Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2101: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (75)

He didn’t want to start killing on her death anniversary, but it seemed like he had no choice.

Ye Yan under the high seat tightly knitted his brows as he strangely felt uneasy.

The moment that the eunuch announced that court was over, he immediately headed to the pavilion to the north.

But seeing that no one was there, his heart jumped to his throat as he clenched his fists, “Oh no!”


At the entrance to the cemetery.

The shards of the stone tablet were scattered in the white snow.

Refracting the sun, it released a beautiful and colourful glow.

Wang Yan and Chen Xi standing on the side had proud looks on their faces as they revealed sly smiles.

“God!  This……Who is bold enough to shatter the stone tablet of the emperor.”  Eunuch Gao clearly had never experienced this before and he couldn’t stop the fast beating of his heart.  He didn’t even dare look at Feng Qian Che’s expression as his heart filled with fear.

Since Feng Qian Che had become the emperor, everyone in the court knew that he built a cemetery in the royal palace.

He had spent countless materials and used much manpower to finish it after three months.

After it was finished, other than going to court or handling other important matters with the nation, Feng Qian Che spent almost all of his time in this cemetery.

Drinking from day to night.

It was because everyone knew the position the previous empress had in Feng Qian Che’s heart that no one dared to enter this land.

There were some palace maids or some eunuchs that accidentally went in.  The eyes of the women were gouged out and the men were directly killed.

This was where emperor Feng’s brutal title came from.

There was now someone who didn’t fear death who had cut this stone tablet and entered the cemetery.

“No matter who it is, they will not see the sun tomorrow.”  Feng Qian Che narrowed his cold eyes.  The chill in his eyes could freeze everyone and it was a chill that spread a thousand miles.

“Reporting to the emperor, Yan Yan tried to persuade the two girls not to go in, but they cut the stone tablet and still went in!”  Chen Xi saw Feng Qian Che’s furious expression and added oil to the fire.

Wang Yan immediately understood and rolled up the sleeve of her right hand before saying in a tearful voice, “Reporting to the emperor, Yan Yan knew that this was the forbidden place of the palace and tried to stop them, but they pushed Yan Yan to the ground…..”

Feng Qian Che heard this and slightly knitted his brows.

He didn’t even look at Wang Yan or Chen Xi, nor did he respond to them.  He just felt it was a bit strange.  If the other side hadn’t entered this place by mistake and someone stopped them, how could they cut the stone tablet and still go in?

His mind quickly turned and came up with two possibilities.

One, the words of these two were impossible.  Two, the person who went in was an enemy with a deep grudge against him.

Only people with deep grudges would trample on his weakness without caring, even if they knew that this was a place they couldn’t violate.

“Everyone listen to my orders.”  He narrowed cold eyes and said, “Enter the cemetery and no matter who you see, kill them all.”


“I only want corpses, no living people.”  His voice was ice cold and it was like a chill that came from hell.

Everyone looked at each other before Mo Hu who was in the lead said, “Yes.”

As soon as his voice fell, everyone headed into the cemetery together.

There was no one in this world who could enter this place without his permission and if they trespassed on this land, they wouldn’t be able to come out alive!

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