Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2074: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (48)

Feng Qian Che’s eyes trembled as her ‘I’m not willing’ kept ringing in his ears.

Actually, he had enough power to protect her and he didn’t care about what others said.

But it seemed she cared about him more and made up a lie.

A lie…..that filled his heart with warmth.

Luo Qing Chen calmly walked over to the girl who was playing the guzheng.  The girl gave her a bow and let her take her position.

System, do me a favour.

[Ding, 1000 exchange points has been taken.  Obtained the help of the system one time.]


The later the world, the less her need for exchange points became.

After all, she had already gone through countless hardships with a blank memory and had become stronger.

The system could guess what she wanted to say and took a huge bite.

But she didn’t care.  She just proudly snorted at the system in her heart and thought: Sitting in a high place and taking advantage of someone in danger.

She gathered all her thoughts and knitted her brows as her eyes became as calm as water.

The snowflakes fell from the sky and mixed with the peach blossoms floating there, it looked incredibly beautiful.

In the past, the peach blossom that the previous host had carefully taken care of had been smashed by Rong Mu Ling.

Now Feng Qian Che gave her an entire peach blossom forest in the Eastern Palace.

She should say sorry to the previous host because when she saw Rong Mu Ling in the future, she would completely say goodbye to him.

“My big sister has always been a very gentle person.”  Luo Qing Chen raised her hand and gently fiddled with the strings of the guzheng, “It was a pity that she had a hard life and she didn’t meet a good man.”

She fiddled with the strings like she was telling a story, letting everyone present get caught up in her story.

“This song is dedicated to my big sister who cared for nothing but to watch.  I hope that she can have someone by her side in the next life, one that can care for her.”

The streets were in deep spring and the horses ran with the rain like a dream.

Hiding under the eaves from the rain, peering into a pair of deep eyes that were like a breeze from the mountains.

The slightly cold rain with a fragrance hidden in the breeze.

My heart throbbed from your gentle sword, passing by in a shock.


While she sang, there were a few butterflies that landed on the strings.

They danced with the snow and peach blossoms, looking so beautiful.

Everyone was stunned at this moment.  Was this the skills of a cultivator?

Luo Qing Chen had completely integrated herself into her song.  To her, this song could fully tell……

The life of the previous host……


When the family reunited for the wedding, the beauty trembled under the red candles.

The twinkling flames reflected a beautiful face, the face of another woman as gentle as a dream.

The other side didn’t know that my thoughts surged.

Looking at your white clothes, your expression was frozen, who knows how scared I was.

Perhaps I should act crazy while drunk, leaving a kiss in your embrace.


Outside the mountain gates, the snow fell, melting at the fingertips.

With a long sword in hand, asking why the land was so big and where to go.

My life so far has been a joke at my expense.

Wishful thinking never ending.


If you were with others already, why did you bother me with wrong love.

Could it be that you’re moved by my heartbreak.

The years passing by, my heart was filled with holes.

How could I not be afraid of you using a blade of love to make another cut, how could it not hurt.

It’s better to bury the past in the wind, using the sword and snow as a monument.

If meeting in life was a mistake, seek a happy end.


After waking from the dream, one was shattered to pieces, without leaving a trace.

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