Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2109: Side story: For a lifetime, may you shine brightly (Part 1)

The emperor broke the treasure chest and countless Night Pearls fell to the ground.  The sky full of stars that I saw was still in your eyes.  ——Feng Qian Che.

The first time we met, she was in a story state, but there was an arrogance in her eyes that no one else had.

Although she looked very scared, I knew that she was calmer than anyone.

Even when she stepped on the bell my mother gave me, she didn’t show the slightest bit of fear.

At that time, there was a bit of doubt in my heart.  What kind of abilities did this girl in front of me have to act this calm?

Facts proved that she did have the abilities.

I wielded my sword and although I didn’t use my full power, I didn’t want to let her win that much.   I could clearly feel that her moves were very new, but her physical strength couldn’t keep up with her martial arts.

Not long after, I gained the advantage with my physical strength.

She knew that the situation wasn’t good for her, so she acted weak and begged for mercy with a cute look on her face.

Un!  My heart softened at that moment.  Even if she had broken my mother’s bell, I wasn’t angry at all.

But I knew that I may have been a bit curious about her at that time, but I definitely hadn’t reached the level of liking yet.

Although I don’t know exactly when I fell in love with her.

The journey to Snow Peak Mountain was very smooth and I talked to her from time to time, seeing the understanding in her eyes.

When Dong Liang mentioned the most beautiful man in the world, she said three words without even thinking about it.

“Rong Mu Ling.”

Actually, although I wasn’t certain of her identity, I could make a general guess just by looking at her.

Then adding in the fact that she answered Rong Mu Ling without hesitation, I was more certain of her identity.

She was the daughter of the great scholar, Rong Mu Ling’s wife, Luo Qing Chen.

Hearing her say this, I strangely felt uncomfortable.

But what she said next filled my heart with joy.

She said, “I feel that you look better than him.”

Since I was young, there were many people who flattered me, but I had never felt this way before.

How I hoped that what she said was true, that really would make me happy.

When we approached Snow Peak Mountain, the temperature started to drop.  Seeing her shiver in the horse carriage, my heart strangely panicked.

When we were at the place closest to Snow Peak Mountain, I gave her some money to buy some supplies.

I thought that she would buy some heating supplies, but I never thought that she would only buy food……

It was a good thing that I had brought a jacket that she didn’t freeze.  I also asked Dong Liang to buy a pair of shoes so that her feet wouldn’t freeze……

Actually, I didn’t even know why I had done this at that time.

Was it to protect the weak?

But she wasn’t weak in front of me, rather strangely strong.  Especially when she held that red sword, with those clear eyes, she had an aura that normal people didn’t have.

It was probably those eyes that made my heart strangely start to throb.

I was thinking that perhaps I was thinking too much!

When Dong Liang betrayed me and I was in danger, I kept telling myself that I shouldn’t care about anything else in this dangerous situation.

Anyone could die, only I couldn’t……

But at that moment, I couldn’t let her go first.  I even said, “If someone follows you, deal with it yourself.”

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