Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2050: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (24)

Feng Qian Che’s analysis was correct.  Although the path was overgrown, there was indeed a path.

It was a bit harder to walk on, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t walk on it.

Luo Qing Chen carefully followed behind him.  He cut all the dead branches and grass for her before letting her move forward.

He followed him like this, watching his white clothes and broad shoulders, feeling assured.

They could finally go back.  Feng Qian Che had enemies to kill, but so did she.

Many days had passed since the previous host had jumped into the lake with the divorce papers.  The relationship between the Luo and Rong Families must have reached a freezing point.


In the prosperous Long Peace City, the Rong Manor had been encircled.

This was already the third day.  Rong Mu Ling had sent his family’s death guards to guard the gate, not letting anyone in.

Whether it was the markets of the palace, the rumours had already spread.

The only daughter of minster Luo Lin, Luo Qing Chen had married into the Rong Manor and had been treated poorly by Rong Mu Ling for three years before finally being given divorce papers.

Luo Qing Chen’s heart died and threw herself into the lake.

But in that large lake, only the divorce papers were found and Luo Qing Chen’s corpse couldn’t be found.

The Luo and Rong Families were important forces in the court and even if they dispatched their family’s guards, the officials in the city couldn’t stop them.

They could only watch the situation develop and wait for emperor Feng’s decision.

Luo Lin was very determined.  He wanted Rong Mu Ling to hand over Lan Ling Qian, a life for a life.

But even when Rong Sen and madame Rong came to Rong Mu Ling’s manor, they doors never opened.

No one knew that Rong Mu Ling could no longer hand over Lan Ling Qian because the day after Luo Qing Chen threw herself into the lake, Lan Ling Qian disappeared.

And she never came back.

Rong Mu Ling had not gone out over the past few days not because he was afraid of the Luo Family.

But because he was drunk all night, numbing his heart.

“Young master, stop drinking.”  The housekeeper gave him a hot towel, “The master and madame are outside.  The great scholar even said that if the young master does not come out, he will burn down our Rong Manor.”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha.”  He laughed at himself, “Let him burn it!  He’s right, a life for a life, I’ll give this life to Luo Qing Chen.”

Rong Mu Ling was not a fool.  He had been in the court for many years, how could he not tell that this situation was a plot.

But his heart had been trapped by his deep love and he was trapped by the past.

Lan Ling Qian had entered the palace three years ago and had long gone under the empress.  Although the empress wasn’t the crown prince’s mother, she still doted on him very much.

Now that the Rong Family was getting closer to the ninth prince, the empress was naturally worried that this would affect the crown prince, so she sent Lan Ling Qian to his side.

But he never would have thought that she would use their marriage, their child to make him divorce Luo Qing Chen, breaking the relationship between the Luo and Rong Families.

Without the support of the Luo Family, even if the Rong Family allied with the ninth prince, they would be fighting against the crown prince.

“Young master, this can’t all be blamed on you.”  The housekeeper gave a deep sigh, “I’ve already send someone to go find miss Lan……”

“No need.”  He gave a cold laugh and waved his hand, “She won’t come back.  Perhaps I couldn’t see it clearly before, but her sudden departure is the best proof.”

This had all been an act for Lan Ling Qian all alone.  She used his sincerity to achieve her goal step by step.

What was this for?  He didn’t understand……

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