Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2003: Master, please step up (Part 40)

[DM] Summer: Alright!  I’ll forgive you!  Who told you to be my contracted!

When Gong Mu Bai revealed a smile and thought that this matter was resolved, Luo Qing Chen didn’t forget to add a sentence.

[DM] Summer: Part time math teacher!

[DM] Admiring the Moon: ……

[DM] Summer: Teacher, I’m going to sleep!  I have two math classes in the morning!

Luo Qing Chen revealed a smile when she typed this and she felt very happy deep down.

Be naughty, be naughty!  Secretly using a smurf to call her master, so now she would call him math teacher.

[DM] Admiring the Moon: Qing Chen, you……are you happy being naughty like this?!

[DM] Summer: I am!  Good night, teacher!

Before Gong Mu Bai could answer, Luo Qing Chen quickly closed the game and felt very happy about it!

She was happy that other than making Gong Mu Bai helpless, the more important thing was that——

In this game, the one who was by her side the entire time was the same when everyone had looked down on her.

This person had been with her, protected her, supported her, and gave her the greatest warmth in the game with another method.

She never thought that her math teacher was this kind of person.  After washing up and climbing into her warm bed, it didn’t take her long before she entered the land of dreams.

As a third year high school student, as long as your head touched the pillow, you would fall asleep.

At the same time, in Fighting the World Together.

After losing in both the league and the territory battle, there were many high level members who left.  The guild leader tried their best to keep them there, but he couldn’t do it.

The three plastic sisters were still as arrogant as always, but their doubts between each other were being revealed more and more.

Cute Darling said in YY with a shy voice, “Sisters, you don’t know how good Sun’s voice is.  I always fall asleep to his voice every night.”

There were only three of them in the room and Cute Darling had said this many times.

Sweetheart Darling and Fairy Darling were a bit annoyed.  Sweetheart Darling curled her lips as she said, “The voices on the internet aren’t real.  If you heard the voice of my boyfriend, you would know what a real good voice sounds like.”

Cute Darling sitting in front of the computer rolled her eyes and said in a displeased voice, “We are friends in game, let’s not talk about reality.  A boyfriend is something that I don’t want to look for, otherwise who knows how many people would line up for that position!”

“Cute!”  Sweetheart Darling gave a cold snort, “Your contracted doesn’t even have any face recently, your face isn’t red saying this?”

“What is there to be embarrassed about!  Anyway, Sun and I like each other, there is no third person unlike you Sweetheart.  You have a boyfriend in real life and you still like god Admiring the Moon in the game!”

“You……”  Xia Tian Xin gritted her teeth and angrily said in YY, “What do you mean?”

“Aiyo, stop arguing?  Aren’t we the cute girl trio?”  Fairy Darling saw that something was off and quickly tried to defuse the situation, “Why are you fighting with each other because of men?”

Xia Tian Xin gave a shrug, “Aren’t I trying to persuade Cute?  The game is a game and reality is reality.  If you have time to talk to man in the game all day, you might as well find a boyfriend in real life!  Not understanding anything and showing off all day in the game!”

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