Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2068: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (42)

After the song, everyone’s eyes were on Lan Ling Qian as they burst into applause.

There were some people who looked down on her dance and began whispering to each other.

“Did you hear?  This person was the adopted daughter of the Rong Family with many plots.”

“Be quiet, she belongs to the empress now.”

“It’s because she belongs to the empress that everyone finds it hard to say anything, otherwise this girl would have already been……”

The voices of the gossipers were a bit and Lan Ling Qian noticed.  She glared at them with a proud look and that person no longer dared to continue.

“It really is a beautiful performance.  Don’t you think so, crown prince?”  The empress sat on his left and looked at Lan Ling Qian with a smile, “This one hasn’t seen anyone dancing so beautifully in a long time, it’s like a blue butterfly.”

“It’s good that the empress likes it.”  Feng Qian Che gave a nod.  His eyes were cold, but there was a bit of respect.

Seeing that Feng Qian Che wasn’t attracted by Lan Ling Qian’s dancing at all, the empress couldn’t say anything else.  She slightly knitted her brows and shook her head in Lan Ling Qian’s direction.

This was her way of secretly telling her that there was nothing else to say.

But Lan Ling Qian wouldn’t listen.  She was clearly a bit anxious since she had spent three months on this dance and if she couldn’t catch Feng Qian Che’s eyes, she really didn’t have a chance.

“Your highness doesn’t like Ling Qian’s performance.”  She said in a bitter tone, clearly trying to appear delicate.

Feng Qian Che narrowed his eyes with a deep look.

He slowly stood up and walked forward.

Everyone took a cold breath.  Could it be that this girl who took the initiative really won the favour of the crown prince.

Even Lan Ling Qian was surprised at this moment.  She thought that the crown prince would only say a few things, but she never thought that he would stand up to walk towards her.

She felt like her heart was about to jump out.

All those years of hard work, all those years of enduring, all those years of giving everything.

It was all for this moment.  That person that she loved the most was slowly walking towards her.

But she guessed the beginning, only she never guessed the ending.

Feng Qian Che stood up to walk in her direction, but he didn’t stop in front of her and went right past her, heading towards the entrance.

Everyone’s eyes followed Luo Qing Chen until he came to a beautiful girl who was standing at the entrance.

This girl was wearing an ivory brocaded dress with her long hair tied in a bun and a golden begonia flower hairpin placed in it, along with a pair of embroidered soft soled shoes on her feet.

She narrowed her eyes and with the fading sun shimmering on her white as snow face, she was suffocatingly beautiful.

For Luo Qing Chen, she was strangely nervous as worry and panic filled her heart.

This feeling didn’t come from her, but rather the previous host.

Because there was a man who she loved and hated the most at this banquet, Rong Mu Ling.

When she was standing at the entrance, she didn’t look at Lan Ling Qian dancing on the stage, but rather at Rong Mu Ling who had been sitting on the left hand side.

He was the same as she had remembered, elegant and gentle.

Luo Qing Chen felt her heart skip a beat before it filled with pain.

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