Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2094: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (68)

Ye Yan was stunned as he couldn’t help feeling a bit of fear seeing Feng Qian Che’s gaze.

He had been coming to drink in the palace with the emperor for some time now.  His eyes were always indifferent and cold.  Those eyes could see through everything and no one could see through them.

But just now in his eyes, he had seen a bit of……humanity.

“Your story must be very good.  If it isn’t, this one’s wine might turn into a punishment.”  Feng Qian Che narrowed his eyes.  He picked up a second jug and drained all the Peach Blossom Drunk inside.

Actually, he had been touched just now.  The memories of the past seemed far away, but also close by.

He remembered that year in the Eastern Palace, when she stood in front of the guzheng in those white clothes.  She had plucked a string and the beautiful sound rang out as thousands of butterflies flew towards her.

That scene had been incredibly beautiful and she had been so radiant.

But in this lifetime, it would only be in his dream that he could see her again.

In the past seven years, others felt that he was aloof with all kinds of power and glory.

But in fact……he knew that he was living worse than a normal person.

On countless nights, he relied on wine to numb himself.  This peach blossom wine was something filled with lovesickness and he would miss her too much if he drank too much.

He found that his memories had become very strange during this time.  The closer things were, the less clear they were and the further things were, the deeper they were.

“This is a story about me and Xiao Yue……”

“What?”  He was pulled back from his mixed thoughts by Ye Yan’s words.  He slightly knitted his brows as a dark glow appeared in his eyes.

“Emperor……it can’t be that you’re not listening, right!”  Ye Yan revealed an awkward smile.  He felt that he had been telling a touching story for a long time, but the other side wasn’t listening at all.

“Un, I wasn’t listening.”  Feng Qian Che took a sip of his wine before answering honestly.

There were times that an overly honest answer could make people angry, but he didn’t dare show his anger even if there was anger in his heart.

After all, the person in front of him was no one else, it was the monarch of the country who stood aloof!

“Then does the emperor want to hear it again?”  Ye Yan had a bitter smile, but his tone was respectful.

“Speak.”  Feng Qian Chen answered concisely.

Ya Yan was one of the people who he admired or could talk to.

After all, smart people saved quite a bit of trouble.

Ye Yan cleared his throat and told the story of him and Xiao Yue again.  The fate of the two of them could be considered a turning point and Ye Yan had brought up a lot of personal emotions, so it could be considered a moving story.

Why was it touching?  It was because the eunuch who had been standing beside Feng Qian Che secretly wiped his tears.

But Feng Qian Che’s expression never changed from the beginning.

It wasn’t until Ye Yan finished that he slowly said, “What about the person that you said could attract butterflies?”

Feng Qian Che had listened to it again just to hear this part.

Ye Yan didn’t mention it at all.

“Oh!  It turns out the emperor wants to hear about her!”  Ye Yan’s expression changed a bit as he fell into thought before saying, “That woman truly is beautiful.  She didn’t seem like a local, dressed in her white robe, she was like a fairy that fell from the heavens.”

“This minister, are you sure that your words aren’t too exaggerated?”  Feng Qian Che narrowed his deep eyes as a sparkle appeared in them.

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