Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2035: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (9)

The weather at Snow Peak Mountain wasn’t as good as the city, it was much colder the closer they got.

Luo Qing Chen suddenly understood why he gave her the smallest set of clothes, it would stick to her body and wouldn’t be blown by the wind.

“This miss looks more handsome in male clothing than in female clothes.”  Feng Qian Che’s bodyguard Dong Liang looked at her with a white smiling face, “You looked like a female ghost yesterday.”

“Nonsense!”  Luo Qing Chen rolled her eyes, “That’s because you haven’t seen this miss in female clothes!  It shames the moon, it makes fish sink, and collapses nations!”

“......”  Feng Qian Che who had been sitting on the side with his eyes closed knitted his brows and said with a grin, “Aren’t you ashamed saying that?”

“What I say is the truth!”  Luo Qing Chen said, “If you aren’t happy listening, then you’re jealous of my beauty!”

“Pu.”  Dong Liang heard this and couldn’t help saying with a smile, “Our master is the most handsome man in the world.”

“Ignorant!”  Luo Qing Chen said with a snort, “There are many beautiful people in the world, you just haven’t seen them.”

“For example?”  Feng Qian Che opened his eyes and there was a cold glow in those beautiful eyes as he seriously looked at her, “Give a name and I’ll believe you.”

Luo Qing Chen felt like she had fallen into a magic trap and said the three words that should have been the most impossible.

“Does Rong Mu Ling count?”

When she said this, she knitted her brows and a dim glow appeared in her eyes.

Actually she was a bit confused since she didn’t want to say this name at all.

[Yes, this is the fantasy left by the previous host.]

“Ai, miss is talking about the minister of affair Rong Sen’s son?”  Dong Liang thought about it before saying, “This servant has seen him a few times and he is indeed quite handsome.”

The face of Feng Qian Che sitting beside her changed and he dangerously narrowed his eyes as he looked at her, “The place that you appeared from was very close to the back of the Rong Manor, could it be that you’re a maid from there?”

Nonsense!  This treasure is the madame!

No, Rong Mu Ling wasn’t even worthy of the previous host, how could he be worthy of her?

“You’re very right!”  Luo Qing Chen put her cheek on her right hand and carefully looked over that handsome face before slowly saying, “I feel that you look better than him.”

[Ding, affection has increased by five.  Mission completion rate is now 5%.]

Wa, wa, wa!  It actually increased the affection!  It’s a bit exciting!

Could it be that Feng Qian Che liked to hear others praise his beauty?

“You have some decent eyes.”  He looked into her clear as water eyes and revealed a faint smile.

Dong Liang suddenly thought of something and turned to her as he asked, “I still haven’t asked this miss’ name.  It’s a bit strange calling you miss, miss like this.”

“Qing Qing!”  Luo Qing Chen said with a laugh, “Does my nickname sound good?”

Feng Qian Che heard this and helplessly shook his head, but he didn’t refute it.

He had been feeling a bit strange since yesterday.  He clearly had a heavy heart because he was going to visit his mother, but now he felt a bit of joy in his heart.

He was strangely…..happy.

He knew very well who this happiness in his heart came from, but he didn’t express it on the outside.

“Sounds nice.”  Dong Liang replied without hesitating as he looked at her smile.

Feng Qian Che slightly knitted his brows before clearing his throat, “Dong Liang, go and check the things in the back.  We’re about to enter the Snow Peak Mountain road, if there’s anything that we’re missing, we can fill up at the last town.”

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