Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2018: Master, please step up (Part 55)

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 90%.]

Gong Mu Bai sitting in the boardroom was very happy!

Luo Qing Chen could see the stiffness in Guan Zi Yang’s expression, turning blue and white as shock filled his face.

After all, he wasn’t a fool and he could understand what Luo Qing Chen meant even with a tiny bit of intelligence.

“To be fair, seeing your look of disbelief, I feel very comfortable.”  Luo Qing Chen looked up and said, “Right, I had Xing Xing make a post for me, so the interested people can go take a look.”

She paused before revealing a faint smile, “After reading it, you should know just how……nosy classmate Guan Zi Yang is.”

The whole school listening to the broadcast took out their phones to check the school forum.

The top post was titled: With my surname, with your name.

Opening it would show two red forms which had their wedding photo on it.

Then there were a few photos of their two families celebrating her birthday at the Royal Hotel.  The two families looked very happy together.

Then there were a few words added on.

For the person who sent the story about classmate Luo Qing Chen and teacher Gong Mu Bai’s student teacher relationship, this poster wants to say: Their parents are the matchmakers, the premise is that they are willing to sign a contract to be together forever.

As for you, does your family live by the seashore?!

[TL Note: It’s an idiom for being nosy]

As soon as the post was sent, there was no criticism from the commenters.

After all, this was someone else’s family!  They were legally husband and wife, so why would there be any blame!

I Love Studying: I want to say something about the last post, was the poster the boy who was in the broadcast just now!?

Cloud in the Sky: Definitely!  He probably can’t stand other people’s happiness since he’s living in a dark world, truly disgusting!

Buried Love: Ai!  Perhaps he couldn't get what he wanted and he turned dark!

Can’t Wait For the Past: The above commenter’s name is 666!  But I also feel the same.  The envious girls in front, the male lead is too handsome!


Luo Qing Chen standing in the broadcast room gave a shrug and shook the mic in her hand as she walked away with a victorious look.  She left behind a Guan Zi Yang who was stunned and couldn’t stand up straight.

How could this be possible?  How could they be married?  He didn’t believe, he didn’t believe, he didn’t believe!


That night, Guan Zi Yang got onto the game and sent several horns, showing his anger and ridicule in his words.

[Horn] Sun God: Thinking about it, the game is better and real life is truly fake.

[Horn] Sun God: Do you know?  Our school had a relationship between student and teacher.  Truly shameless, the two of them are both poor and they were cast aside by the students.

[World] A Small Bear: Oh?  Does the silent Sun finally have some gossip?

[World] Sun God: No gossip, it just disgusts me.  Everyone in our class looks down on them and I felt they were shameless when I saw them.

Luo Qing Chen who was sitting in front of the computer saw Guan Zi Yang reversing the situation in the game while eating her chocolate cake.

It seemed like his mind was confused because of the anger from this morning’s incident and he was running into the game to change the script to give himself a sense of existence.

It’s a pity that Guan Zi Yang never would have thought that they played the same game.

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