Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2105: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (79)

Everyone took a cold breath at that moment.  Even Wang Yan and Chen Xi who kept chattering were shocked.

She actually……dared to call the emperor by his name.

Could it be that she felt she could do whatever she wanted with a bit of martial arts?  This was the royal palace, even if she was a peerless expert, she couldn’t escape.

“Qing……Big sister Qing……”  Xiao Yue’s face turned even more pale and her lips didn’t have a single trace of blood in them.

She knew that she was proud and confident, she also knew that she had abilities and the courage that others didn’t.

But…..she couldn’t call…..emperor Feng by his full name!

Feng Qian Che narrowed his eyes.  After a while, he walked towards her step by step.

“Emperor, don’t go over……”

Feng Qian Che narrowed his cold eyes and released a powerful aura that made no one dare to look at him.

Except Luo Qing Chen……

She just seriously looked at him like this.

“Miss Qing……Don’t say anything!”  Ye Yan deeply knitted his brows.  It was probably impossible to exchange a life for a life now.

He didn’t know why she wanted to die, saying things like this……

“Someone once used a floating lantern to make a wish, saying something quite sensational.”  Luo Qing Chen tilted her head as a small tear appeared in her eyes, “The flowers bloom in the dream, waiting for you to come.  Holding the hands of the child, guarding them together.”


Silence, silence, a deathly silence.

In that white snow, her faint smile looked so familiar in his eyes.

Feng Qian Che trembled as he froze on the spot.  In the depths of his rotten heart, there was a small sprout that appeared that bloomed into a light pink peach blossom in a few seconds.  This was the most realistic portrayal of his heart.

Seeing that he didn’t say anything, Luo Qing Chen slowly raised her Phoenix Dance Sword and said with a smile, “We didn’t decide a winner when we first met by the river, how about we have a match now?”

The snow fell and the flower petals scattered in the Ten Mile Peach Blossom.

He quickly moved forward, heading in Luo Qing Chen’s direction.

In front of everyone’s shocked gaze, he raised his right hand and grabbed her snow white ribbon, pulling her into his arms.

Actually, he had been waiting, waiting for a miracle.

Because she had told him that she wasn’t the real Luo Family young miss, she was just a soul that was given a body.

The flames had burned her body, but they couldn’t burn her soul.

He had been waiting, doing all he could to wait.  Every minute, every second……

“Feng Qian Che……”  She could feel the strength in his arms, using all of his strength to hold her, that kind of passion.

“Un……”  He softly muttered in a voice that couldn’t stop trembling.

“I’m back……”

He didn’t reply, he just tightly held her without asking a thing.

There was only her in his heart, he didn’t ask her when she would come back……

It was unknown how long it took before he let her go.

Whether it was Chen Xi and Wang Yan who kept chattering, Xiao Yue and Ye Yan kneeling on the ground accompanying each other in life and death, or the imperial guard leader Mo Hu, no one had said a word.

Other than Mo Hu, no one had ever seen Feng Qian Che like this.

He was no longer an ice cold emperor, but rather a normal person, one with flesh and blood.

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