Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2052: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (26)

At the same time, at the Penultimate Palace.

A splendid palace that had a faint sandalwood smell in the air.

The empress was leaning on a sofa and beside her was Lan Ling Qian who had returned to the palace.

“You did very well this time.”  She slowly took off the jade bracelet on her hand, “This is your reward.”

Lan Ling Qian revealed a faint smile and took the jade bracelet from the empress, “These are all things that Ling Qian should do.  I wonder when I will be able to see his highness.”

She was deliberate.  She spared no expense not for some reward, but to walk by the side of the person that was in her heart.

Lan Ling Qian knew that she had hurt many people along the way and she was a bad person, but she didn’t care.

Because she was approaching Feng Qian Che step by step, approaching the unreachable dream.

“The crown prince has gone to Snow Peak Mountain to pay respects to his mother and hasn’t returned yet.  This one has said that this was your final mission.”  The empress took a sip of her tea, “Even if you fail to marry the crown prince in the future, this one won’t treat you poorly.”

Hearing the empress say this, Lan Ling Qian’s heart was filled with disappointment.

She suddenly knelt down and said, “Empress, Ling Qian’s heart can be proven by the sun and moon.  If I can marry the crown prince, I will give everything to help him gain power.”

The empress looked down with a glint in her eyes, “There are some things that this one can’t control.  After all, this one isn’t the crown prince’s mother and if he wants to choose a crown princess, only the emperor and himself have the final say.”

Actually, the empress knew that Lan Ling Qian was already completely mesmerized by the crown prince.  She would give everything to help the crown prince if she became the crown princess.

For Feng Qian Che, this was definitely a matter that only benefited him.

“Empress……”  Lan Ling Qian heard this and her tears almost came out.  She said in a choked up voice, “Could it be that there really isn’t a chance for Ling Qian?”

“Silly girl, get up first.”  The empress reached out to take her hand, “Over these years, you’ve silently done all these things for the crown prince, this one knows.  If possible, this one hopes that you can become his crown princess since this one has wronged him.”

In all these years, the empress never had a child and it was because of the existence of the crown prince.

She wasn’t an ambitious person, but she had made her mistakes in this harem.

When Ling Long died, it was still related to her.  If it wasn’t for her knowing that there was a problem with Ling Long’s medicine after she gave birth and not saying a thing, perhaps the crown prince would have had a mother.

The one who had moved against Ling Long was her mother.

The empress’ Wang Family was quite powerful in the previous dynasty and her mother had killed Ling Long for her position.

After all, emperor Feng loved Ling Long too much.  He could go against everything, taking only one scoop out of three thousand ponds.

This kind of love was dangerous……

In the court and the palace, every power was complicated.  The love of an emperor was precious, but it couldn’t completely protect the one he loved.

Ling Long’s death was necessary and even if the Wang Family didn’t do anything, someone else would have acted.

As the empress, Wang Mo had always felt guilty about this matter and had raised Feng Qian Che like her own child since then.

Since he was young, the road ahead was dangerous and she used all means to eliminate the danger.

Most of the forces in the court stood with the crown prince, only the Luo and Rong Families supported the ninth prince.

But now…..those two families had fallen apart.

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