My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World

Chapter 20: The Daily Life of Face-slapping x 1

That person’s face went blank for a moment.

After a while, he gritted, “Long! Ri! Tian!”

Jing Yue, “Do we know each other?”

Liang Yuan & Shi Nian & Yu Xiaobao, “…”

Long Ritian’s eyes went dark as if a storm was brewing. “That’s enough! All the humiliation you gave me the other day, I’ll return them all today!”

“Ahahahaha… Did I hear it correctly? Long Ritian!? You offended someone by that name?” Blue phoenix nearly went mad with shock. “Could it be… you are actually a cannon fodder?”

Jing Yue, “…”

He had already guessed that the words ‘Long Ri Tian’ held a special meaning for Ji-ji, so there was no fluctuation in his heart when he said solemnly, “It’s not too late for you to switch sides now.”

Blue phoenix froze. “No! I’ll not abandon or give up on you! Hmph! I have reminded you long ago not to erect that sort of inauspicious FLAG! You, you… you’re the death of me!”

What was Fu-LA-Ge? Jing Yue could not be bothered to ask Ji-ji.

(TN: FLAG was spoken by Ji-ji in English. Similar to setting a New Year’s resolution that can never be achieved, ‘erecting a flag’ is like jinxing it right from the start.)

Of course he remembered who Long Ritian was, but he deliberately annoyed him since the other party was clearly gearing up for a fight.

Long Ritian glared at him and turned to the young man who had been silent next to him. “Brother, this is him.”

That person nodded slightly. Jing Yue noticed that the other person was a Level 6 Qi Refining cultivator.

Two primary disciples from the inner gates… that was wonderful. But clearly, they were not the sharpest tools in the shed. Jing Yue was distressed.

Long Ritian, “Aren’t you very strong? My brother has returned from his training and wants to spar with you.”

Shi Nian stood out. “Frostcloud Sect prohibits private duels. Do you want to be expelled from the sect?”

“Private duel?” Long Ritian laughed aloud. “It’s just internal sparring. I heard Jing-shidi is very good at swordplay and my brother has admired him for a long time. Can’t we ask him for some pointers? Besides, we have not reached the gates of the sect yet, so this is still considered outside of the sect.”

Yu Xiaobao, “You… you’re twisting the facts! Aren’t you afraid that Wu Chen-zhenren will pursue this matter?”

Long Ritian, “What has that got to do with you? I’m only here for Jing Shan today. Any unrelated persons can leave now, otherwise…”

He snickered, “My brother’s sword doesn’t have eyes!”

As for Wu Chen-zhenren, he had inquired that since the Zhenren returned to the sect, he had been in secluded meditation. During this time, he had never summoned for Jing Shan nor asked others to take care of him, which showed that the relationship between the two was not close.

Besides, there were no outsiders around and he just wanted Jing Shan to suffer a little. Would the few cowards in front of him dare to lodge a complaint about such a small matter? Even if they did, they had to be able to meet Wu Chen-zhenren first.

Liang Yuan, who had kept silent all this while, said abruptly, “A-nian, Xiaobao, we should leave first.”

The two who were named exchanged a glance and hesitated.

After all, they really could not do much when faced with an opponent of level 6 Qi Refining and may even incur his wrath. Besides, Long Ritian would not dare to go too far… maybe?

The two looked at Jing Shan in unison, but when their eyes met, they averted their gazes guiltily.

“Uh, we’ll return to the sect and find a Shixiong to help you.” Yu Xiaobao’s eyes were stuck firmly on the ground as if some sort of valuable treasure grew there.

Liang Yuan glanced expressionlessly at Jing Yue and patted Yu Xiaobao on his back. “Move.”

As the figures of the three drifted away, Long Ritian scoffed, “The Civilian faction is just a group of cowards. What a bunch of insects.”

His brother laughed in disdain.

“Traitors!” The blue phoenix clawed at Jing Yue’s hair furiously. “Jing-jing, wait for me, Ji-ji will chase them back!”

And it quickly flapped its little wings and flew away…

Jing Yue, “…”

Did it not just say it would not abandon or give up on him??

Long Ritian, “Haha, how does it feel like to be abandoned by your comrades?”

Jing Yue did not reply. His gaze fell behind Long Ritian, and then he smiled.

It was a genuinely happy smile.

Long Ritian was stunned, and felt that this ordinary-looking boy was suddenly a little good-looking now? When he reflexively turned around, he saw that one of the insects he mentioned had returned.

Shi Nian had followed Liang Yuan for a short distance before he felt a tug at his heart and his footsteps became heavier and heavier. Guilt gnawed at him and shame permeated him. Shi Nian halted, took a deep breath, turned around and headed back.

At that very moment, he felt extremely relaxed.

After Shi Nian, it was Yu Xiaobao’s turn. He grabbed Liang Yuan’s grey sleeves with his chubby hands, lowered his head and bit his lips silently. Yu Xiaobao could not see Liang Yuan’s expression and expected that it would not look good, but he felt Liang Yuan’s footsteps getting slower and slower, yet Yu Xiaobao clearly did not exert any effort in holding Liang Yuan back.


Yu Xiaobao felt his hand being grabbed, and Liang Yuan put his other hand on his head, leading him to turn around.

Very soon, all of them stood at Jing Yue’s side.

Long Ritian, “Oh, is this a show of brotherly love?”

His brother was also caught by surprise, but he was not too concerned as he said arrogantly, “One insect is no different from four insects.”

Jing Yue just said to his roommates, “Stand back, all of you.”

Yu Xiaobao, “But…”

“Trust me, I can handle it,” Jing said sincerely, “Thank you.”

Liang Yuan turned his head away awkwardly. “What’s to thank? I just can’t stand you being so full of yourself.”

Long Ritian, “Stop being so wishy-washy and come at us together!”

Jing Yue ignored him and approached the elder brother instead. “Shixiong, may I ask for your name?”

“Long Ridi.”

Jing Yue, “…”

“You’re finished! You’ve actually offended Ri Tian and Ri Di!”

Although blue phoenix had gone into hiding, it was not too far away, and at this time, it refused to let go of Jing Yue. “Wait a minute, why is the younger brother named Ritian and the older brother Ridi? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”


(TN: As mentioned in the earlier chapter about Long Ritian, Long Ridi龙日地is modern slang for ‘dragon f*cking Earth’. The phrase being Tian Di 天地 aka Heaven & Earth, under normal circumstances, the older son should be named Tian and the younger son Di, but in this case, it’s the other way around, thus the question from Ji-ji.)

Jing Yue calmed his mind and said, “Long-shixiong, I can see that your forehead is dark, and that is a sure sign that you’re in bad luck today.”

Long Ridi chuckled, “You think?”

Suddenly, an ominous warning welled up in his heart and he instinctively dodged to one side. As soon as he jumped into the air, however, the muted cry of a sword could be heard, closely followed by an overwhelming pressure that swept over him like a huge wave beating against a mountain, and he felt as if he had been shattered into pieces!

Long Ridi fell from mid-air and crashed heavily into the ground and with him in the center, a deep pit of one-mile radius spread around him.

From the beginning until the very end, everyone was dumbfounded as the events unfolded.

They only saw the boundary stone that had stood at the entrance of the Frostcloud Sect for the past ten thousand years, but they did not know why it came alive.

A fine gravel of little pebbles flowed down from the surface of the ginormous rock as if it was shaking off the dust that had accumulated for the last thousands of years. The three words of ‘Han Yun Zong’ that were engraved by the hands of Daoist-Master Jing Yuan had suddenly shone with a brilliant light and produced a sword Qi that shot directly at Long Ridi!

An illusion?

At that moment, everyone could hardly believe their eyes.

Except for Jing Yue.

Just now, he had released a shred of divine consciousness and activated the sword formation on the boundary stone, which contained the brand of his divine consciousness, so naturally, he could control it easily.

Every single entity in the Frostcloud Sect including flowers, grass, trees, or plants, as long as he wanted to, he could wield as he pleased.

Because he was the creator, so he was the God here!

Jing Yue pretended to be as surprised as everyone else. He walked up to the side of the pit, squatted down and lamented, “My predictions have always been very accurate. Why don’t you believe me?”

The disheveled Long Ridi, “…”

Suddenly, an angry shout was heard. “Who dares to come to the Frostcloud Sect and…”

Jing Yue lifted his head and saw two enforcers with tokens in their hands approaching. At first, their aggressive demeanor was quite apparent, but as they laid eyes on the huge crater on the ground, it dissipated like a deflating balloon.

The enforcers staggered at the sight, their gazes moving back and forth between the pit and the people present. They simply could not believe that the hole was created by a few disciples of Qi Refining stage.

Jing Yue stood up and said, “Enforcers, Long-shixiong who was in the pit wanted to spar with us, but for some reason, the boundary stone suddenly launched a sword Qi at him. It did not hurt him, but the pit was blown up on the ground.”

Enforcer, “Is that true?”

The rest of the people returned to their senses at this moment, and thought that there was nothing wrong with Jing Shan’s words?  Even though they had doubts about Jing Shan at first, they quickly overruled that suspicion in the next instant.

How could a level 1 Qi Refining disciple activate the boundary stone?

Even Long Ritian could not refute this point.

Upon seeing this, the enforcers were at a loss. However, they had had some experience managing weird occurrences at Frostcloud Sect in the past one year. As for the sword Qi, why did it not hurt anyone? Perhaps it could tell that the person in the pit was a disciple of Frostcloud Sect?

The two enforcers wanted to rush back to report this matter to the sect but did not want to let go of the troublemakers too.

A spar? How could they not be aware of the implications? Besides, the two enforcers belonged to the Noble faction, so if they could inconvenience the Primary faction and Civilian faction, why not?

Enforcers, “You’ve indiscriminately destroyed the flowers and plants outside the mountain gates. The punishment is a deduction of half a years’ worth of cultivation resources. After this, you may go to the Hall of Discipline to receive your punishment!”

Jing Yue, “…” Since when had the Frostcloud Sect become so perfunctory now?

No matter how aggrieved they felt, they could only accept the orders for now, and the two brothers who were the catalyst of this event were so angry that they almost spat a mouthful of blood.

After the enforcers had left, Jing Yue glanced at Long Ridi with pity in his eyes and said mournfully, “It’s all my fault for being so shallow in my studies that I didn’t predict that you’re a jinx! It’s fine for you to be unlucky on your own, but why did you involve us too!”

The Long Ridi who was currently in pain, “…”

What the hell did he come here for today?

The moon hung high in the sky when Jing Yue and his roommates finally returned to the dorm.

They sat on their respective beds in silence. Except for Jing Yue, the others were still in shock.

After a long while, Yu Xiaobao said bitterly, “What are we going to do? We won’t receive any resources for half a year. If only the spirit-stones were deducted, that’s still fine, but if the pills are stopped, what’s going to happen to my cultivation?”

Shi Nian and Liang Yuan were equally worried.

Jing Yue, “It’s not good to rely on pills anyway, so it’s not such a big loss.”

Liang Yuan, “Hmph, of course you’re taking it lightly. With your talents, clearly you don’t need to rely on any pills, but if we don’t rely on the pills to enhance our practice, our cultivation progress will be greatly impeded.”

Jing Yue was bewildered. “Don’t you know? Before the Yao Catalyst, all the great sects won’t allow their disciples to consume any pills or elixirs. Even a premium-quality pill will leave detritus deposits. The more detritus accumulates in the body, the greater the hindrance to your cultivation progress. It is also extremely difficult to expunge from the body, causing endless troubles in the future.”

Yu Xiaobao slapped his thigh. “No wonder you don’t put up any fight when people rob you of your resources every time! I thought you were just being stupid and cowardly!”

Jing Yue, “…”

Shi Nian, “I do get what you’re trying to say, but everyone is taking pills, even the Zhenren practice this way. If we don’t, how can we keep up?”

Seeing that both Liang Yuan and Yu Xiaobao agreed with Shi Nian’s words, Jing Yue had no choice but to pull the wool over their eyes. “Daoist-Master Jing Yuan once said, cultivating Dao is cultivating the heart. You must be determined if you want to pursue the path of Dao. Seeing your reflection through the eyes of others doesn’t mean comparing yourself with others. The point is to look at yourself. What I am cultivating am me, the true self, and anything else other than me is void.”

“I cultivate my Dao, my path. There is no need to compare with anyone, and no need to receive comments from anyone!”

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