In the World of Crawling Dead The Record of War of a Certain High School

Chapter 21 - Invader and Miscalculations

Like the day before, five people were left in the room.

The supply procurement team would be taking on cleaning up the enemy and capturing, but they were completely peaceful.

If there weren’t any big problems, there was no signs of zombies coming.

Running out of things to talk about, each of them were copying information on the internet and writing it on paper.

It was just like during a regular test.


The sound reverberated inside the silent room.

“Hmm? Didn’t you hear that just now?”

Each of them answered Hazuki’s questions that they had heard it.

While pondering what kind of sound that was, a sound was heard again.

Bang… Bang…

It came from above.

It was the sound of something knocking hard on metal.

“Isn’t this pretty bad…”

Rei stood up and picked up a metal bat.

Daiki stood up as well and strained his ears.

Bang… Bang… Bang…

He felt like he could hear the sound coming closer.


“Everyone, stand back!”

The moment Miu let out a sharp voice, something red broke through the ceiling.


Sakura screamed.

Tension rose.

What was this living thing?

That red lump slowly rose up.

It had proper arms and legs.

The body was somewhat round, and if they would apply it to an animal they knew of, it would be a frog.

However, since it had a long body like humans, it didn’t look like a frog.

It had closed eyes and didn’t show any sign of opening them.

The frog’s face swung about, looking like it surveyed its surroundings, and headed for Sakura.

Then, it slowly bent backward and started making a sound with its throat.

Something was coming.

“Sakura, watch out!”

Daiki pushed Sakura in a hurry, and she flew back.

At the same time, the frog’s tongue passed below Daiki’s hand by a few centimeters.

“This, with its tongue!”

The tongue pierced the wall, then returned to the frog.

He set his thoughts that had come to a stop at full speed and started thinking of a plan to survive.

However, the only thing that came to mind was how to escape.

Though, since we had to protect the supplies, we couldn’t escape.

Still, even though he thought that, his legs naturally faced the exit.

His grip holding the bat was sweaty.

The frog bent backward once again. This time, it faced this way.


Throwing himself to the side, the window, where he had been just a moment ago, cracked.

There was probably no doubt that you would die if you were hit.

At the time his fighting spirit had already disappeared and he felt like throwing everything away and run, he heard a war cry.


The mood trembled, and the frog stared fixedly at the owner of the voice.

It was Daiki.

To show a clear battle will in front of an unknown enemy was reckless to the point of it being laughable.

However, Daiki was probably not thinking of anything.

Only, a force close to the instinct of wanting to protect made Daiki move.

After Daiki raised his voice, he charged into the frog.

And, swinging his bat sideways, he slammed it into the frog’s head.

By doing that, what happened was that the frog’s neck completely turned 180 degrees, and fell down in the same place.

“How was that!”

“Did it… die?”

He stood up and approached Daiki.

Daiki kicked the frog’s head, and the frog didn’t move in the slightest.  

He was a little let-down at the anticlimactic end.

“Well… But this frog…”

Daiki squatted at the side of the frog, he struck the frog’s head loudly.

There was no reaction from it.

Apparently, it seemed to be dead.

“That was dangerous…”

Daiki turned toward the girls.

However, he saw it.

The frog’s neck slowly turned in his direction.

“Daiki! Step back!”


Daiki was blown away.

Sweeping its arm sideways, the frog captured Daiki and threw him against the wall.


Wanting to find something he could grab a hold of, he gripped the curtains, and pulling on it, he fell over.

Being illuminated by the morning sun from the window, Daiki remained still.

The frog showed a wide grin and made a sound with its throat happily.

It was no good.

This fellow had purposely played dead and enjoyed their reactions.

Right, there was no simple way of winning from the start.

In the first place, for a no-good like him to have lived until now was a miracle.

If Ryou hadn’t been there, he would have been dead already.

It had only been one day, the extension of time from the gods had already passed.

Dumbfounded, he stood stock-still.

What should he do?

Was it good to just die like this, or should he run…


Miu’s voice pulled him back from his deep thoughts.

Miu rushed over to Daiki’s side and rocked his big body.


What the heck was he thinking about?

Wasn’t the answer already decided from the start?

“Hey, monster…”

The frog looked at me.

It might be able to communicate with it.

However, that matter didn’t matter.

What he would be doing now was expressing his feelings.

It was related to his own declaration of war.

If he didn’t do it now, he would forever be a good-for-nothing.

The sunlight was reflected on the broken glass and glittered.

“Are you ridiculing and laughing at us…? Don’t screw around…! There’s no way you have the power of looking down on Daiki!”

The frog tilted its head.

Can you do anything about it?

It looked at him, seemingly asking that.

What he had to do was create a way to survive through the various knowledge he had accumulated so far.

Even if it was from anime, light novels, conversations with friends, or even mass media, anything was fine.

He would concentrate on the knowledge he possessed and win.

Nerds had a nerd’s stubborn will, and good-for-nothings had theirs.

He stretched out his hand for a piece of broken glass and turned his other hand to the hallway.

His skin was scratched, but he didn’t care about the blood coming out.

Taking a deep breath, he calmed down his heart.

“In the past, I saw something on TV. If rabies was combined with a highly infectious virus like influenza, it would become something like a biohazard. The cause of the zombies might be this. And so I thought. Why do you keep having your eyes closed? Wouldn’t it be easier to get information about the surroundings if you opened your eyes? …Rabies has hydrophobia, but it’s not that they’re afraid of water, instead, it’s the reflection of light in the water that they don’t like. Therefore, since you have your eyes closed, you might meet that condition, is what I think.”

However, the expression of the frog was composed.

Its expression seemed to say “And so what?”

“I will bet that you have the same symptoms as rabies have!”

He folded his hand stretching out to the hallway with the other and slammed it against the wall.

By doing that, the shrill sound of the sprinklers letting out water resounded.

And then, the frog,


Opened its eyes.

“ ‘Opening the eyes wide in surprise’. Animals are sensitive to loud sounds and will open their eyes in order to get information. Their own will is irrelevant, it’s their instinct to do so.”

Grasping the metal bat tightly, he approached the frog.

The frog was twitching.

Assaulting was foolish, and it could no longer move its limbs.

“Don’t look down on good-for-nothings!”

He slammed the frog with the bat.

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