Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2107: Palace wine drunk peach blossom (81)

Everyone knew that in the seventh year of the dynasty, there was a new master in the harem.

She had a nation collapsing beauty and an arrogance that people couldn’t match in her eyes.  She became the emperor Feng’s favourite and was conferred as the empress seven days later.

The original previous empress’ cemetery was rebuilt and was no longer a forbidden area.

It was said that the daughters of two ministers wanted to frame the new empress, so their tongues were cut off and their heads fell to the ground.

Killing chickens to warn monkeys.  This move from emperor Feng was to tell everyone in the world the new empress’ position in the palace and in his heart.

Splendid Palace.

The light was bright and there was a faint scent of sandalwood in the air.

Feng Qian Che had moved the hall from the Eastern Palace over and changed it to a new name.

When Luo Qing Chen walked in, her eyes turned red.

Every flower, every plant, every table, every chair, every single place was the same as the Splendid Hall from the Eastern Palace.

She was stunned before she bit her lips to stop the tears from falling.

“I rarely come here, but I can’t help it.”  Feng Qian Che tried his best to control his emotions as he took a deep breath and said, “When I stand here, I feel that nothing has changed.  There was no fire, there was no falling building, and you are still here.”

That fire had taken all the hope in his life, no one could understand how much willpower it took for him to live.

The rise and fall of the country, or the rich fragrance of the peace blossom wine……

No, it wasn’t either of that……

What allowed him to hold on was nothing more than the story that she had told him about her soul.

He had been waiting with this little hope, waiting for the miracle that could make the entire world break out in laughter.

He blew out the flame.  Luo Qing Chen was stunned, but the dark room slowly lit up.

It was the Night Pearl that she gave him.  In this endless darkness, it gave him the hope to keep living.

“You kept it……”  Luo Qing Chen closed her eyes as her hands trembled, “I suddenly remembered what I said to you on that day, it actually became a prophecy.”

This is called the Night Pearl, it will light up at night!  Even if I’m not here and no one gives you a lantern, it will light up the Splendid Hall!

“When I remembered these words, I couldn’t help laughing at myself.  Did you know it would end like this?”

“I didn’t know!”  Luo Qing Chen looked up at him with a sparkle in her eyes, “If I knew, I definitely wouldn’t have spared Lan Ling Qian!”

“Don’t mention that person to this one.”  His face was nervous as he pulled her into a princess carry, “If this one knew, this one would have killed her when this one killed their family.”

It was Feng Qian Che who killed Lan Ling Qian’s family back then.

Lan Ling Qian’s father belonged to the ninth prince and had some reputation in Jianghu.

In order to stop the forces of Jianghu from working with the ninth prince’s forces in the court, he decided to send spies into the Lan Manor to find a chance to poison them and then kill their entire family.

On the soft couch, she leaned against him as she listened to him telling her about what happened before.  As he played with her hair, his heart was at peace.

It seemed like there were consequences for every action in this world.  It was Feng Qian Che’s sin in killing Lan Ling Qian’s family that made Lan Ling Qian wildly fall in love with him, not even sparing the people he loved.

God was fair and you would be punished for your sins.

Luo Qing Chen didn’t comment on whether it was right or wrong for Feng Qian Che to destroy Lan Ling Qian’s family.  Perhaps in this world, if you don’t move first, the one to die will be you.

But when he spared Lan Ling Qian, he left trouble for himself.

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