Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2065: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (39)

Probably because it was the crown prince’s birthday celebration, the streets were very crowded.

After moving and stopping for a while, they finally reached the crown prince’s Eastern Palace.

It was already evening at this time.  The red shimmer of the setting sun came from above the Eastern Palace and looking at it from a distance, it truly was beautiful.

Today’s banquet was especially grand, it had started at noon.

Groups of guests came with generous gifts and sat down to chat with one another at the banquet.

Of course, for such an important occasion, even if there wasn’t an invitation, there was someone who would definitely come.  That person was Lan Ling Qian.

She had dressed up early in the morning and planned on entering with the empress.

“Empress, do you think what I’m wearing is alright?”  Lan Ling Qian was clearly a bit nervous.

She had started preparing three months ago for Feng Qian Che’s birthday.  That dazzling dress three years ago had failed to leave an impression on the crown prince three years ago.

She had to use all her power to dance at his birthday this time.

“It looks good.”  The empress nodded with an approving look in her eyes.

She actually liked this Lan Ling Qian.  This girl had gone from a little girl who didn’t know anything three years ago to someone who could stab the enemy’s heart with a dagger.  It was all for Feng Qian Che.

It was all to stay at his side as his crown princess, so she had listened to everything the empress had told her.

If this woman could stand by Feng Qian Che’s side in the future, no matter how difficult it was, she would stand behind him to face the entire world.

That was why she as the empress liked Lan Ling Qian.

Therefore, even if Feng Qian Che didn’t invite Lan Ling Qian this time, she had arranged for her to enter as a dancer.

“I don’t know if his highness will remember me this time.”  Lan Ling Qian’s expression had a bit of worry to it as she pursed her lips and said, “I’ve heard some news from the Eastern Palace recently.  When his highness came back from Snow Peak Mountain, he brought a girl back with him……”

The empress slightly knitted her brows when she heard this before giving a nod, “There was this matter, but even this one doesn’t know who it is.  Perhaps it’s a nun from the Green Wood Temple, but if the crown prince doesn’t say a thing, no one would know.”

Lan Ling Qian heard the empress’ words and felt a bit of relief.

It was right, the crown prince had gone to Snow Peak Mountain to pay respects to his mother, it was impossible to go with a girl.

On such a desolate snow capped mountain, the only girl that he could bring back was a nun.

Perhaps it was because the ninth prince matter wasn’t over that Feng Qian Che brought this nun back.

“I’m more assured if you say this.”  Lan Ling Qian asked with a soft laugh, “Empress, when are we setting off!  I already can’t wait to perform!”

The regret that didn’t come into her life that year, she would take it back today.

She believed that the dance she had prepared for so long would amaze the crowd and the center of attention today would be her.


At the same time, in the crown prince’s Eastern Palace.

Luo Qing Chen had waited several hours in the Splendid Hall, with the reason being that Feng Qian Che said that there was a set of clothes that would be delivered this evening.  He wanted her to wait in the hall and change into the clothes before coming to the banquet.

She had sat on the couch alone eating melon seeds for three hours before the custom made clothes that Feng Qian Che ordered from the palace finally came.

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