Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2013: Master, please step up (Part 50)


He, he, he, he, he, she was someone who liked to do things openly.  Secretly taking photos like this, what kind of a man was he!

This feeling of being able to fight, she was open and fearless.

——You Are My Sunshine: Qing Chen, you have to think this through.  If I send these photos, who would be the first one to suffer from this?

Guan Zi Yang sitting in front of the computer clenched his fist.  Why, why was the other side so calm?

This was a ‘student and teacher relationship’!  As the math teacher, he got together with the math class representative, how ugly did that sound?

——Qing Qing Qing Qing: Release any HD photos you have, it’s my loss if I even take a single step back.

After sending this, Luo Qing Chen deleted the entry in her phone and directly blocked Guan Zi Yang’s phone number.

There was some gossip in the game that she didn’t want to ruin that fast.  Since he didn’t want to play, then she wouldn’t hold back!

The triangle relationship between the ‘plastic sisters’ and ‘Sun God’, she would definitely drag it out into the sun.

She didn’t go to class that afternoon, she stayed home making a powerpoint that was about Xia Tian Xin (Sweetheart Darling) and Cute Darling.

It had to be said, this complicated relationship when put on a diagram was a bit hard to understand.

After all, the story between them was just too ugly!


There were two math classes in the afternoon, Gong Mu Bai had fully used ‘seeking public vengeance for a private grudge’.  As long as it was a complicated question, he would ask him and he kept asking him.

Guan Zi Yang was filled with rage and he tightly clenched that black envelope in his hand.

Be arrogant!  He wants to see if he could still be arrogant in a few hours!  When he got home after class, he would tell the story of Luo Qing Chen and Gong Mu Bai, as well as adding some things to the story to make it even more vivid.

As for Gong Mu Bai, he naturally saw the post on the forum.  After all, there were some people that had guessed and there were quite a few of these people.

It should be because his Maserati was too conspicuous and they quickly got an answer using the process of elimination.

This process could also be applied to the person who sent this post.  As long as he found the IP, he would know that the person who sent this was Guan Zi Yang, even if he went to an internet cafe.

Since he wanted to play with him, he would be happy to play to the end.

Anyway, he wasn’t just a handsome scholar, but rather he was a proud person who had a strong possessiveness.

Although in his eyes, whether it was in terms of looks, family background, or money, Guan Zi Yang couldn’t compare to him.

He didn’t like him because he had grudges with every person that liked Luo Qing Chen, without exception!

Of course, Guan Zi Yang had the advantage when it came to age, but in his eyes, what if he was Luo Qing Chen’s teacher?  Because he was older, he had experienced more things than her.

He would let her take less detours in life or even not take any detours, this is where he matched her.

Guan Zi Yang just stood there for the two math classes clenching his fists as his eyes filled with rage.

He didn’t care anymore, it didn’t matter if he could get Luo Qing Chen or not, he would completely ruin Gong Mu Bai.

As a teacher, he actually brought a student to a hotel.  If Luo Qing Chen’s parents knew about this, there would definitely be a good show!

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