Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2042: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (16)

“You played a good game of chess.”  Feng Qian Che looked at him with narrowed eyes, “It’s a pity that you are doing this for a prince that is about to fall, is it worth it?”

“As long as you die, he will become the crown prince.”  Dong Liang narrowed his eyes and said, “Your highness, it can be considered that I owe my life to you, but the ninth prince saved my family’s life and I have to repay him.”

“I’m afraid you won’t have that chance.”  He raised the sword in his hand and cut the wooden pillar beside him.  He looked at him with eyes that were filled with an extreme chill, “The master servant relationship between you and me, the grace has been cut.”

Dong Liang knitted his brows before leading the several dozen men in black to surround them.

Luo Qing Chen took a step back and covered herself with a stone pillar as she took out the Phoenix Dance Sword.

The glow of the sword appeared in the white snow and in that snow, the killing intent spread to every person around her.

Feng Qian Che took a step back in her direction and his cold voice rang out in her ears.

“You leave first.”  Feng Qian Che knitted his brows and said, “There should be one or two people who will follow, you can take care of them yourself.”

“I…..”  Luo Qing Chen bit her lip, “Stop talking nonsense, I’m going all out with him!”

She hated this kind of people who took advantage of the trust of others the most.

“Since there were so many people and they endured this long only to reveal themselves today, it means……”  His cold eyes narrowed, “He is confident in killing me.”

Luo Qing Chen admired Feng Qian Che at that moment.  After all, at this moment of life and death, he was able to calmly analyze everything like this.

“That’s not 100% certain……"

Luo Qing Chen wanted to say something, but he cut her off.

“If you’re here, I will be distracted.”

She knitted her brows as a mist appeared over her eyes.

He was still a bit moved, perhaps 20% affection was enough to make her care about whether she lived or died.

“I won’t distract you.”  As soon as her voice fell, she charged into the group with the Phoenix Dance Sword in hand.

She was this kind of person.  If you were sincere to her, she would treat you with 100% sincerity.

Feng Qian Che couldn’t react and stood there in a daze for a few seconds.

She raised her sword as she ran into the group of black clothed people with a cold glow in those clear eyes.

The sword in her hand fell and fresh blood stained the white snow.

This was his first time feeling ‘moved’.  A person who he had met by chance was willing to charge into the crowd of people for him.

Not caring about the present, the past, or life or death……

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 30%.]

Actually, Luo Qing Chen wasn’t surprised by this notification at all.

She knew that when she decided to stay and fight with Feng Qian Che, she would become different in his eyes.

She still had this confidence.


“Don’t just stand there in a daze!”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips and said in an anxious voice, “Come and help!”

Feng Qian Che’s cold eyes narrowed and he quickly came to her side.  His right hand pulled her back as he said in a tone full of blame, “Nonsense!”

“Doesn’t count!”  Her lips curled slightly as she revealed a proud smile, “I took care of three of them!”

Dong Liang heard this and he gave a cold snort before looking at them to say, “Stop struggling!  You can’t run, the ninth prince’s army will be here in half an hour.  As for you…..you have nothing.”

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