Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2028: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (2)

When the memories entered her mind bit by bit, she could feel her eyes unconsciously turning red.

This was a sad story.  In the blooming city of Long Peace, a story of obsession was written.

The story was one where no one got what they wanted, all for their selfish love and constantly hurting others.

The one who was hurt the most was the previous host.  It could be said that in this story, the previous host was the female lead.

She was a poor person that no one loved.

The previous host was the daughter of the dynasty’s great scholar, known as the darling of royal historian Luo since she was young.

A famous woman who was knowledgeable and reasonable.

The supporting male lead Rong Mu Ling was the minister of affairs, being handsome and suave.  The supporting female lead Lan Ling Qian was a woman bought by the madame Rong Sheng from a brothel, living in the Rong Family for ten years.

Madame Rong never had a daughter, so Lan Ling Qian could be considered the young miss of the Rong Family.  The servants were polite to her and Rong Mu Ling was very good to her.

Only she always had a knot in her heart and this was why she became desperate later.

She and Rong Mu Ling had been childhood friends and Rong Mu Ling’s feelings for her had grown over the years.

If the two fell in love, this would be a beautiful story for the Rong Family, but Lan Ling Qian already had someone in her heart ten years ago.

That year, the Lan Family had been attacked by their enemies.  Their manor was burned down at night and everyone fell under their blades.

Only Lan Ling Qian had escaped and she kept running until she met a warm embrace.

She saw a youth in a black robe with hair tied up with a bamboo hairpin, giving off a different deer musk scent.  He looked cold and solemn.  His eyes were like cold stars that gave him a noble demeanor, making him look like one who ruled the entire world.

The enemies caught up, but the moment they saw this youth, they all bowed to him.

Lan Ling Qian would never forget that day.  The youth stood with his hands behind his back and he slightly narrowed his beautiful eyes.  With an ice cold voice, he slowly said a single word: Scram.

He looked no more than fifteen to sixteen, but the feeling he gave people was just that cold.

The people who had destroyed her whole family disappeared from in front of him and the youth turned to leave without saying a single word.

Only his appearance had been firmly engraved in her mind, never fading.

She always wanted to know who that youth was, but she never had that chance.  Until the gift year after entering the Rong Manor, she was invited to a feast at the palace and she saw him again.

The current crown prince, Feng Qian Che.

Lan Ling Qian was a very persistent person and she would always love someone if she fell in love with them.  The empty space in her heart had already been filled by Feng Qian Che who saved her ten years ago.

There was no way to put another person in, so no matter how good Rong Mu Ling was to her, she couldn’t accept him.

Actually, she knew that she couldn’t love him.

At the feast, she danced in her bright clothing, but she never caught the attention of Feng Qian Che.  Instead, she caught the attention of the empress.

The empress wasn’t Feng Qian Che’s biological mother, his biological mother had died the day he was born.

But the empress had very discerning eyes.  Lan Ling Qian had caught her eyes at the banquet and she could tell from her eyes that she wanted Feng Qian Che.

People would change once they wanted something.  If Lan Ling Qian wanted to be by Feng Qian Che’s side, she had to pay a price.

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