered, I moved to the opposite side of a table.

By doing that, the zombie tried to walk forward, pushing the table.

“Are you stupid?”

No matter how long, I kept acting recklessly.

The being advancing towards me with a cloudy vision was a real zombie.

Since the table wasn’t that big, I stuck the knife out as long as I could and aimed at the heart.


Aiming the survival knife at the heart, I pierced it.

“Aa…? Ueee.”

“It didn’t work!?”

This meant the heart wasn’t functioning.

Just like a zombie.

Quickly pulling out the knife, I thought for a moment.

(A place besides the heart that was vital… The brain?)

First, practice.

I disorderly slashed at its face with the knife.

The face was gradually being gouged out and couldn’t hold up its original form.

I felt sick from the mucus gathering on the bloodstained handle.

Still, this was practice.

“Hurry and die! Diedie!”

Still, I was aware of the current situation.

(Huh? Do I cut the skull with the knife?)

Would the blade break before I manage to cut it…

Halting my hand holding the knife, I held it upright, and reached it out, aiming at the neck.


There was a weird sensation as I stuck the knife in the neck.


I angled the knife diagonally upwards and pushed it.

By doing that, the zombie trembled, and then stopped moving.

“As I thought, the brain is their weakness… No, the spinal cord, huh… Probably both. Yeah, there’s no mistaking it.”

While making a rash assumption, I started looking for material for the next rope…

  1. Japanese sliding door

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