Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2000: Master, please step up (Part 37)

“This math test wasn’t hard, our class average was one hundred and ten.  The highest mark was one hundred and thirty eight, which was our math class representative, classmate Luo Qing Chen.”  Gong Mu Bai said, “There were no blanks other than the two big questions and all the answers were correct.”

“Pa, pa, pa, pa, pa!”  There was a burst of warm applause followed by looks of admiration.

“So powerful……Qing Chen could still get it right even though she wasn’t feeling well yesterday!”

“I feel that although our class representative always had good grade, it was never this good.”

“Perhaps the grades will increase if the teacher is handsome!  I got ten more points compared to before!”

“That’s right!”


Maybe it was because everyone was working for the same goal that there weren’t any jealous or suspicious classmates, this was the luckiest thing about being an eighteen year old student.

“There were also three people who failed this time, with the lowest score being eighty five.”  Gong Mu Bai looked into a corner not far away with a provocative look, “Classmate Guan Zi Yang, you should spend more time on your studies in the future.  There’s no need to act ‘righteous’ in the future.”

Everyone turned to look at Guan Zi Yang.  His face turned red and he clenched his fists as he lowered his head in shame.

Unwillingness spread through his heart.  He hated this teacher a bit because he felt that not only did he not get to impress his goddess, he was even being shamed like this.

He would find a chance to get revenge.

There were no classes in the afternoon, so Luo Qing Chen bought a large cup of milk tea before heading home to log onto the game.

Gong Mu Bai wasn’t online, he should be checking homework or preparing his lessons in the office.

When she opened the arena and was prepared to kill in all directions, there was a private message that came up.

When she opened it, she saw that it was from her apprentice that she hadn’t talked to in two days.

[DM] White Clothes like the Beginning: Master is online this early?

Luo Qing Chen checked his equipment out of habit.  His battle power didn’t improve and his equipment was still bad.

Didn’t he win a lot of Cloud Coins the other day?  Why didn’t he get some equipment?

[DM] Summer: Un!  There’s no class in the afternoon.

[DM] White Clothes like the Beginning: Shouldn’t you rest if you don’t have class?  =。=

[DM] Summer: Why are you like a teacher!  I told me contracted that my apprentice told me that I could kill in all directions!”

A long time passed after Luo Qing Chen sent this and the other side didn’t reply.  When she was about to enter the arena, there was a ‘di, di, di’ sound of a private message.

[DM] White Clothes like the Beginning: Master, how is it being the contracted of great god Admiring the Moon?  0.0

Luo Qing Chen sitting in front of the computer was surprised before doubtfully writing something.

[DM] Summer: Are you a man or a woman!  Speak, do you want to be the contracted of the great god!

The other side didn’t reply for a long time after she sent this.

When she finished an arena match, her apprentice finally replied with one word.

[DM] White Clothes like the Beginning: Male.

[DM] Summer: Then do you like boys or girls?  ヾ(^^ゞ

Luo Qing Chen added a cute emote to help relieve her disciple’s strange coldness!

[DM] White Clothes like the Beginning: I like you!




What was with this apprentice?  He wanted to be on top?  His equipment was so bad, wouldn’t he be beaten to death by the great god?

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