Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2019: Master, please step up (Part 56)

This world was very big and some people might not meet in an entire lifetime.

But the world was also very small and some people were born to be nemeses.

Luo Qing Chen took a few sips of her milk tea and bought a set of horns from the store.  She decided to accompany Guan Zi Yang in the script that he wrote in his heart to the end.

[Horn] Summer: Student and teacher relationship?  Are you sure?

Luo Qing Chen’s horn being sent at this time completely angered Guan Zi Yang.  He was like a powder keg and Luo Qing Chen had decisively set him on fire.

[Horn] Sun God: What does it matter to you, you know nothing!

[Horn] Cute Darling: Husband, don’t talk to her, she just wants your attention!  I’ve seen plenty of women like this, they really are disgusting.

[Horn] Sun God: Thank you darling, I’m too lazy to talk to her.

Luo Qing Chen sitting in front of the computer revealed a smile as she quickly typed something on her keyboard.

[Horn] Summer: Guan Zi Yang, is Cute Darling your wife or Sweetheart Darling your wife?

It had to be said, Luo Qing Chen’s words made the silent world chat explode.

[World] Falling Happiness: Damn!  Why does Summer know Sun God’s name?  Could it be that they know each other in real life?

[World] Dove Chocolate: What I care about is the relationship between Cute Darling, Sweetheart Darling, and Sun God.

[Horn] Cute Darling: What nonsense are you saying?  Talking to yourself?  We sisters have a good relationship, we’re not like a certain someone who is jealous of someone else’s bond.

Luo Qing Chen let the world and horn chat turn into a sea of blood.  She didn’t say a thing because someone definitely wouldn’t take it and sent a horn before her.

[Horn] Sweetheart Darling: Guan Zi Yang?  You are Guan Zi Yang?  @Sun God?

[Horn] Cute Darling: Sweetheart, don’t listen to that evil person’s nonsense.  How could she possibly know Sun’s name?

[Horn] Sweetheart Darling: You shut up!  Am I asking you?  Sun God, are you Guan Zi Yang?

[Horn] Sun God: Who are you, being so fierce to my contracted?  Isn’t it because after she got me, you and Fairy look down on her?  Are you still sisters?  What else can you do other than being jealous?  Father is Guan Zi Yang, so what?

Although he didn’t know how this person named Summer in the game knew his real name, there was a flame raging inside of his heart and he wanted to vent whenever he saw anyone.

Not to mention that this person named Sweetheart Darling actually told his contracted to shut up, he couldn’t take this!

[Horn] Sweetheart Darling: Guan Zi Yang, do you know who I am?  I am your girlfriend!

When Xia Tian Xin said this, the world chat stopped for three seconds before it suddenly exploded.

[World] Snowflakes Falling To Become Frost: Damn!  I finally understand this situation!

[World] Hundred Dream Scholar: Come, come, come, let me summarize for everyone.  A certain Cute is Sun’s contracted in the game and a certain Sweetheart is Sun’s real life girlfriend, this kind of relationship really is rarely seen!

[Horn] Sweetheart Darling: What, why aren’t you saying anything?  Cute, you shameless girl, have I ever wronged you?  You even tried to become my boyfriend’s mistress in the game?

[Horn] Cute Darling: What mistress!  Sun never said that he had a girlfriend in real life, you must be mistaken!

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