Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2089: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (63)

“Because emperor Feng……”  Xiao Yue said in a low voice, “Avoids women.”

Luo Qing Chen was surprised.  There were complicated emotions that filled her starry eyes that couldn’t be explained.

Over the next hour, she asked Xiao Yue many questions.

After putting it all together, she mostly knew what happened in the empty seven years.

Seven years ago, the crown princess died in the Eastern Palace.

The crown prince Feng Qian Che tried dying several times, but he was always saved.  Emperor Feng and the empress discussed it and decided to abdicate the throne to Feng Qian Che.

It wasn’t for anything else, it was just to give him a reason to live.

After emperor Feng and the empress retreated into their mountain villa, the world was completely handed over to Feng Qian Che.

But Feng Qian Che of that time only had one obsession, death.

He drank peach blossom wine alone in the palace.  There were times when he drank too much and would talk to himself, as if he was talking to himself and talking to a loved one.

The people of the court panicked at this time and rumours naturally spread among the citizens.

It was said that Feng Qian Che had planted a ten mile peach blossom forest and personally brewed a wine called Peach Blossom Drunk.

Only drinking this wine gave him a small sense of security.

Six months later, the barbarians invaded the border of the Feng Dynasty.  Feng Qian Che didn’t care about court affairs, so the army could only retreat steadily.

Until one day, the barbarian general arrogantly said to the people of the Feng Country, “When I take Long Peace, the first thing I will do is open the coffin of the empress and see the number one beauty of the Feng Dynasty!  Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

It was because of this that this person’s head was separated from his body three days later.

Feng Qian Che personally led the troops to kill the barbarians and there were countless large and small battles for a month.

But the troops that Feng Qian Che personally led never lost once.  His eyes were red in each battle, as if only when blood poured from his eyes would he feel safe.

A month later, the barbarians were sent back to their hometown and personally gave up two cities and a hundred heads of cattle and lamb before peace came back.

The rumours among the citizens was that if the barbarians didn’t put down their face, emperor Feng would have killed them until there wasn’t a single one left.

Because no one in this world could mention his wife’s name, they weren’t worthy.

Not to mention that anyone that insults her would die.

From that moment on, the new emperor who had been devastated took over the court.

Three days later, he changed many people in the court and only left the ones that were useful.

Everyone knew that the new emperor was cold and had terrifying and cruel methods.  After he officially took over the court, no enemies dared to invade.

Each time there were rumours that emperor Feng was drunk, enemies would invade, but not a single person was left after meeting the army led by Feng Qian Che.

Over time, the new emperor Feng of the Feng Country became famous.

Without knowing why, just hearing the small things about Feng Qian Che that a bystander said made her heart throb.

It was just a snap of a finger for her, but it was a lonely seven years for Feng Qian Che.

He had emptied the harem for her just like he had promised back then.

Even if it was rumoured that he avoided women and preferred men, he didn’t care.

Feng Qian Che was a proud person, but he actually……didn’t care……

Thinking of this, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she forced herself to calm down.

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