Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2110: Side story: For a lifetime, may you shine brightly (Part 2)

Then whenever it was mentioned, she said that I wasn’t gentle enough.  Actually, it wasn’t that, but rather I…..didn’t dare face my own heart.

Since I could understand things, I didn’t have a mother.  The nanny who took care of me told me that there were no longer any people that could make me give up my life to protect in this world anymore.

You only needed to love yourself, that was enough.

If you were in danger one day, you only needed to protect your own life.  Also……women were disasters.

It was probably because of this nanny’s words that I felt that all girls were things that would confuse the mind.

It was a good thing that I was naturally indifferent and never liked anyone.

Until……that snowy day when I met her, overturning everything from the past.

At the moment of life and death, she firmly looked at me and made me charge the enemies.

When I jumped off the cliff, I couldn’t help wanting to protect her.  Even if I died, I wouldn’t go against it.

It was from that moment that I found that there could be people that would be more important than myself in my heart.

It turned out that I could use my life to protect someone.  Just like my mother in the past, ignoring everything……

In that building that was filled with my mother’s aura, I told her the story between my mother Ling Long and Bu Yi.

She was very moved and her eyes turned soft as she looked at me.

Actually, I didn’t care about this.  Everyone had the right to choose the one they loved, including the right to choose life and death.

But I never thought that there would be a day when I bid farewell to her.

After coming back from Snow Peak Mountain, I brought her into the Eastern Palace.  This was my first time bringing a woman into the Eastern Palace, so naturally all the servants in the palace knew her position in my heart and respected her more.

I liked this feeling very much.  Even if she hadn’t been conferred yet, everyone had treated her as the mistress.

Although I was very busy during that time, when I saw her after coming back, I felt very satisfied.

Actually, other than reporting my ninth brother’s matter to emperor Feng, I also secretly ordered someone to investigate her matters with Rong Mu Ling.

When I heard that she was left alone for three years, my heart wasn’t filled with jealousy, but pain.

She was clearly that excellent, but she was treated like this.  That Rong Mu Ling simply didn’t have eyes.

After I learned this matter, I decided to plan my birthday party.

I transplanted all the peach blossoms in ten miles of the city to my palace.  Rong Mu Ling was unwilling to give her a single peach blossom, I was willing to create ten miles of peach blossoms in the Eastern Palace.

That day, I invited Rong Sen and Rong Mu Ling.

They came filled with joy, thinking that I wanted to pull them over from my ninth brother.

But they didn’t know that I just wanted to show them the one I loved.

But there was an interlude.  A person that I wouldn’t even look at, Lan Ling Qian.

But I never thought that this trivial person would finally fill me with pain.

That day, the peach blossoms filled the air.  She stood at the entrance and I walked towards her step by step with my heart filled with excitement.

This was a ritual, telling everyone in the palace that the person in my hand was the only person that I loved.

Right, I had really kissed her in front of everyone, including Rong Mu Ling.

She had a look of panic as her face turned red.  In the seven years where I wished I could die, it kept appearing in my mind.

Forever lingering……

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