Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2026: Side Story: If two people love each other, others can’t do a thing (Part 3)

It was probably because the feelings I had were getting harder to control or rather the feelings for her.

I couldn’t hold them back.  I couldn’t even wait for her to take the university exam or graduate before wanting to bring her to see my parents.

With a call, I learned that her father and my father were business partners.

I suddenly felt that this kind of family relationship was good.  I could openly hold her hand and take her to see my parents.

Also, see her parents.

On the way, she kept asking if her clothes were too childish or if she was too immature.

I was secretly laughing.  She thought that I was bringing her to see my friends, but it wasn’t like this.

When the door opened, I could see the shock and disbelief in her eyes.

Actually, I knew that I didn’t take into account her feelings, but I really couldn’t help but want to keep her by my side.

When I saw her embarrassed expression, I felt a bit lost.

I was afraid that she would be unhappy and even more afraid that she would reject this.

I never thought that she would look at me with a smile and agree like a child.

Seeing that smile, I wanted to take her in my embrace, but she was still a child.

Even if we got engaged, got a marriage license, she was still a child in my eyes.

A child that could be watched…..and not touched.

But I never thought that the relationship between us would be posted on the forum by someone with a plot.

Reading behind the lines, other than wanting to stand on the moral high ground, there was a bit of unwillingness and hatred.

For a math teacher, you can just use a hacking software and know who it was.

Guan Zi Yang, the one that had tried to court her in front of me before…..the love rival?

No, he couldn’t even be considered one since his appearance was far lacking.

She told me in game to leave this matter to her.  I wanted to use the power of my family to expel Guan Zi Yang, but I decided to trust my wife and let her show off.

As expected, she was more ruthless than me.

Not only did she tell all the students that we were a legally married couple, she even exposed Guan Zi Yan’s affairs in Heavenly Mandate.

I watched all of it and seeing my wife in all her splendor made me feel very proud.

Sometimes some friends would ask if I was greedy for novelty, always thinking that a relationship between a student and a teacher wasn’t a good thing.

But I didn’t think so.  I experienced more than her, so I could keep her from heading down detours in the future.

Student and teacher, it was just a title and didn’t matter when it came to love.

There were no taboos in this world, everyone had their own point of views, which could become taboo in time.

I loved her without fear of taboos.

After the university exam, she smoothly entered Forgotten River University.  On the first day, there were bold boys who confessed to her and I carefully recorded the names of these boys in my notebook.

No matter how good their grades were or how good their attendance, I would make them fail.

Un, I was just that willful!

She always said: Math teacher, this isn’t willful, this is black bellied.

I thought about it and it seemed like it was……

Actually, there was something I always wanted to ask her, but never had a chance.

Then I would say it now!

Wife, you are the best in this world!  If there is anyone better than you, I’ll act like I didn’t see it!

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 33/100]

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