Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2064: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (38)

“Perhaps the crown prince still feels our Rong Family has value!”  Rong Sen looked at him and said, “Or perhaps he appreciates your talent since the invitation this time has your name on it as well.”

“His eyes are good.”  Rong Mu Ling revealed a smile as a proud look flashed in his eyes, “Let me wash up and accompany you to the Eastern Palace.”

Rong Mu Ling didn’t know much about the crown prince, he just knew that he was cold and very decisive.

In this assassination matter, people thought that he would at least pretend to ‘forgive’ Dong Ling, but he never thought that he would punish him in a single night.

All of the Dong Family’s people were chased out of the city and couldn’t take a single step in.

Five years of being master and servant, he didn’t show any forgiveness.

But Rong Mu Ling actually admired Feng Qian Che on this matter.  There was no need to forgive people who betrayed you.

He chose a lake blue robe and entered the Eastern Palace with his father.

He could pretty much guess why the crown prince sent him the invitation.

It was just because of his talent and abilities.  Although he was born in a family of officials, he had ranked first place in the imperial exam, bringing honour to the Rong Family.

Along the way, Rong Sen didn’t forget to remind him that if the crown prince praised him, he shouldn’t be too proud.

They already had nothing else left, this was a once in a lifetime chance!

“Dad, he wants to use me because of my talents and abilities.”  Rong Mu Ling said with an indifferent look, “Whether I’m willing to be used or not will depend on whether he is qualified.”

Since he had been born, Rong Mu Ling felt that there was no one smarter or better than him in this world.

He just spent too much time on the matter of ‘love’, causing him to be lost in a mess.

The woman he always yearned for had gone to the palace, it must be because the person she wanted was in the palace.

As for who it was?

The two most powerful men in the palace were emperor Feng and the crown prince.

He didn’t think that Lan Ling Qian would fall for emperor Feng, so it could only be Feng Qian Che.

He had a bit of hope in his heart this time, perhaps he would see Lan Ling Qian if he went to the Eastern Palace.

He wasn’t here to go back, but rather to say goodbye.

What could be said and what couldn’t, what could be done and what couldn’t, he had done everything.

Lan Ling Qian didn’t love him, not one bit.  He acknowledged this.

If Lan Ling Qian had even a bit of love for him, she wouldn’t have used their unborn child for her own goals.

No, it wasn’t their unborn child for her, but rather a tool to achieve her means.

Perhaps his love for Lan Ling Qian had already disappearing after being hurt again and again.

Only leaving ruthlessness and unwillingness……

The person that he was most sorry to was Luo Qing Chen.  If he could see her again, what he wanted to do the most was apologize to her and take back those divorce papers.

If he couldn’t, he would devote his life to his own ambitions and would never marry…..

“You can’t think like this!”  Rong Sen could tell that he wanted to do what he wanted and quickly said, “His highness’ temperament is different from the ninth prince’s, he definitely is not someone you can offend.”

“Dad, you can be assured!”  Rong Mu Ling gave a soft snort, “If he didn’t appreciate me, he wouldn’t have invited me to his birthday banquet.  I have this confidence, so you shouldn’t worry about this.”

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