Ghosts Know What I Experienced

Chapter 21.2: My treasure.

Chapter 21 Part 2

Meanwhile, in the outskirts of Mt. Li, near the First Emperor’s Terracotta Army Museum.

In the pitch-black night, there’s no vehicles coming and going in the quiet suburbs. On the contrary, there’s security guards patrolling incessantly in the Terracotta Army Museum. Two security guards held a flashlight as they patrolled all over, chatting and laughing about matters at home. They would never have thought that just a kilometer away, the big shots of the Xuanxue world were flying in the clouds at this time, continuously divining the heavenly law.

During the day, Tianji School’s Zhufeng-zhenren did a divination. It was determined that the thing that had escaped from the First Emperor’s Tomb absolutely had something to do with a Son of Heaven. It’s highly possible that it’s a real dragon emperor.

But just like Xi Jia had said, the emperor of the First Emperor’s Tomb should be only the First Emperor. Altogether, there were three generations in the Qin Dynasty. Aside from Qin San Shi, Ying Ziying, who was not well known to the masses, only Qin Shi Huang, Ying Zheng, and Qin Er Shi, Ying Huhai, were left.1

The First Emperor was always called the first emperor who had killed throughout the ages, burned and banned books, buried Confucian scholars alive, and unified the six states. This kind of firm and decisive person, how could there be nothing happening after escaping for two days?

Not to mention Huhai, history books have recorded that Qin Er Shi aggravated the Qin Dynasty’s punishments and the exorbitant taxes became even higher. Rather than saying the Qin Dynasty had ended in Qin San Shi’s hands, it would be better to say the Qin Dynasty’s demise was already doomed by Qin Er Shi. Moreover, Huhai had his own tomb and wasn’t buried in the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor at all.

The situation had already gone past two full days. All of the Xuanxue world’s seniors have gathered in the skies above the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor.

A Zhufeng-zhenren toppled over, and there were innumerable masters of Tianji School still standing.

Zhufeng-zhenren’s younger martial brother, Zhuzhao-zhenren, was a level lower than the sect master and Tianji School’s Elder with the highest seniority.

Thus, above the Mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor, Zhuzhao-zhenren stroked his long beard and stood high in the clouds, unceasingly calculating the divination. And on the ground, the other masters of Tianji School also have their heads lowered and eyebrows tightly knitted. Some were using tortoise shells while some were using sticks. They used all means, divining non-stop.

Qishan-daoren had already brought his son, rushing over from the distant parts of Haicheng. Qishan-daoren wasn’t good at divining at all, and he also showed no interest in joining these fortune-telling Celestial Masters. The moment the old man arrived at the First Emperor’s Tomb, his eyes sparkled and immediately saw Ye Jingzhi who was contently standing alone outside of the crowd.

Stroking his beard, Qishan-daoren threw away his family’s worthless 64 year old son who still didn’t know how to fly to the ground, not caring about his son’s painful howl of “Dad, can’t you give me some face?!” and immediately flew to Ye Jingzhi’s side.

“Young Daoist Ye!”

Ye Jingzhi raised his head to look and indifferently nodded his head, “Senior Qishan.”

Qishan-daoren circled two laps around Ye Jingzhi. The more he looked, the more he felt this was amusing. He so wanted to ask immediately, “Just who is your fiancée?” However, even though Qishan-daoren was extremely gossipy, he also needed some face. Therefore in the end, he ambiguously asked a sentence, “When will you take a wife? This old man……this old man and your master had a good relationship in the past, will host your wedding, ah.”

Ye Jingzhi calmly said, “The matter of the First Emperor’s Tomb is quite grave. Before this crisis is settled, this junior doesn’t dare to think about personal matters.”

Qishan-daoren, “……”

After muttering a “really is a moral model that even selfish desires are all gone,” he stood to the side and patiently waited for the result of the divination to come out.

When Qishan-daoren said these words, Zhuzhao-zhenren was standing not far away and they naturally entered his ears. In this world besides “Ghosts Know”’s official staff and Xi Jia himself, there’s only Zhuzhao-zhenren that knew it was he himself that gave the scoop from last week to “Ghosts Know”, and it was even treated as fake news.

This time he came to the First Emperor’s Tomb. Zhuzhao-zhenren’s eyes darkened the moment he saw Ye Jingzhi and remembered his debt of 60,000+ points.

60,000+ points!

This old man was good at divinations, not good at hunting ghosts, and even worse at refining magic treasures. This was great, more than 30,000 points have been saved for more than a year. In a blink of an eye, it became a negative number, and it was even more than doubled!

Seeing Ye Jingzhi, Zhuzhao-zhenren nearly wanted to knock his head against him and take him down along with himself. Now, he’s fortune-telling while looking at Ye Jingzhi. The more he looked, the angrier he got. The more he looked, the more his heart ached. Originally, Zhuzhao-zhenren was extremely unreliable. He simply can’t be compared to his senior martial brother, Zhufeng-zhenren. Now it’s great, he painstakingly couldn’t calculate any divinations. Everyone stood at the First Emperor’s Tomb the entire day.

The night hung low, and the moon rose to its peak.

When the soft moonlight passed though Mt. Li and slowly fell down, Ye Jingzhi wrinkled his brows and turned his body to leave.

Qishan-daoren promptly stopped him, “Hey hey hey, Young Daoist Ye, how could you just leave?! The result hasn’t even been calculated yet.”

Ye Jingzhi politely saluted with a calm expression and coldly said, “This junior is simply not adept at divinations. This junior only knows how to hunt ghosts. When Senior Zhuzhao figures out the whereabouts of that thing, this junior will come again without delay.”

What he really means: I only know how to fight. There’s no fighting right now, what am I still doing here?

Once his words fell, Ye Jingzhi turned and left, heading towards downtown Chang’an. Looking at his retreating figure, Qishan-daoren stroked his beard, thinking that it made awful sense. The old man thought for a bit and sneakily prepared to leave when he heard a serious voice, “Qishan, quickly come to strengthen the First Emperor barrier.”

Qishan-daoren, “……”

Why could that Ye Jingzhi escape, and this old man could not? Unacceptable!

At midnight, cold wind blew through the First Emperor’s Tomb of Mt. Li. The several hundred Celestial Masters who were guarding here took out their cells phones on the dot. Bored, they opened WeChat to take a look at today’s gossip. Qishan-daoren’s hand itched very much. The strengthening of the barrier didn’t require him to do anything. Just standing in the middle of the formation and sending out magic power would be fine.

But in the next moment, a heaven shaking howl sounded.

“Who would want to especially see the First Emperor’s Tomb’s special edition, ah!”

“This old man is here at the First Emperor’s Tomb. The things that has happened at the First Emperor’s Tomb, this old man knows them all. Who would want to see this kind of broken thing!”

“Zhufeng-zhenren had vomited blood and fainted, a purple aura of a real dragon flew out from the First Emperor’s Tomb……What kind of news is this?! Refund, refund!”

Qishan-daoren’s eyes flashed black and nearly lost consciousness, “Special issue, special topic……special issue……special topic……Don’t tell me that for each day the situation at the First Emperor is not resolved, ‘Ghosts Know’ will not give out new gossip? Fucking hell! This old man is coming, which malicious ghost actually dares to escape out of the First Emperor’s Tomb, this old man will beat you until your soul flies away and scatters!!!”

Anguished howls resounded above the First Emperor’s Tomb, and Ye Jingzhi already flew away from the outskirts. He rapidly flew over the outskirts of Chang’an’s movie city. When he flew over the skies of the movie city, he abruptly stopped.

Even if it’s very late at night, there are still crews shooting in the movie city. Ye Jingzhi’s gaze quickly swept over them. In the end, he found a strand of Xi Jia’s presence at Zhu Que Street. He settled his heart and quickly departed again.

Just when he flew away from the movie city, in the crew that’s still working in the middle of the night, a bit-part leader brought three people to the director, laughing, “Director Liu, look, how are these three people? The three bit-parts we invited during the daytime were actually pulled over by other crews at night. It’s already the middle of the night, I could only find these three. Would you like to see them?”

The one called Director Liu was a very well-known director recently in Huaxia. His family had a lot of money. At the beginning of this year, he bought the copyright to a big IP novel, Da Qin, and it’s currently in the middle of filming.2

Hearing the bit-part leader’s words, Director Liu lowered his eyes, swept a glance at the three people in front, and impatiently waved his hand, “Okay, okay, we’ll take them. As three eunuchs, just standing on the stage is okay. This one wearing the black stage costume is not bad, and the wig is also very realistic. Just wearing a hat will do. There’s not enough eunuch’s clothes. It’s night so no one can see clearly.”

The bit-part leader smiled along repeatedly and prepared to leave with the three people. Who would’ve guessed that before he could take a step, he heard a low and calm voice, “Black is for the most respected. How could a palace eunuch wear this class of color? In Da Qin, only the emperor has such rights to do so.”

Director Liu was stunned and finally opened his eyes to look at this little bit-part actor. He could forget it if he didn’t look, but once he looked, he was still frozen in place. Director Liu also would have never thought that this random bit-part’s temperament was actually pretty good. Looking carefully, this face was also very good.

However, if even a random bit-part dared to refute him, then how could he still do his job?

Director Liu scoffed, “I don’t want this person, it’s okay to just leave these two .”

The bit-part leader’s face stiffened, “Y…Y-yes.”

With one less person, he would get less money. How could he be happy?

After the other two were brought into the crew, the bit-part leader impatiently drove the black robed man out. The man originally wanted to lash out, but after seeing the bit-part leader’s dissatisfied appearance and looking that the short hair and weird clothes again, he slowly became silent and didn’t say more.

“Can’t even play a small role. My god, if it weren’t for me not finding anyone in the middle of the night, laozi won’t even take a glance at you in the eyes.”

The black clothed man stood outside of the crew and distantly looked at the two bit-parts put on black clothes and hats. They walked into the main hall that was set up and stood with their heads lowered, acting as eunuchs.

A black clothed eunuch was like the sunlight, piercing his eyes until they were somewhat painful, sore, and swollen.

A minute later.


“What happened? How did the ceiling fall down? Who set up the stage?”

“Shit, a machine got smashed.”

“No one got hit right? Then that’s good, that’s good. Quickly fix things up! Stage props crew, come over!”

On the empty Zhu Que Street, a tall and thin figure slowly walked. The bright moonlight shined on his body. But once the moonlight shined down, the black brocade gown actually reflected some golden light. The golden threads were hidden and couldn’t be noticed unless moonlight shined on them. What a work of embroidery!

The gentle-faced man walked step by step to the movie city’s entrance. He just took a step out, and withdrew his foot.

Out of the entrance of the movie city, he could distantly see a city that never slept. Although the movie city behind him was unfamiliar, it were still some familiar shadows. However, that distant downtown Chang’an’s brightness made people feel fear, like a city of immortals, stabbing the man’s heart.

In this world, where did it still have a shadow of the past?

“We didn’t guard Da Qin……”

“It was Us, it was Us that didn’t guard Da Qin……”

Translator’s Addition:
Mirror: *flies through the skies and catches a whiff of C+’s scent* Oh, Wife was here. *blushes and wags tail*

Translator’s Notes:
1 Might be confusing with all the commas. High profile people have so many names: their birth names, titles, posthumus names, and possibly more. Naming customs were different back then, personal names were not combined with their ancestral/clan names. So Ying Huhai is more known as just Huhai, Ying Ziying as just Ziying. A last name’s not attached.
Qin Shi Huang – literally First Emperor of Qin, his regnal name. Personal name is Ying Zheng.
Qin Er Shi – literally Second Generation of Qin, regnal name. Personal name is Ying Huhai.
Qin San Shi – literally Third Generation of Qin, regnal name. Personal name is Ying Ziying.
2 IP – intellectual property.

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