Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2114: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 3)

Di Fan Yu had just reached a thousand years old in that battle between demons and gods.  He had been an upper immortal at that time and after the trial of seven emotions, he was still an upper immortal.

No matter how hard you tried, you couldn’t become a god unless you passed your tribulation.  You couldn’t even be the weakest god.

But it couldn’t be blamed on him since becoming a god not only required being an immortal, it also required tempering.

Without truly encountering danger, naturally you couldn’t become a god.

In the Fire Phoenix Hall, with his jade like face that made him seem like an elegant young master, he had the noble aura that the son of the heavenly emperor would have.

The previous host sat above dressed in her scarlet red clothes with eyes filled with indifference.

“The Roaring Flame God is so powerful, I wonder if you would take me as a disciple?”  Di Fan Yu cupped his hands and said this.

The previous host had said in six concise words, “I do not need a disciple.”

The previous host had thought that with the noble status of the heavenly emperor’s son, he wouldn’t be interested after she had such a cold attitude.

But Di Fan Yu came at the same time the next day, giving the same request and being rejected by the previous host again.

The third day, the fourth day, the fifth day……This continued for another month.

Even the previous host had never thought that the beloved crown prince of the heavenly emperor and the empress would use such a forceful method to come to her Fire Phoenix Hall each day, it really was unbelievable.

Finally, when the thirty three heavens started talking about this, the previous host asked Di Fan Yu something.

“Why do you want to take me as your teacher?”

She thought that Di Fan Yu would be polite, saying that she had prestige, or that she was powerful, or even saying that she was beautiful.

But Di Fan Yu decisively answered——

“I want to become stronger.”

The heavenly emperor didn’t need to have great skills, he just needed the immortal bones of the royal family and a bit of skill in commanding others.  That would allow him to become a king in the righteous world.

This was the difference between the demons and gods.  Gods and immortals aimed to be higher and thought that destiny was defined, so they couldn’t go against it.

The emperor was the emperor and usurping the throne like the mortals was not something that gods and immortals would do.

The demon world was different.  In a world where ability was king, as long as you had the ability to kill the demon lord openly, you would become the next king of the demon world.

At that time, the previous host never thought that Di Fan Yu would be this direct.  There was a sparkle that appeared in her eyes.

In the end, she took Di Fan Yu as a disciple.

She didn’t personally teach him, but rather marked a spot on the map of the Sheng Luo Continent.

This place was the wilderness and there was a tower called the Soul Devouring Tower in the middle of the wilderness.

The Soul Devouring Tower would only appear once every thousand years.  There were a total of seven floors and each floor had a sinner of the demon or god race that had been punished by the heavens.

Their grievances were too strong after dying and their primordial spirits didn’t dissipate, so they went to the wilderness.

So each demon and monster in the Soul Devouring Tower had a high cultivation.  The higher you went, the stronger they were.

It was the year that the Soul Devouring Tower would open.  Countless demons, gods, and immortal cultivators went to the Soul Devouring Tower to eliminate the demons and monsters to temper themselves.

Until now, 80% of the people who had gone in hadn’t come out and of the remaining 20%, they had only reached the third floor at most.

In that year, the previous host said that she would kill her way to the sixth floor to become a god.

In the world of gods, slaying monsters and demons gave merit, which gave a chance to become a god.

The most dangerous place was the place closest to success, so the previous host had Di Fan Yu climb the Soul Devouring Tower.

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