Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2102: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (76)

When Ye Yan arrived, the imperial guards had already entered the cemetery.

His heart skipped a beat and his face turned pale.  Without a single word, he kneeled down and said, “Emperor, please allow this minister to go in and take a look.”

Feng Qian Che narrowed his eyes and pulled the saber from his waist to place at his neck, “What is it, is it someone you know who’s in there?”

“This minister isn’t certain, but……”  Ye Yan gritted his teeth and said, “The two this minister brought are gone.”

He also hoped that it wasn’t them, but the chaotic thoughts made him very anxious.

“The two people brought in by the principal graduate, was one of them wearing a green dress and dressed like a man and the other an arrogant person in white clothes?”  Wang Yan immediately asked after seeing this.

After all, the principal graduate and her father were against each other in court, so killing two birds with one stone was a good thing.

Ye Yan felt like the sky was collapsing at this time.  He tightly clenched his fists and lowered his head, “Yes.”

“Reporting to the emperor, it’s them!”  Wang Yan revealed a cold and dark smile, “The principal graduate’s friends really are.  It’s fine if you go in, but why do you have to cut the stone tablet?  Don’t you know about respecting the deceased?”

Wang Yan’s righteous words had made this matter burning hot.

But smart people knew that she was trying to provoke the relationship between Ye Yan and Feng Qian Che.

But Feng Qian Che’s thoughts were in a very restless state at this moment.

He put his long sword back and a trail of blood was left.

Ye Yan didn’t dodge it and just closed his eyes to say, “If it really is the two of them who entered the previous empress’ cemetery, I’m willing to use my life to exchange for their lives.”

Until now, he had always been very afraid that the bold Xiao Yue would cause trouble sooner or later.

So he had always worked hard, even spending several generations of effort just to climb to the highest position so he could protect her.

He had never expected the day to come this soon.  He hadn’t even revealed his feelings for her yet…..

“In this one’s world, one life can only be exchanged for one life.”  Feng Qian Che’s eyes were very cold.  In those dark eyes, every bit of light that could be seen had been replaced by darkness.


At the same time, five hundred meters away from the entrance to the cemetery.

Luo Qing Chen and Xiao Yue met the imperial guards led by Mo Hu.

“How bold, daring to trespass on the previous empress’ cemetery!”  Mo Hu stood in front of sword in hand as he looked at Luo Qing Chen and Xiao Yue, “All imperial guards listen to the orders.  The emperor has given the order to not leave a single one alive, only corpses are allowed.”

“Big sister.”  Xiao Yue called out in shock beside her as her face turned pale.

Luo Qing Chen’s face was still calm as she narrowed her eyes to look at Mo Hu in front of her, “After seven years, sir Mo really hasn’t changed at all.”

Other than deeper eye sockets and slightly more pale temples, he hadn’t changed at all.

“It seems like you know me.”  Mo Hu knitted his brows as he couldn’t stop his heart from being moved.

After all, the girl in front of him was just too beautiful.  He had lived all these years and he had never seen such a beautiful person.

This woman may not necessarily be a blessing, but rather a disaster.

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