Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2111: Side story: For a lifetime, may you shine brightly (Part 3)

Seven years, how many seven years did a person have in their lives……

But I could wait.  Whether it was seven years or seventy years, as long as I wasn’t dead, I could wait.

A person who lived in darkness couldn’t give light.  When his life was filled with endless darkness, he was filled with pain.

That was how I felt at that time.

If I knew that Lan Ling Qian was that desperate to kill her, I would have personally taken her life at the birthday banquet.

It was my fault, it was all my fault……

In the seven years she left me, my regret kept growing and my character became violent.

Many people in court didn’t like me, but I never lost a single battle.

Some words were useless, only actions could stop their mouths.

Actually, I had done many things in those seven years.  The first thing was to put the Night Pearl she gave me in the most prominent place in my hall.

Then I took down all the useless sleeping quarters in the harem and built the Ten Miles Peach Blossom.

After carefully planning it, the Ten Miles Peach Blossom was completed the next spring and I built her cemetery at the end of it.

This was a silent place and no one could disturb her.

Those years passed and whoever trespassed in this world, whether they were old, weak, women, or children, I killed them all.

There were some righteous people in court who said I was a tyrant, but I directly admitted it in court and cut off their heads.

So what if I was a tyrant?  I had something to protect, it was like this in this life, should I accommodate others?

It was because of my personality that the people in court feared me.  There were few who could talk to me, Ye Yan was one of those people.

He was filled with talent and poems, but the most important thing was that……he liked drinking peach blossom wine.  It was my first time seeing someone who could drink as much as me.

We would meet in the Ten Miles Peach Blossom almost every night.  He told me some interesting stories that mostly went in one year and out the other.

Sometimes when my thoughts drifted to the past, his story was already over.

Until one day when he came late.  He said to me with a look of understanding that there really were people who could call butterflies in this world.

I clearly remembered how I felt at that time in the years that came later.  My body was void of all strength and the wine glass slipped out of my hand.

I knew that Ye Yan could see through my expression.  It was no use even if I forced myself to stay calm.

Being with the ruler was like being with a tiger, he was a smart person, so naturally he could read my heart based on my expressions.

Actually, I was strangely looking forward to meeting this girl who called the butterflies that night.  In my desperation, I remembered what she had told me about the body and the soul.

But this hope disappeared the moment that I learned that someone had trespassed in her cemetery.

Standing in front of the broken stone tablet, I was filled with killing intent.  No matter who it was, they wouldn’t get out alive.

Even if Ye Yan bitterly begged at my feet, it wouldn’t change my mind.

Until Mo Hu led those thirty injured imperial guards out, until she came out in that white dress with that peerless face, my mind crashed.  That heart that was already rotten had once again regained its vigor.

She was back, she must have gone through countless hardships to come back to my side.

When I held her, I swore that I wouldn’t let her leave my side in this life unless I died.

[Ding, congratulations on bringing a soul fragment into the Lead God Space. 34/100]

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