Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2025: Side Story: If two people love each other, others can’t do a thing (Part 2)

But I never would have thought that not only would I be betting on the victory of the match, I would be betting on her.

Atop Sulan Bridge, there were countless people watching this account deleting duel.

She used less than a minute to beat her enemy.

During this time, her opponent wasn’t able to resist at all and she had used each skill perfectly, which was the skills of a great god.

The world fell into an uproar and even her opponent never thought that she would be defeated like this.

At this moment, I strangely felt like I wanted to…..get to know her again.

Later she fought a few more matches and no matter who the opponent was, their job, or their battle power, she didn’t lose.

Luo Qing Chen was dazzling at that moment, she was different from the Luo Qing Chen that I knew before.

She broke the contract with Sun God that night and left the guild.

I was following up on her the entire time, feeling very nervous.  I strangely expected her name to appear in the guild.

Because on this server, the only guild that could compete with Fighting the World Together was Drunken Dream Lazy Flower Wine.

I hoped that she would come and it was a strange feeling of hope.

No one knew just how excited I was the moment her name appeared in Drunken Dream.

I had never felt this emotion before, it could be considered, nervousness.

But there was no use being nervous because other than using the White Clothes like the Beginning account to call her master, I couldn’t talk to her with the Admiring the Moon account.

I needed a reason to add her as a friend, to get her WeChat information.

I had an epiphany at that moment, I suddenly remembered that she got a Wild Hero Spirit last night.

There were times where buying things were the best way to approach someone without making them suspicious.

The market price of the Wild Hero Spirit was nine thousand to ten thousand, she wouldn’t raise the price since I was a great god.

It was because of this that I was able to get her WeChat.

But I never expected the relationship between us to not be as simple as buyer and seller in the game.

It turned out that we met in real life.

And I had actually become her…..math teacher.

I had thought that this was a chance from god and if I didn’t grasp it, I would be letting myself down.

But when the opportunity came, it turned out that she was sick.

I was a bit annoyed.  Allergies were an important matter, but she had been that casual about it.

I felt that she was a bit immature in real life, completely different from that fearless appearance she had in the game.

I was already her contracted at that time.  I was desperate when I brought her to the land of contracts and had given it a try.

Because I didn’t like those people saying that she didn’t have a contracted.  In my eyes, there was no one in the game that could match her.

Un, other than me.

I thought that she didn’t know I was her teacher, but I never expected her to know before me.

I thought that this was fine later.  I wanted to make things clear, but she still wanted to be my contracted after she learned of this which meant that I still had a chance.

But this girl was very disobedient at times.  For example, logging in to fight in the territory battles even when she was sick.

Although I knew that Drunken Dream was able to keep Central State because she healed me.

In my eyes, her body was more important than anything.  It was the first time that I scolded her and I felt a bit of regret after scolding her……

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