Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2097: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (71)

“I wonder, what else is the principal graduate about to say?”  Luo Qing Chen looked at him with a smug look.

After a while, Ye Yan helplessly shook his head and cupped his hands as he said with a faint smile, “I’m willing to bow down.”

“Although Xiao Yue is a bit impatient at times, I think you know her personality better than anyone.”  Luo Qing Chen patted Xiao Yue’s head and looked at Ye Yan like a big sister, “I won’t do something like being a matchmaker, it’s good that you understand yourself.”

As her voice fell, she gave a nod and walked out.

Ye Yan stopped her.

She thought that he would keep arguing with her, but he never thought that her words would make her tremble as her breath became faster.

“Miss, I’ve mentioned the story of you attracting butterflies to the emperor today and he is very interested, so he has invited you and Xiao Yue into the palace.”  Ye Yan awkwardly continued, “Although it’s a bit hasty and it’s true that I mishandled this matter, I hope that this miss can agree.”

There was a silence that filled the air.  It was as if one could even hear the sound of a pin dropping.

There was a cold breeze that came in that blew across her snow white clothes, loosening the ribbons that tied her hair.

Xiao Yue saw that no one spoke for a long time and slapped Ye Yan, “What is wrong with you?  You didn’t even ask big sister Qing and you made a decision.  That is the emperor, if big sister Qing doesn’t go, it would be a crime.  Aren’t you just making it difficult for her?  You really are too much……Wu, wu, wu, wu……”

As Xiao Yue spoke, she couldn’t help crying in grievance.

Ye Yan was surprised, but seeing her tears fall, he didn’t know what to do.

There were many things in this world that he could solve and if he had time, he could solve them all.  But only the problem with Xiao Yue was a dead end for him that he could never solve.

Although she frequently cried, he would feel his chest being stuffed every time she did.

“Don’t cry.  If the miss is unwilling, I’ll take the punishment myself……”  Her pursed his lips as he deeply knitted his brows.

“What time?”  Luo Qing Chen took a deep breath as her eyes trembled.

She was nervously, inexplicably nervous.  Her hand was covered in a cold sweat and her fingers were trembling.

“Three days later.  After the emperor has finished offering respects to the deceased empress, we will enter the palace.”



In these three days, Ye Yan’s final words had lingered in her mind.

The deceased empress, seven years.  An entire seven years had passed……

-Feng Qian Che, are you alright?

-Actually I don’t need to ask this stupid question because I know that you aren’t.

In the morning three days later, it was still snowing heavily, but the sky had cleared a bit.

Ye Yan led them into the palace through a side door and waited in a side hall for the ceremony to end.

“This place is so big!  It feels like I would get lost.”  Xiao Yue nervously pulled on her sleeve as she looked around.

Ye Yan slightly knitted his brows.  When he wanted to reprimand her, he swallowed his words.

“Miss Qing, please help me watch over Xiao Yue.  The palace is different from other places, coldness and killing can’t escape the rich and powerful.”  Ye Yan looked at the sky and said, “I’ll go to the main hall first.  You shouldn’t leave this place, I will be back soon.”

“Un.”  Luo Qing Chen said with a nod, “Go then.”

“Thank you, miss!”

“This principal graduate who’s willing to learn isn’t that hateful.”

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