Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2031: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (5)

After Lan Ling Qian entered the Rong Manor, Rong Mu Ling smiled much more.

There were times when they passed and he would nod to her, asking a few words.

The previous host was happy because of this and sometimes even thought that if he could just talk to her a bit each day, she would feel happy.

In the Rong Manor, Rong Mu Ling could give 99% of his love to Lan Ling Qian, he just needed to give her 1%.

It was a pity that…..she didn’t even receive that 1%.

Lan Ling Qian became pregnant two months after marrying Rong Mu Ling.  Rong Mu Ling was filled with joy and set up a banquet for his first child.

The previous host sat up high, drinking her favorite peach blossom wine as her cold tears couldn’t help pouring down, ruining her red makeup.

She watched Rong Mu Ling being so gentle to Lan Ling Qian and rubbing her belly, helping her fix her stray hair as his eyes were filled with love.

The previous host was very envious, but she couldn’t do a thing.

She was an outsider, an outsider who never entered Rong Mu Ling’s life.

She had also thought of leaving, leaving the Rong Manor to go to a barren mountain to plant peach blossoms, making a little wine from time to time.

But…..she still wasn’t willing to leave Rong Mu Ling’s side.

As long as she watched him from a distance, even if his sweet words and affection didn’t belong to her, she was willing to stay by his side.  With a jug of peach blossom wine, she could hold on.

It was a pity that the more you backed down, the more people came forward.

Even if you watched in the distance without approaching, some people wouldn’t let you go.

In their eyes, you were cannon fodder, only a pawn.

When Lan Ling Qian was three months pregnant, the Rong Manor strangely went ablaze and the pear blossoms disappeared.

The servants all guessed that the previous host was related to this because they saw the previous host in the pear blossom garden alone that night.

Rong Mu Ling was a bit angry since they were Lan Ling Qian’s favourite pear blossoms and now that they had been burnt, he was naturally unhappy.

He ordered the manor that before the pear blossom garden was rebuilt, there wouldn’t be any other flowers in the manor.

The only peach blossom that belonged to the host was taken away.

At that time, the maid in the palace told her that she shouldn’t fight.  It was just a single pot, she should forget about it.

When the maid saw her eyes filled with tears, she felt sorry for her.

In the end, the previous host gave up the peach blossom she planted three years ago.

The housekeeper smashed it to pieces outside the door.

There was some pain that could enter through the heart, but she didn’t know that the real pain hadn’t come yet.

When Lan Ling Qian was six months pregnant, when Rong Mu Ling went out on a business trip, the previous host was called to her room.

This had been Rong Mu Ling’s room, the biggest room in the Rong Manor.  There was a faint sandalwood scent in the air and the candles were all brightly lit.

Lan Ling Qian was laying on the sofa, looking at her with a smile as she called her big sister and invited her to drink some tea.

There were many traces of Rong Mu Ling in this room, the ink on the desk and the clothes that hung on the curtain.

Seeing this scene, it felt like she was choking.  She lowered her head and drank the tea in her hands.

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