Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2016: Master, please step up (Part 53)

“Ai, why are your words so crass?”  Xia Tian Xin angrily stood up and slapped the table, “Do you have the guts to say that to this old lady again?”

“What?  You want to fight?”  The male student called Lin Xiao Xiao said, “I urge you to restrain yourself as a new student, there’s no one in this class that will help you!”

Lin Xiao Xiao stood in front of Cheng Xing Xing and Luo Qing Chen when he said this, looking at her with an angry look.

“What, don’t you think that it’s shameful for a student and teacher to have a relationship?”  Guan Zi Yang couldn’t sit still.  He thought that exposing them would make everyone turn on Luo Qing Chen.

The other students in the class would look down on her and condemn her.  She would definitely regret it and become his girlfriend.

How he wanted to see her look of regret, only then would his heart be satisfied.

“Actually, I was just a bit surprised, it wasn’t that shameless at all!”  A silent classmate, a girl with black glasses who sat in the front row stood up and looked at Guan Zi Yang to say, “Not to mention that I don’t think that it’s that big of a deal.”

“I agree!  Moreover, Qing Chen and I have been in the same class for three years, but she never had a boyfriend.  It’s normal to get together when she meets someone that she likes.”

“Qing Chen, don’t worry!  We all support you, no one in class one will blame you.”

“I heard two girls talking about Qing Chen when I came through the gates this morning and I told them off…..They should mind their own business!”

“I also support Qing Chen, Qing Chen’s eyes are the best!”  Another girl patted her chest and said with a smile, “If teacher Gong likes me, I wouldn’t mind being in a relationship with him either!  Anyway, we’re about to go to university soon and university is heaven for dating!”


Actually, Luo Qing Chen couldn’t stop her nose from becoming stuff as she almost let a tear out.

Whenever something like this happened, all the students would want to laugh at her and see her fall into an abyss so that she could never stand up again.

She would always stand at the center of attention and become her own hero every time.

But this time, not only did her classmates not blame her, they all protected her.

This feeling was like a warm current that entered her heart bit by bit.

This deep feeling in her heart couldn’t be described in words.

“You all…..Are you all sick!”  Guan Zi Yang bit his lip and looked at them with bloodshot eyes, “Even if you protect her, so what?  The school won’t allow something like this to happen, that math teacher will definitely be fired.”

Guan Zi Yang couldn’t believe that not only would he not get support, everyone in the class would attack him.

He wasn’t willing, based on what?  How could a relationship between a student and teacher not be criticized and a righteous person like him who exposed the ‘scandal’ be criticized like this?

“Teacher Gong won’t be fired, you can’t make that decision.”  Luo QIng Chen looked at the clock and said, “Everything will come to an end soon.”

“Impossible!  If a teacher like Gong Mu Bai can still teach at Forgotten River High School, I, Guan Zi Yang will write my name backwards!”  Guan Zi Yang angrily roared out before charging out the door.

He couldn’t lose, he had to strike first.  Since no one here supported him, he would have everyone else in Forgotten River High School stand with him.

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