Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2071: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (45)

After Feng Qian Che let her go, he slowly leaned in to say by her ear, “Don’t worry, leave it all to me.”

Actually he had been worried that if he was too impulsive that it would make her unhappy.

After all, she had said before that she would be embarrassed if she was kissed in front of everyone.

But he had just kissed her in front of all those people, including……

Would she be angry?

But at that moment, Feng Qian Che couldn’t control himself.  The possessiveness and jealousy in his heart had completely enveloped him and he wanted to announce to the entire world that she was his crown princess.

From this moment forward, no one in this world could take her away unless he died……

She heard Feng Qian Che’s gentle words and her eyes looked at Lan Ling Qian standing not far away.

Her face was incomparably pale and she was trembling as her eyes popped out.  She kept shaking her head as she muttered something that she couldn’t hear.

But she could clearly tell that Lan Ling Qian had suffered a large blow.

In fact, she was about to go crazy.

When she saw Feng Qian Che being so domineering in kissing a girl without caring about anyone else, she could feel the pain in her heart.  It was so painful that she almost couldn’t breathe.

She wanted to use excuses or logic to convince herself not to be afraid, not to panic, that she would have a chance.  The crown prince was not a normal person, if he became the ruler in the future, the harem would be filled with beauties.

But that wasn’t a normal crown prince, he was Feng Qian Che!

Over the years, there had been no girls by his side.  No matter how beautiful or ugly they were, he had never cared about a person.

If he didn’t fall in love with a person, he was as cold as ice.

But now he treated this woman so gently, she couldn’t even match up to one tenth of this girl.

She was Luo Qing Chen, the dirty woman in her eyes!

Lan Ling Qian didn’t know how she came to Feng Qian Che’s side, but she didn’t deserve to wear a matching outfit with Feng Qian Che.

She was an abandoned wife.  In Lan Ling Qian’s eyes, Rong Mu Ling could avoid her for three years just for her.

As for when she came back to his side, he accepted her and treated her as well as he could.

This was her charm, she used this charm to make Rong Mu Ling be willing to die for her and Luo Qing Chen didn’t have this charm.

So she wouldn’t believe it even if she was beaten to death.  How could the crown prince like Luo Qing Chen and not her?

Because she worked so hard.  Since the moment she saw him, she had kept working hard to move in his direction.

Feng Qian Che led her to the high seat while holding her hand step by step.  When looking down, Luo Qing Chen could see Lan Ling Qian’s eyes that were filled with hatred.

Hatred that reached the bones……

“Actually, today’s banquet in the Eastern Palace is to celebrate my birthday, but also to introduce my crown princess.”  Feng Qian Che raised his head as he spoke in a loud voice that was filled with majesty, like a lion roaring into the sky that made people feel suffocated.

Luo Qing Chen was stunned as her heart started beating fast.

Feng Qian Che then said, “Before that, let’s first have Mo Hu invite the great scholar into the banquet.”

Luo Qing Chen suddenly turned her head and her panicked eyes met his deep gaze.

What?  The great scholar?  Luo Lin?  The previous host’s…..father…..

Could it be that Feng Qian Che……

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