Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 2115: Sir demon lord: Fairy please stay (Part 4)

Di Fan Yu listened to the previous host and went to the Soul Devouring Tower.  The heavenly emperor was worried that something would happen, so he sent the Moon Watching God to follow him.

The empress remembered this matter.  She felt that the gods that came from the wilderness were like not gods with traditional immortal bones.

The empress thought that she wasn’t determined in teaching her child, she even looked down on a god like her, but she was afraid of her power, so she didn’t say anything.

Di Fan Yu struggled to kill the monster in the Soul Devouring Tower at first and struggled to progress.

But he had superior natural immortal bones and the further he went, the smoother it became.

Although he only reached the third floor in the end, his cultivation had greatly improved.

After leaving the Soul Devouring Tower, Di Fan Yu had been unconscious in the heavenly palace for three months.

It was said that at the last moment, the Moon Watching God had helped him with a soul removing technique, or he might have died in the Soul Devouring Tower.

The empress personally went to the Fire Phoenix Hall to complain to the previous host, thinking that even if the Soul Devouring Tower was the best place to cultivate, it wasn’t a place that one could leave easily.

First, it was a shortcut that people looked down on and second, too many people died in the Soul Devouring Tower.

Di Fan Yu was the future heavenly emperor and whether he could become a god or not, he would be embraced by all the immortals.

He didn’t need to become strong, he just needed to peacefully stay in the heavenly palace.

The previous host knew what the empress was thinking and said with a faint smile, “You can’t protect his highness his entire life.  If he meets some powerful demons, he won’t be a match for them and it won’t be as easy as the Soul Devouring Tower.”

“He will never leave the heavenly palace and even if he does, he will be protected by gods.”  The empress righteously said, “There’s no need for the Roaring Flame God to worry about this.”

“Ha, ha!”  She gave a wild laugh, “I understand the empress’ thoughts.  My Fire Phoenix Hall will set up a barrier today and only those that are gods will be able to enter, all others will be kept out of the barrier.  What do you think?”

The empress’ expression changed.  She naturally knew there were hidden meanings in Luo Qing Chen’s words, but she gritted her teeth to say, “That is best.”

The previous host waved her right hand and a white cloud appeared under the empress’ feet.

She said, “Then I won’t send you off.”

The empress was carried out of the Fire Phoenix Hall by the white cloud and then there was a light blue barrier that appeared.

The empress stood there stunned for a while before finally understanding the meaning behind the previous host’s words.

She was the empress, but she wasn’t a god.  So she couldn’t enter the previous host’s Fire Phoenix Hall.

There was a bit of mortal hatred that appeared in her heart.

In her eyes, the previous host had used another method to shame her.

Time passed quickly and Di Fan Yu finally woke up three months later.  After training in the Soul Devouring Tower, his cultivation had greatly improved.

He ran to the Fire Phoenix Hall as soon as he woke up, but he never thought that he would be kept out by the blue barrier.

The Moon Watching God happened to pass by and slowly came over to say, “The empress went looking for Qing Chen and asked her not to accept you as a disciple.  Only gods can enter this barrier.”

In a fit of rage, Di Fan Yu argued with the empress and then closed himself in his palace to cultivate.

This cultivation period lasted for a thousand years and when the sun reached the sky, Di Fan Yu had become a god after a thousand years of hard work.

Although he wasn’t a greater god and it was only a lesser god, he was still a god.

As long as he was a god, he could cross the barrier of the Fire Phoenix Hall and finally see Luo Qing Chen.

Facts proved that his hard work wasn’t wasted.

When he entered the barrier, his heart was strangely filled with joy and he was moved.

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