Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2084: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (58)

“I……”  She was surprised as her eyes filled with shock.  This place that should have filled her with safety and familiarity made her panic at this moment.

[Does the host need to see what happened after your death?  Yes/No]

The system tactfully bypassed the moment of her death knowing that the host wasn’t willing to go back.

“Wait.”  She took a deep breath as her eyes trembled before a mist came over them.  She bit her lip and said, “Can I not go back?”

[The host has already died.  According to the laws of the Chaos Space, the host has the identity of the host, so it’s impossible for the host to go back.]

She felt her head buzz as her mind went blank.

From the first mission until now, she had experienced regret, but it couldn’t compare to what she felt now.

Yes, she wasn’t willing!

Even if Lan Ling Qian had used the method of dying together to kill her, even if Lan Ling Qian no longer existed in that world, she still wasn’t willing.

“Is there really…..no other way?”  Her eyes were a bit red and her voice was a bit choked up when she spoke to the system.

She had never felt this helpless before.  She thought that she had all kinds of skills from all her experiences over thousands of years.

But at the moment of life and death, it had all become insignificant.

[The host can look at the screen to see if you want to go back or not.  Perhaps there isn’t a need because even if you really want to go back, the price will be even bigger than going against time and space.]

Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath and tried her best to control her emotions as she looked up to say, “Let me see it.”


The bronze mirror released a faint blue glow as the blurred image gradually cleared.

Looking down, the entire Eastern Palace was a mess.  The Splendid Hall was covered in smoke and the flames were getting bigger and bigger.

There was the sound of horse hooves that came from the south.  Before the horse stopped, Feng Qian Che already jumped off the back of the horse and rushed off in the direction of the Splendid Hall.

She could tell from this that she had already died in the Splendid Hall.

Standing in front of the bronze mirror, she could feel her heart strongly beating again and again.

The entire Chaos Space seemed to be filled with a burnt scent that filled all her senses.

Feng Qian Che kept running as everyone stopped him, even knocking him to the ground.  He desperately rushed towards the Splendid Hall, with the flames even burning his moon white robes, but he didn’t care.

The smoky and flame filled Splendid Hall.  When he was about to charge in, the entire hall had collapsed.

Luo Qing Chen felt her heart fall down.  It was very unlikely that Feng Qian Che would be able to go in.

When she was his desperate eyes, her fingers couldn’t help trembling.

He fell to the ground and roared out with all his might.

The guards and housekeeper all kneeled down as the Eastern Palace was filled with a terrifying silence.

A few seconds later, Feng Qian Che stood up and rushed into the ruins, digging through the debris with his bare hands.

There was wood, iron tiles, and glass all mixed together.

The blood stained his hands, his white clothes, and even his heart.

After a while, he dug out something that stunned him and he slowly pulled it out.

There was a ring as a tear fell onto the bell.

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