Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2030: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (4)

After the previous host married Rong Mu Ling, he treated her with respect.  Indifference was normal, but because of their family relationship, he couldn’t find a good reason to divorce her.

Only in those three years, he never went to her room.  Not to mention skin contact, he didn’t even stay at home during the week.  He even quickly avoided making contact with clothes.

The previous host didn’t know what she had done wrong.  She only knew that after marrying into the Rong Family, she never got Rong Mu Ling to look at her once even though she dressed up.

She didn’t understand, why did he marry her if he didn’t love her?  Back in the Luo Family, she was the gem of her parents’ eyes and growing up, they had never scolded her once.

But after getting married, she experienced all kinds of human emotions.

Although the maids of the house were respectful to her, they knew that she was an unloved wife and they gossiped behind her back.

She had heard a lot and was numb to it.

The previous host loved peach blossoms since she was young, but the Rong Manor was only filled with pear trees.  When autumn came, the ground was covered in pear blossoms creating a rich scenery.

She didn’t understand why the Rong Manor only planted pear blossoms and no other trees.  Later she accidentally heard someone mention it and she knew that it was because miss Lan of the Rong Manor liked pear blossoms.

It turned out it was an item of parting.

Three years ago, Lan Ling Qian caught the eye of the empress and she had a chance to stay in the palace because of her dance.

Madame Rong wanted to find a reason to reject this, but she never thought that Lan Ling Qian would kneel to express her gratitude.

Since it was like this, madame Rong couldn’t say anything.

Lan Ling Qian had stayed in the palace for three years and had done many shameful things for the empress.

But she had only seen the crown prince very few times.  According to the rumours, Feng Qian Che had a strange personality, was cold, domineering, and cruel.

In the third year after she entered the palace, the influence of the Luo and Rong Families kept increasing and the Rong Family aided the eighth prince’s foolish actions.

It was at this time that Lan Ling Qian received the final mission from the empress.  She was to return to Rong Mu Ling’s side and split the relationship between the Luo and Rong Families.

The previous host endured under the gaze of her parents for three years, but her heart was already in pain.

It was the best opportunity at this time.

Lan Ling Qian appeared in front of Rong Mu Ling again.  There was a sparkle of light that appeared in his dead eyes.

He asked, “Why are you back?”

She replied, “Living in the palace for three years makes me think of the time spent by your side.  I still want to stay by your side.”

Rong Mu Ling didn’t hesitate to take her in his arms as he said in a trembling voice, “It’s good that you’re back.”

Because of Lan Ling Qian’s special status, madame Rong didn’t agree to her marrying into the Rong Manor.  There was always a faint worry, but Rong Mu Ling didn’t care as he put her in his concubine house.

Although he couldn’t give her the title of madame, in Rong Mu Ling’s heart, he only had one wife.

That was Lan Ling Qian who came back to him……

The previous host’s heart was filled with pain after learning this, but she couldn’t do anything.  The concubine must serve her tea the day after the marriage, but after she dressed up, Lan Ling Qian didn’t come.

The maid told her that Rong Mu Ling wouldn’t let her……

Such a mocking phrase.  She sat in front of the bronze mirror like a fool, slowly taking off the jewelry that she wore.

Just like a fool, laughing and crying at the same time……

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