Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2029: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (3)

After the banquet, the empress kept Lan Ling Qian in the palace for a few days.

She very directly pierced through Lan Ling Qian’s thoughts and told her that she could help her.

But when Lan Ling Qian became the crown princess, she couldn’t forget her grace.

For Feng Qian Che, Lan Ling Qian agreed.

There were three forces in the Feng Dynasty other than the emperor.  It was the Luo Manor’s great scholar, Luo Sen, the minister of affairs Rong Lin, and the crown prince Feng Qian Che.

To avoid the crown prince Feng Qian Che from being threatened, the Luo and Rong Families couldn’t join hands.

The empress told her that if she could cause a divide between the Luo and Rong Families for Feng Qian Che, she would definitely receive the grace of the crown prince.

She believed this.

However, it wasn’t an easy task to cause a divide between the Luo and Rong Families.

Until the Luo Manor’s Luo Qing Chen became of age.  The Luo and Rong Families planned a marriage to strengthen their own power while also getting to know the character of each other’s children.

The elders of the two families thought that Rong Mu Ling and Luo Qing Chen would definitely be happy together.

The previous host thought the same.

When the previous host was young, she met Rong Mu Ling several times.  The two families were friends, so naturally they were close.

She didn’t fall in love with Rong Mu Ling at first sight, but she was envious of how Rong Mu Ling cared about Lan Ling Qian.

Or it was because Rong Mu Ling was too good to Lan Ling Qian.  When the two families had a meal together, he would always get soup for Lan Ling Qian, peel the shrimp for her, even putting her favourite dishes in front of her.

She envied Lan Ling Qian and admired this youth Rong Mu Ling.  When she came of age, she asked her mother why Rong Mu Ling hadn’t married Lan Ling Qian.

Her mother combed her hair as she said, “Because she is his little sister.”

The previous host believed her mother’s words and liked Rong Mu Ling even more.  Because he could be this good to his little sister, he would definitely be even better to his wife.

That night, the previous host was too happy to sleep.  When her mother saw her like this, she was a bit worried.

Actually, she had lied to her daughter.  The reason why Rong Mu Ling didn’t marry Lan Ling Qian wasn’t because Lan Ling Qian was his little sister, but because Lan Ling Qian had rejected his advances.

Rong Mu Ling couldn’t get the person he loved, so in order to help the Rong Family consolidate their power in court, he had no choice but to marry the Luo Family’s daughter.

That day, when the Rong Family was covered in red and the sounds of festivity spread through the city, she nervously sat in the red sedan covered in red while her heart filled with joy.

But this happiness didn’t last long.  On the night of the wedding, Rong Mu Ling didn’t come to their bridal chamber.

Instead he was in a study and in his stupor, he called the name of another girl, Lan Ling Qian.

For him, Lan Ling Qian was special.  He could never forget the stubborn look that she had on that day at the brothel.

She was different from other girls, not weak like the daughters of large families.  She always had a stubbornness in her that had attracted him.

He thought that she would be his wife when he grew up, but he never thought that she would tell him that she had another man in her heart.

“Who is that person?”  He asked.

“A person in the palace.”  She replied.

He didn’t ask anything else because he could tell from her eyes that she was telling the truth.

She liked to write poems since she was young and there was meaning between the words.  He could vaguely feel the person in her heart, but he never thought that this person was from the palace.

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