Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2007: Master, please step up (Part 44)

But being in the same room would let him take advantage of some chances.

For example, he wanted to take the chance of Xia Tian Xin going to the washroom to follow Luo Qing Chen and create a chance for himself.

He never thought that after she went home to change, she got into…..the math teacher Gong Mu Bai’s car.

This was his first time seeing her wear casual clothes.  That big red sweater with that short plaid skirt, along with her slightly curled hair, made her look very cute.

But she was with Gong Mu Bai?

It was no wonder Gong Mu Bai insisted on sending her to the infirmary that day.  He was pretending to be a teacher who cared about his students, but he was nothing more than a wolf!

It turned out that Gong Mu Bai was the old cow that wanted to eat fresh grass!

He and this math teacher came to Forgotten River on the same day, but the treatment they received were completely different.

He had finally found an opportunity!  Student and teacher love, it was a forbidden love!

He took his phone and quickly took a few pictures before calling a taxi to follow them.

Luo Qing Chen who was sitting in Gong Mu Bai’s Maserati was feeling strangely nervous.

“It’s just a dinner party, what are you nervous about?”  Gong Mu Bai revealed a faint smile as his eyes were filled with pampering love.

“For me to appear at your friend’s party like this, it would be strange if I wasn’t nervous.”  Luo Qing Chen put her chin on her right hand as she looked out the window, “Am I being too formal wearing this?”

“No.”  He said with a smile, “I think that they will definitely like it.”

“You’re just saying nice things.”  Luo Qing Chen looked at the large red sweater she was wearing and helplessly said, “I should have worn black to look more mature……”

Without knowing why, although there were only a difference of three years between her and Gong Mu Bai, she felt that she was a little girl and that he was an adult.

This kind of ‘student teacher relationship’ made her really want to grow up.

“It’s all the same.”  Gong Mu Bai gave a chuckle before parking the Maserati in front of the Royal Hotel.

This was the best ranked hotel in A City, the people who could eat here were all rich and famous.

There was a taxi following Gong Mu Bai’s Maserati.  When Guan Zi Yang got out, he used his phone to take a few pictures.  The lighting outside the hotel was very bright, so the pictures were very clear and well lit.

Seeing that they were going into the hotel, Guan Zi Yang wanted to follow them, but he never thought that the security guards at the door would stop him.

“Hello, this……mister, do you have an invitation?”  The security guard at the door looked him over.  Seeing his round face, his worn out sneakers, and his school uniform, he looked down on him.

But as a security guard for a five star restaurant, he still used the word ‘you’.

[TL Note: It’s the polite version of you 您, instead of the informal version 你]

“I just want to go in and take a few pictures.”  Guan Zi Yang was a bit nervous as he gritted his teeth to say, “It’s just a hotel, do you need an invitation to enter?”

“Humph!”  The security guard gave a cold snort, “It seems like you’re here to cause a scene!  Don’t you know where you are, you dare act audacious at the Royal Hotel!”

As soon as his voice fell, the four large men standing behind him carried Guan Zi Yang up and brought him to the side before throwing him away.

There was a scream and a moan that came from outside the hotel.

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