Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2090: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (64)

“How can you be like this, wu, wu, wu, wu, wu, wu——”

When Luo Qing Chen was about to lie down for an afternoon nap to calm down, there was a loud sound that came from the entrance of the inn that caught her attention.

“It’s Xiao Yue’s voice……”  She muttered before putting on a coat and walking out.

The winter was cold and snow filled the air.  This weather couldn’t help making people feel a bit desolate.

Xiao Yue was standing at the door holding a cactus in her hand with red eyes.

Standing in front of her was a well dressed man with a handsome face and graceful demeanor.

There were many bystanders gathered around, having been attracted by Xiao Yue’s cries.

Luo Qing Chen’s eyes fell onto the plum blossom in the young man’s hands.  Plum blossoms really were arrogant flowers, they could even bloom like this in deep winter.

Other than Xiao Yue and the young man, there was an old man who was carrying a pole with flowers that he was selling.

In this cold weather, the only flowers and plants that he sold were plum blossoms and cacti.

The old man was a merchant, so in order to make a living in this cold weather, he would exaggerate his flowers.

This was also what Luo Qing Chen had heard from the gossipers around her.

“As long as it’s my uncle Liang’s flowers, not only do they bloom proudly in winter, they can even attract butterflies.”

Xiao Yue pointed at the cactus and said, “Can it also attract butterflies?”

“Of course!  Cacti are the best flowers!”

The principal graduate Ye Yan who happened to return to the inn stopped and picked up the plum blossom as he said in a proud voice, “Even if butterflies could be attracted in this weather, it wouldn’t be the cactus in your hand, but rather this plum blossom.”

Xiao Yue started to cry when she heard this.

The gossipers around them also told her that Xiao Yue and Ye Yan were childhood friends.

Xiao Yue had lost both her parents at a young age and the owner had given her a place to live when he saw her begging on the streets.

She had been playing with Ye Yan since they were young.  Ye Ya was so smart that he could understand anything.  The things that Xiao Yue took a long time to study, Ye Yan could give her an answer in minutes.

Over time, Xiao Yue started hating people like Ye Yan.  He was number one no matter what, standing far above others.

Even in the imperial exam, he was able to take first place.

The most important thing was that this principal graduate liked to go against everything she said.  If she said one, he said two.  Even if it couldn’t be explained, Ye Yan would make it sound like he was right.

Xiao Yue was in a bad mood recently.  The owner had always asked her to observe the women who came and if there was a good one, she should introduce her to Ye Yan.

There was a very strange feeling in Xiao Yue’s heart, like there was a stone that was pressing down on it.

And at this time, Ye Yan had come to provoke her!

He clearly knew that her favourite flower was the cactus, but he still went against her.

Why did she like the cactus?  It was probably the cactus was like her!  It didn’t look good, but it was strong no matter what.

“Xiao Yue, don’t cry.  You should read more books, when have you seen a cactus attract butterflies?”  Ye Yan gave a shrug before saying with a chuckle, “Otherwise, stop being a joke for others.”

Hearing Ye Yan’s proud tone, it sounded strangely uncomfortable.

“Such an arrogant tone!”  Luo Qing Chen looked up.  Her white clothes fluttered as a slight chill appeared in her eyes.

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