Never Meeting Again in Our Next Lives

Chapter 2 - White Moonlight

By the time Song Yan got home, it was already the second day.

He had given Xia Lin a day to pack up his things and scram. Indeed, he did end up waiting a full 24 hours before heading home.

The house was different from when he had left. The windows looked spick and span, even the shoes he had messily kicked around were placed in the shoe cabinet neatly in pairs.

— It was as if it was just like any other day after coming home from work.

Song Yan’s first reaction was, ‘It couldn’t be that Xia Lin hasn’t left? Things are like this and he still has the audacity to stay?”

He rushed into the bedroom to catch someone, only to find that there wasn’t a trace of Xia Lin insight.

He went to a different room and it was the same.

This normal residential apartment with two bedrooms and one living room was not all that big. One could easily see the whole apartment at a glance hence it was difficult to hide someone.

He returned to his bedroom and found the closet half empty. Xia Lin’s clothes were already gone without a trace.

It was only then that he truly believed Xia Lin had left.

He quietly exhaled before lighting a cigarette on habit before sliding down the closet to sit on the ground, his mood immeasurably complicated.

Before this, he was beyond incensed, so angry that he was about to lose his mind. Because of Xia Lin’s deception, he was not able to find Yu Luotong. These few years that he had lost with Yu Luotong resulted in them being completely removed from each other’s lives.

And so he naturally took out all his rage on Xia Lin. He has to pay the price for his actions.

But to say that he had zero feelings for Xia Lin after living together with him for so long, would be a lie.

His heart did clench when he gave Xia Lin that slap.

However, he quickly reminded himself that he shouldn’t be soft-hearted about this. He shouldn’t compromise nor should he forgive.

He knew Xia Lin loved him deeply and was willing to do anything for him, so the biggest punishment for him will be to order Xia Lin to disappear from his sight, never to see him again.

And he indeed did just that, Xia Lin had obediently left this house, bringing with him all his belongings. He had left so cleanly that it ended up leaving a sense of desolation in his heart.

Actually, truth be told, Xia Lin was completely qualified as a long-term partner. He was able to take good care of himself, knew how to have fun in bed and was generally a carefree soul. So much so that in all these years, Song Yan had never been tempted to stray as the guy at home was already taking very good care of him in every way.

If it wasn’t for this matter, he most probably would have spent the rest of his life with Xia Lin.

But it was exactly because of this matter that he could not forgive Xia Lin. Yu Luotong was his bottom line and no one could make a fool out of him for it, not even Xia Lin.

He knew that he’ll take some time getting used to Xia Lin’s departure but that was fine, habits can be changed. He had gotten used to Xia Lin being in his life so he could also get used to Xia Lin being out of it.

He quietly finished smoking his cigarette before standing up and heading to the fridge to get a bottle of water.

What surprised him was the fact that every item in the fridge had a note on it, on the note was the item’s expiry date and things to note before eating it.

Xia Lin had always been a methodical and meticulous individual, so Song Yan was not surprised to see this extend to the items in the fridge as well.

If this was before, he would have laughed it off and not think too much about it. But with how things are now, these actions are tantamount to Xia Lin’s last-ditch efforts to keep him in his life.

“Thinking of using this to win me back? Forget about it.” Song Yan coldly laughed before tearing off the notes and throwing them into the bin.

That night, Song Yan who did not know how to cook was not able to eat dinner like he usually would. He could only order takeout using an app.

As he was eating his takeout, he received a text message on Weixin, “Yan-ge, I’m in B City. Are you free tonight for a drink?”

The sender was Yu Luotong who he had just added as a friend.

Song Yan’s eyes brightened and he could not stop the happiness that bubbled in his chest. He immediately replied, “Okay, where are you? Send your location to me.”

He swiftly took his care keys and headed out, not bothering about his half-eaten dinner anymore.

The location Yu Luotong sent him was to a gay bar in the city’s centre, called ‘Midnight Flight’.

That bar was one that everyone in the gay circle that lived around the area knew about. Song Yan and Xia Lin used to go there a few times, hence it did not take long for him to find the bar.

The bar’s owner was a gentleman who designed the bar into a very relaxed and cozy space.

The moment Song Yan stepped in, he saw Yu Luotong who was facing the door wave towards him with a smile, “Yan-ge, over here.”

He smiled and quickly made his way over.

But he had only taken a few steps before the smile on his face froze.

By Yu Luotong’s left was a tall man that looked to be about the same age as him. The both of them were sitting very intimately, with the man even holding onto one of Yu Luotong’s hand and rubbing it unconsciously.

一 This definitely was not something a normal friend would do. It couldn’t be that this man is Luotong’s...

Song Yan’s gaze shifted to that man’s face, just as he was raising his eyes to look at him.

The instant the two eyes met, they could sense the other’s hostility.

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