Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2049: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (23)

“What?”  She looked up at him with her clear eyes and revealed a smile, “Is your highness planning on having three thousand beauties in your harem?”

This was just teasing him, but then he directly attacked her back.

It wasn’t a rebuttal, it wasn’t teasing, it was just without another word…..he sealed her mouth with a kiss.

She nervously closed her eyes and felt the slight lingering chill with a bit of sweetness.

After a while, he finally let her go.  She immediately touched her red ears and cleared her throat before saying, “That……you……I……Did I say something wrong?”

He saw her cute look and her nervous stuttering and he couldn’t help revealing a smile, “Do you think that you were right?”

“It seems……It seems like it was wrong!”  She cleared her throat and said, “I…..Then you can’t sneak attack me either!”

She seemed to have found her reasoning and suddenly her voice became confident.

Feng Qian Che raised his right hand and took her by the next, kissing her again before saying, “I’m not stealing a kiss, it was an open one.”

Actually, his kisses were very gentle.  It wasn’t a domineering kiss, but rather it was as gentle as water.

It gave people an unforgettable feeling……

Damn!  What was she thinking?

“Are you not cold?”  She changed the topic and touched his face with a bit of worry, “It's cold.”

“Then you can hug me!”  Feng Qian Che seriously looked at her with a loving look and said, “It turns out loving someone is like this.”

“What does it feel like?”  She blinked as she asked him.

Feng Qian Che heard this and slowly took her in his arms, gently patting her back, “Not caring about the world, only caring about growing old with you.”

She closed her eyes and felt his strong heartbeat, falling into a deep sleep.

On this snowy night, she had a dream.  She saw Ling Long and Bu Yi in her dream and before Ling Long was captured, she had been with Bu Yi in this room.

Although the time was short, it was the happiest time in their lives.

After Ling Long was forced back to the palace, Bu Yi had always waited here.  Day after day, year after year, until the day he received the news that Ling Long had passed.

He silently went with her……

The short was very vague and she didn’t know if it was real, but when she woke up, her heart couldn’t calm down.

It wasn’t that the sadness of the story had touched her, but rather the fact that they couldn’t be together was too cruel.

The next morning, when Luo Qing Chen woke up, Feng Qian Che had caught another two fish and the fragrance of it being cooked spread all over.

“After we finish eating, we need to think of a way to go up.”  Feng Qian Che looked at her and said, “I saw a path when I was at the lake earlier, there should be a way to go up from there.”

“How do you know?”

“This path should have been left by Bu Yi back then.”  Feng Qian Che’s expression changed slightly as he said, “After all, he must have gone back to ask about my mother.”

“That’s reasonable.”  Luo Qing Chen nodded as she remembered last night’s dream, “He should have died after he learned that your mother passed.”

Although it was a dream, her dream had to be related to reality.

After all, she knew in her heart that her dreams could only only see the future, but also see the past.

“How do you know?”


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