Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2069: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (43)

She took a deep breath and tried hard to suppress the previous host’s pain.

Actually if it wasn’t for this moment, she would have never known how much the previous host loved Rong Mu Ling.

This love, perhaps only a few people could match it.

“What are you looking at?  Why are you so dazed?”  Feng Qian Che was standing in front of her and seeing her dazed look, his heart sank slightly.

Actually, he knew why she was in a daze.  Although he was very unwilling to admit it, he would never back down.

The person he loved, he wanted to announce her identity to the world without care.

“Watching a certain person’s dance!”  Luo Qing Chen pulled back her emotions and seriously looked at him as she said in a soft voice, “I wonder if master likes it?”

She revealed a faint smile that swept away the bit of darkness in his heart.  For him, he would strangely feel at ease if he could see her eyes.

“I didn’t see it.”  Feng Qian Che shook his head, “I was lookin at you the entire time, seeing that you were looking at……”

Luo Qing Chen was surprised and strangely panicked.

But then he said only one word with a smile, “Me.”

As soon as his voice fell, he slowly took her hand and walked to the high seat.

Along the way, there were countless gazes on her.  There were gazes of shock, confusion, envy, and jealousy……

The most sharp gazes were from Rong Mu Ling and Lan Ling Qian which were completely filled with——utter disbelief.

“Ling’er, that…..isn’t that Qing Chen?”  Rong Sen’s mouth opened wide as his wide eyes stared at Luo Qing Chen in the beautiful dress, almost popping out of their sockets.

Rong Mu Ling felt his hand shake uncontrollably.  With the sun setting, the evening breeze came and blew off the peach blossoms, filling the air with the strong scent of peach blossoms.

Is it her?  Is it really her?

But, how was this possible?

After not seeing each other for a few days, she became the crown prince’s person……

No, it can’t be!  Her eyes weren’t right.  Although they were still clear as water, when she looked over him, they were indifferent without a single ripple of emotion.

As if…..they didn’t know each other.

“Perhaps……Perhaps it’s just someone who looks similar.”  He could only say this and he couldn’t stop his voice from trembling as he did.

Because his heart was becoming more and more certain that this girl in front of him was Luo Qing Chen.

Really, really similar……

Other than those eyes of admiration turning cold, it was the same as the Luo Qing Chen who had stayed in the Rong Manor for three years without going out once.

Lan Ling Qian’s reaction was even stronger compared to Rong Mu Ling’s.

At first, she didn’t recognize Luo Qing Chen.  She just knew that there was this girl in pure white clothes standing not far away and Feng Qian Che walked over to her.

But the closer she came, she felt that her heart was about to pop out.

“Luo……Luo……”  Before her voice fell, she immediately shook head, “No, definitely impossible!”

Didn’t Luo Qing Chen commit suicide by jumping in the lake?  How could she be here?

Why did the crown prince look at her with such a gentle gaze, like he was looking at a treasure.

She had never seen Feng Qian Che with such eyes!  She didn’t believe, she didn’t believe, she didn’t believe!

She wouldn’t believe it even if she died……

But it wasn’t as if things in this world didn’t exist if she didn’t believe it.  For Feng Qian Che, Luo Qing Chen was his everything.

On the surface, this banquet was to celebrate his birthday, but it was actually an announcement that he had planned for a long time!

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