Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2034: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (8)

Feng Qian Che narrowed his beautiful eyes, “You smashed my bell and say that I’m bullying you.  Miss, what kind of logic is this?”

“It’s not completely broken!”  Luo Qing Chen carefully bent over and picked up the bell.  Feng Qian Che was still on alert, so she didn’t let her guard down a single bit.

After all, although the other side was the male lead, she didn’t have any affection right now.  Even if the other side killed her with a single slash, no one could be blamed.

So she had to be careful with every move that she made.

But when she picked up the bell, she was a bit nervous since the two smaller bells inside of the bell had split in half.

“This……It seems like it can still be used.”  Luo Qing Chen revealed an awkward smile, “Your highness, what are you planning on using this bell for?”

“Sacrificial offering.”  Feng Qian Che narrowed his eyes and revealed a dangerous smile, “It seems like the sacrifice needs to be changed.”

“Changed…..to what?”  Luo Qing Chen cleared her throat and cautiously took a step back, “Your highness, we can talk about this.”

“Because you can’t beat me, I’ll give you two choices.”  Feng Qian Che’s eyes that were as deep as the stars looked up as he said, “One, you can die on the spot or two, you can live for two more days.”

“Two more days?”

“The bell in your hand is my mother’s wedding bell.  If it breaks, then the sacrifice has to be chosen again.”  Feng Qian Che said with a smile, “Since destiny will come, you’ve broken the bell, so naturally you’ll replace it as the sacrifice.”


Although she thought this, she didn’t say it.

“I want to live two more days!”  She pursed her lips and said, “Speak, what do you want me to do?”

“I want to take a trip to Snow Peak Mountain to give an offering to my mother, you need to come with me.”  He narrowed his eyes as a faint sparkle appeared in them.

The light was very dim, but it looked good.

Luo Qing Chen thought about it.  In this situation, she would have to fight Feng Qian Che if she didn’t go.

It wouldn’t be worth it if both sides got injured.

Then again, this was a good chance to approach Feng Qian Che.  Although she didn’t know what kind of person he was.

She had seen the black mark behind his ear while fighting and it was that familiar.

“It’s a deal for now!”

He narrowed his eyes before slowly raising his right hand, “Give me the bell.”

Luo Qing Chen looked at the bell in her hand and handed it over, which he carefully took.  When their fingers touched, there was a cool feeling that spread to her hand.

When Luo Qing Chen was about to say something, his bodyguard appeared behind him and said with cupped hands, “Your highness.”

“Find her a set of your clothes.”  He looked over Luo Qing Chen’s body before saying, “The smallest one.”

Luo Qing Chen felt a blush come over her face as her heart started beating fast.

This slightly teasing tone, when it was said by this kind of ice cold person, there was a very strange feeling.

She couldn’t help thinking what kind of person Feng Qian Che would like.

Would they be cold or domineering?

“Miss, please come with me.”  The guard was vigilant when he saw her, but now he had become respectful.

Luo Qing Chen never would have thought that Feng Qian Che had other things to do other than going to giving his mother an offering at Snow Peak Mountain.

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